Nikon L340 Camera Reviews In 2020

With a lightweight design, the Nikon L340 Camera is one of the best compact cameras in the market. It has a resolution of 20.2Mp that will allow you to print your photographs in large formats without neglecting any detail. Likewise, the 28x optical zoom function allows you to achieve full coverage and capture the best moments no matter how far you are.


Main Features 

Compact design and screen

This camera is distinguished in the market by its compact size and lightweight, has a total weight of 100 gr and dimensions of 11.1 x 8.3 x 7.6 cm. Its robust but ergonomic design is highly appreciated among users because it offers a comfortable grip for a firm grip, and the button layout in a simple way makes the operation of the L340 easy and intuitive for any user without the need for prior expertise.

The bright 3 ”LCD screen allows you to observe the shot to be taken clearly or the scene you want to record, and then clearly display all the photos and videos taken in playback mode.

Optical zoom

A high-quality optical lens characterizes the compact cameras in a lightweight case with simple functions for domestic use with professional performance. That said, Nikon has included in the L340 a 28X optical zoom, capable of reaching even the furthest details, so you don’t miss any memories.

With this Nikkor lens, you can capture close-up images, photos, and videos in high resolution. The combination of this professional lens with the 20.2Mp CCD sensor facilitates capturing images and sequences with bright, bright colors, and great sharpness.

With these benefits, you can fill your photo albums with the best moments, holidays, and celebrations. When you share them with your friends, they will believe that you have hired a professional photographer for all those occasions.

Stability and autonomy

How many times did you take a photo that was moved? Surely you do not keep the account, however with this camera that will not be a problem because it has the function of Vibration Reduction (VR) which prevents lens displacement from minimizing blurry effects in the images since it considerably reduces the shaking of the equipment, also, the ergonomic handle of the L340 guarantees a firm hold of the camera between your hands.

This equipment uses four AA alkaline batteries, which are easily available at any supply store or gas station, so you never run out of spare parts. If you prefer, you can buy rechargeable batteries.



  • The maximum resolution of 20.2 megapixels is a great feature for a compact and lightweight camera that allows you to record videos in high definition. The Nikon brand’s quality is evidenced in the L340 of the Coolpix series to position it as one of the best digital cameras available in the market with an excellent price-quality ratio.


  • With Nikon’s advanced technology, these cameras should include rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion type to reduce spare parts.

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