Kodak Launches New Vintage Instant Cameras

The American company Kodak, founded in New York City in 1889, has years of experience in the manufacture of different camera models. Despite the decline in demand for this equipment, the brand returns to the market with a line of retro-style instant cameras, hoping to conquer users again.

The success of the big companies is in the continuous renovation, presenting to their client’s new proposals that conquer the tastes and, thus, stay in the highest of the preferences, leading the sales. Aware of this reality, the North American brand Kodak has applied new strategies by incorporating a series of instant cameras with the latest technologies, but in retro style.


Mark with History

Kodak’s history is extensive, and throughout it has always been considered one of the strongest manufacturers in the world of cameras, competing closely with other greats in the photographic and cinematographic world such as FujifilmCanonNikon, among others. However, with time, the popularity of these teams began to decline, so that large companies began to diversify their range to adapt to new market demands.

Given this scenario, Kodak did not adapt in the same way and, while the other brands continued to give what to talk about, this American company seemed destined to die. The subsidiary has returned and aims to conquer the market with a new line of instant-style cameras and vintage design, to combine the best of the past adapted to the present.

For many years, this brand of cameras, photographic and cinematographic films was a trend. Everyone wanted a Kodak, and those who had it wanted the new model. The story is different: its popularity has declined, but it remains active and has clung to the digital age’s competitive commercial market.


The Numbers Do Not Lie.

The company that was born in New York in the year 1889 has not had a great time in terms of sales in recent years, so it has been reinvented and wants to be back in the ring to resurface through licenses.

It is no secret to anyone that until the 90s and 00s, Kodak was one of the brands that led its customers to mass consumption. On an annual basis, people bought cameras, used their 35mm photographic rolls, and these were revealed, which led to continuous consumption.

However, with the advent of digital cameras, this idyllic world for Kodak changed, and adapting to the new era was not a simple task. To give an idea of how sales were reduced, analyze the numbers. For the year 2006, the company founded in New York had revenues amounting to 10,568 million dollars. About ten years later, by 2016, the figure dropped to 543 million dollars.


Back To The Ring

About to enter a new decade, the brand is committed to incorporate different products into the competitive market. Some of the most recent, which was presented at CES 2020, were instant cameras.

Known as “Smile,” this new line is the product of an alliance with the company C + A Global and was developed with a vintage design, in addition to incorporating the colors and logo that represent the Kodak brand.

Despite their retro style, these cameras combine the best of both times. On the one hand, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology through a 10-megapixel sensor, as well as with an LCD screen on which it is possible to visualize the graphics, and then these can be printed easily.

The punctual difference with the other equipment that can be printed in the original Polaroid-style format is that this alternative needs another device that is also part of the line. Both the Kodak Smile Classic and the Kodak Smile are devices compatible with the Simile digital printer via a micro SD card.


Waiting For The Dates

Despite the new line’s announcement and the expectations that have been created about it, the North American brand did not give a specific date for the official market launch. These were only presented as part of CES 2020. Therefore, many people think that some models can be seen in stores by the end of this year.

This line is a proposal with which the brand wants to reconquer the market, opting for the commitment and affinity that many customers still have with the brand, either by nostalgia or quality attributes. In any case, Kodak does not give up and hopes to reach the public, both young people and contemporary adults.

Although there are not many details about the specific functions that these models will have, it is expected to be the best instant camera on the market ( in this link, you can find several products to choose from ). However, it is too early to ensure it, and it will be necessary for them to be placed on the market for the analysis of their attributes to begin.


The Nostalgia That Generates Profit

Nostalgia is a resource that many classic brands are using, and that is getting results as a marketing strategy. The purpose is to recover or return to the market with old models, styles, and designs that many people remember and miss. In the case of the Kodak film, it has done so through a license with the company Archos, with which it has joined to bring to the market a line of tablets and a Super 8 camera that was presented a couple of years ago. Years ago and a cryptocurrency.

This brand is not the only one that has tried this strategy since the same modus operandi has been observed in Polaroid, which is present in smartphones and televisions. It has also happened with Atari, who has sought to return to the market with a classic console and a smartwatch designed for gamers.

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