Is Analog Photography Dead – Basics And Tips

Analog photography is experiencing the second spring! Many photographers are rediscovering analog photography, which is currently triggering a real trend. What is the appeal of analog photography? The first roll films were produced industrially in 1888. Today, around 128 years later, we are already in the middle of the digital age with far more options. … Read more

Areas Of Application For Surveillance Cameras

They’re just everywhere these days—security cameras. At every turn, we are followed by these small devices in our everyday life – mostly without realizing it. Almost all public life areas such as museums, schools, discotheques, shopping centers, restaurants or buses, and trains are equipped with surveillance cameras. This continuous observation is not to spy on … Read more

Introduction To Photography / Structure And Functioning Of A Camera

A camera is a device for taking photographs, i.e., creating images of the camera’s surroundings. The name goes back to the camera obscure (pinhole camera), which is the archetype of photography and is presented in more detail below. Basic structure  Cut through a digital camera. A camera – whether digital or analog – always has about the … Read more