8 Camera Perspectives For The Optimal Image Effect

Camera perspectives have a supporting effect in the image effect. From an early age, the painters used perspective to underline their intention and image message. It is the same in photography. Cleverly and skillfully used, the right perspective works wonders. The best tips on when to use which perspective in photography can be found here. … Read more

IP Camera Baby Monitor – Hear, See And Speak!

Babyphones are a great help to make sure that your baby sleeps well. Usually you are happy when there are no noises from the baby monitor , but for many parents the calm is also worrying. If you want to track not only acoustically but also visually whether your baby is well, you should consider … Read more

3 Ways To Scan And Digitize Old Photos

Have you stumbled across your picture boxes again and wondered if you should finally digitize the old photos Absolutely! No matter whether you made them yourself in analogue times or whether they are old family pictures – you probably have no overview of how many there are and what can be seen on them. But … Read more

Types Of Surveillance Cameras

There are surveillance cameras like sand by the sea. The specialist market has an almost incomprehensible range of surveillance cameras. The respective types, types and models differ depending on the place of use, purpose and direction and are as varied as the application and application functions themselves. In the following we would like to give … Read more