The Smartphone Applications Without Which You Should Never Leave Home

We are at such a point, with such extensive application stores, that in reality, when you start looking for new applications to install on your brand new phone and we find an endless application store from which we do not make sense. Yes, there are usually aids in the app stores themselves, featured apps, editor’s suggestions. If, a whole jungle for which we must take out the machete if we want to make our way.

But rest assured, here in Annex M, we have encouraged ourselves to make you a list of essentials to get your phone up to date and with everything you need so that you don’t miss anything. Weather applications, for trips, calendars, notes, camera, social networks, games for the little ones. A whole list of which not to miss a single detail.



A primary application on any mobile device is an excellent application to know the weather; our preferred is a multiplatform application with versions for mobile phones and tablets and what is essential, aesthetically cared for, and meets its function. This application is AccuWeather, one of the preferred by many.

Another new application for our mobile phone keeps you promptly informed of everything that happens in the stock market. Bloomberg is one of the Internet portals and the television channel par excellence in terms of stock market information. And how could it be otherwise, it also has an application for all platforms.

To keep you informed and up to date, what better than a right newsreader. Flipboard is a reader where you can configure the RSS links you prefer and beautifully show you. You can choose the news portals that you are interested in following or even set your platform publications. It is also perfectly integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so it will be straightforward for you to share what is interesting.



Remember everything that matters, everything you should not forget; there are many applications for these purposes. But the application par excellence, the one that should not be missing on your Smartphone, is Evernote. With it, you can do everything, from creating notes, saving complete Weblinks (images and everything), saving links, structuring them, classifying them, adding labels to them …Everything is possible, and the best thing is that it is cross-platform, you will be able to see it from your Smartphone, be it iOS or Android, from your tablet, from your computer.

In the case of need to use a calendar, it is best to use the calendar itself that comes with the system, whether you are using a Smartphone with Android, or with iOS or you are on the Windows Mobile platform, all three have a compelling calendar that allows you to do almost everything. We can create appointments, set alarms for them, mark birthdays, and remind you of them every year. It’s about doing a little research.

Another new application for our Smartphones can be Any. They aim to create an exciting platform for calendars, reminders, and even email account managers. As is usual in these cases, it is a multiplatform program. It allows us to do the same as the applications that we have discussed previously allow, but we have a whole ecosystem created that interacts with each other.



Smartphones are a consequence of Web 2.0 and promote and promote this type of network. You all know what they are, and you don’t need to list them here now. The main one and for which you surely have an account is Facebook. As it could not be otherwise, Facebook has applications to install on your phone and from which you can access and do everything you do on it from your computer.

Twitter is another indispensable one, and it has just gone public on the stock market quite successfully. The micro-blogging network, a network of 140 characters. The one that tells everyone (who wants to read you) what you are doing. And of course, the applications for mobile devices could not be missing. Perhaps the best one is Tweetbot, but it is only available for Apple devices, be they Macs, iPhones, or iPads. For Android, we have the official application that always unusually performs its function.

And finally, if you like photography, an application to take photos, and that also works as a social network, is the Instagram application. This application lets us create pictures from amazing filters that give the photo a look we want, and then we can upload them to your social network where all our contacts can see them. We can share them, comment on them, mark them as favorites.

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