Squeeze The Camera Of Your Smartphone, The Best Photographic Applications

Before the now called smartphones or smartphones, the camera of mobile phones had already become an important part of them. Perhaps the Nokia phones were those that included the best sensors and optics on the market, not in vain did the high-end models mount Carl Zeiss optics. The well-known N95 of the Finnish company continued to garner recognition wherever it was presented and was considered the best camera terminal on the market for many years.

Then came the Smartphones and although at first the cameras they included were not excessively good, they had a very important “pro” in their favor, the applications. Years went by, cameras got better and app developers were adding functionalities to these cameras. Today we have great camera phones and apps that squeeze these cameras out and add really cool functionality by constantly being connected to the internet.

A good friend, totally removed from the world of computing, told me not long ago that Smartphones had been a clear benefit for him. In addition to not needing to fight with a computer for his (scarce) computing needs, he had an outstanding camera that allowed him to take photos anytime, anywhere and share them at a stroke with his acquaintances or loved ones through social networks. Those are one of the most interesting features of current smartphones, but there are also many applications for photography, we are going to list the most interesting ones for the different operating systems.

Interesting photographic applications for Android

If you have a terminal with the Google operating system for mobile phones, you are in luck. The Google Play Store is full of photography applications for your phone, from any manufacturer. Some of them such as the Samsung Galaxy and their excellent cameras have functionalities integrated by the Korean manufacturer itself. Still, we are going to review five applications that can improve the options and allow you to get more out of it.

  • Snapseed: The appearance of Instagram was a real revolution in understanding photography on mobile phones. Its filters, the facility to share them within a social network where your contacts could comment did the rest. Snapseed, free in the Play Store comes to help us when taking photos with our phone. Filters, adjustments, touch-ups … We can get a current photo or give it a vintage air, the possibilities are many. After achieving the desired effect, we can easily share it on Google +. to download
  • Glimmr : If you are a user of Flickr , the most successful photographic network, this application will help you to be aware of the news that occurs in it. A very attractive presentation of the photos of our contacts, the possibility of making comments, seeing the EXIF data of the photo in question (to get ideas). There are two versions, one free basic and the other with more features that will allow us to use photos as wallpaper in the terminal. to download
  • Camera Zoom FX: Application considered one of the most complete and useful on the Play Store. Time lapses, delayed shooting, voice shooting, image stabilization … If your mobile camera is good, now it will be more. Optical and digital zoom, 10 Fps shooting, change of functions on the physical buttons of the phone. to download
  • Otaku Camera: Do you like Japanese manga? This is your application without a doubt, equip your photos with this comic aesthetic. Better than talking about it, download it and try it.
  • Paper Camera: Achieving a comic effect in real-time and in the style you want is possible with this application. Simply get the style that you like the most in your photos, pastel, comic, charcoal. This application is paid, just under a euro and a half. To download.

Apple iPhone, options on the App Store

Although with a somewhat tumultuous start, the camera of the latest iPhone models has managed to be among the highest quality on the market. Apple realized the possibilities that a good camera could offer its phone users. But the most interesting thing of all is that the application developers have not overlooked this information either. The Apple App Store is full of photography applications, we are going to list five that may be useful to you.

  • Hipstamatic: For those who do not know about lomography, it is the art of taking photos with cameras that have manufacturing defects but that still get peculiar and interesting photos. Hipstamatic allows us to emulate this type of camera. We can change bodies, objectives, types of photographic reel to use, to get curious photographs. to download
  • Camera !: If the iPhone camera is already considered one of the best mobile device cameras available on the market, Camera! It will add functions to it that will allow you to take better photos. Photo composition templates, delayed shooting, flash control. It also has an effects gallery to add a touch of class to our photos. to download
  • Instagram: The quintessential photographic social network on the iPhone. Instagram was a real revolution for the iPhone, perhaps we are facing one of the photographic social networks that have the most movement currently. A multitude of filters at your disposal for later sharing and for your contacts to comment on your photographic art. to download
  • SloPro: Let’s remember that the iPhone camera also allows us to record videos. SloPro will allow us to document such spectacular videos in slow motion. The application is responsible for recording at a greater number of frames per second (usually 24 frames per second) and then compresses it to achieve that slow-motion effect. It can be very useful and attractive depending on which video you are recording. to download
  • Camera Bag: If you like old photography, where it is not the amount of resolution that the camera can achieve but what is important is the “different” touch that it can give to photography, Camera Bag is your application. Polaroid, Helga, Colorcross … Many options to get that different photo. to download

Windows Phone, photography applications for Microsoft phones

Although it was one of the last to arrive, it does not mean that there are no options for the Microsoft Smartphone operating system . Microsoft’s alliance with Nokia has brought us some terminals with very interesting cameras. We are going to list here too, although the number of applications is not as great as in the other two examples.

  • Sophie lens: Nokia terminals, the Lumia series with Windows Phone as the operating system, have some of the best cameras on the market. Nokia knows this and not in vain have they developed some applications for them. Sophie Lens is one of them and it will load us with filters to make our photos more attractive. to download
  • Instagram: This application is the version of Instagram for Windows Phone. This application only exists for the moment for Android and iOS, so if you want to have the same possibilities as users of this operating system, you should not hesitate to download this application.
  • UniquePhoto: “Header” application if you have a Windows phone terminal and you like photography. It will allow you to make adjustments, cuts, vary contrasts … And it even has some other effect to give your photography a touch. As a colophon it will allow us to share the photos we take on different social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Pit Stitch: Another application with effects, its main interest lies in that it allows us to edit several photos at the same time by creating colorful mosaics of photos to later share or use as wallpaper. to download

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