Gopro Max: The Latest Technology To Record 360 ° Video

360 ° images have indeed marked a new trend in professional and domestic video recording, which is why a leading company like GoPro cannot be left behind. Consequently, in October 2019, it launched the GoPro Max, the most current camera to record with a wide 360 ° field of view.

The immersive audiovisual experience is already a fact throughout the world, thanks to the vertiginous advance of technology. Previously, GoPro had already developed a device with 16 cameras, but this was only intended to record scenes in virtual reality. It released a more compact version with six lenses, and in 2017 it created for all users the first 360 ° camera called Fusion.

Almost two years later, the GoPro Max arrived. Compared with other cameras, it does not have 4, 5, or 6 lenses to complement its 360 ° function, but it has only two lenses, one rear and one front with all the quality expected by fans of action cameras.


Highlights of the GoPro Max

Lenses with greater capacity

This 360 camera uses a pair of digital lenses that allow for greater sharpness and image quality. You can also toggle the activation of the lenses to record independently and obtain standard or simultaneous captures for 360 ° results.

On the other hand, with just one touch it is possible to change the recording modes of the lenses so that they work in 4 different ways; as a narrow, wide-angle, linear lens without distortion and Max SuperView, which allows you to make videos from different angles and in different situations, especially for risky sports, such as cycling and boating.

It allows you to take panoramic captures of up to 270 ° in PowerPano mode. In this way, you can show your acquaintances the environment in which you have been, which is especially practical at weddings, concerts and other large events. In this way, the lens does not distort the image in any way, placing the GoPro Max in advantage compared to other cameras with wide-angle lenses, which generally bend the edges and detract from the captures.

It is important to consider that its recording quality is superior to other models in every way since the 360 ° spherical video can reach a resolution of 6K with a speed of 30 or 24 fps. Also, the spherical photos are taken at 18 MP, PowerPano photo at 6.2 MP, and HERO photo at 5.5 MP, which is a good resolution to obtain greater sharpness and details in the images.

Recording fluency and editing functions

It incorporates the innovative application for mobile phone GoPro, indicated mainly to reframe and give a completely different sense to the photographs and videos in 360 °, which allows you to edit the data to convert them into traditional content that you can reproduce and share more easily to your family and friends

In this sense, it is important to consider that you can connect it to WiFi, Bluetooth networks and it is compatible with GPS, so you can automatically download data to the phone or upload it to the cloud with a subscription to the GoPro PLUS platform, which guarantees maximum protection of all the content of your camera. If you cannot connect the camera in any way, the package includes a 64 GB SD card, so you can start using the camera immediately.

The new Max HyperSmooth technology is the new leader in stabilization systems, providing more fluid video and an exponential decrease in annoying camera vibrations. Also, it offers alignment with the horizon, which makes more professional frames possible.

If this is not enough, you should know that in 360 and HERO modes, the sequential video recording is even more fluid and visually attractive, obtaining captivating scenes for the viewer. Thus, many consider it the best 360 camera that GoPro has launched in a long time.

Intelligent 360 ° audio log 

The image is not the only one that is beneficial for 360 ° technology, but also the audio of the GoPro Max since, in its structure, it incorporates six microphones, capable of collecting the audio in all possible directions, so in its subsequent reproduction is enveloping and crisp.

It is also possible to record video blogs and upload content to your YouTube channel using directional audio for better quality and ease of understanding. It also offers noise reduction for when it is necessary to make videos outdoors and a substantial decrease in the whistle that the wind creates when it blows so that you can enjoy one of the best audio records that GoPro has today.

In case you have your hands busy or carry the GoPro Max in a helmet or other support, it is necessary to consider that it has 12 voice commands that you can learn, either to record video, stop it or take a picture. In the same way, this makes it possible for you to make distant captures as a professional photographer would.

Dimensions and strength

As for the dimensions, this camera is no different from the old GoPro, so you can use it with more than 30 accessories and allows you to place it on the same stands for greater versatility. What is different and increases its use options is that it is submersible to a depth of up to 5 meters. In this way, it can be easily used to surf and record the action in water sports.

You should not worry about the durability of the lenses since the package includes protective layers that you have to fit to avoid their contact with water. Its structure is square and has rounded edges for comfortable support. As if that were not enough, it has a touch screen, suitable to select its functions and settings practically.

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