[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Spy Mini Camera

It is always a good idea to have a pair of electronic eyes at home or in the workplace that provides us with some necessary security. Spy cameras are widely used to monitor children and nannies at home when parents are not at home, to monitor certain workgroups within the company or to protect themselves from invaders.

Regardless of your initial motivation, in this purchase guide, we present some very interesting models of the best spy mini camera such as the FREDI FR-W9-ES , a very versatile device, with Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone and excellent complementary qualities that you should consider as a purchase option viable. We also thoroughly study the AOBO V99 model, designed to meet the highest demands for image quality and discretion due to its ultra-compact size and its ability to record in high definition.

Comparison chart of the best spy mini camera

Mini Spy Hidden HD WiFi FREDI camera 

  • The functional characteristics of night vision and infrared sensor, make the product widely used as a home security system performing effective functions.
  • However, when comparing this device with others on our list, we realized that the purchase price is a little higher than the others, so we do not recommend it for those looking to save.
  • We believe that this model is a great purchase option for all those users on the web who are looking for a quality system and good performance. According to the opinions found, the quality of materials of the product means that you can use it for a long time.

Spy Hidden Camera AOBO Mini Camera 

  • The compact size is the aesthetic and functional quality that most highlight the users who have acquired it. It is ideal for those people looking for a discreet camera that goes unnoticed in certain circumstances.
  • The only relevant complaint in this product is not linked to its functions but to its construction. Someone else says that the wall lamp to hook the camera is rather weak, causing it to fall.
  • We recommend this model for the number of satisfied opinions that around it is possible to find. It is a great product, with a more than adequate size and very easy to use.

TDC – Mini HD 1080 Spy Camera 

  • Although it has many positive qualities, we must highlight as its main advantage of the great quality of videos that it is capable of capturing despite its small and compact sensor.
  • On the negative side, we find that the SD memory slot only supports 32 GB memory compatibility, which is much smaller than other options studied today.
  • In this spy mini camera model, you will find the best value for money from our list. It is a highly recommended product as a result of its aesthetic and functional qualities.

What are the best spy mini cameras on the market?

As we have already seen, the uses that can be given to a spy camera are only limited by your imagination, because, although most people use this type of product as a surveillance or protection system, you will also find users who acquire them to spend Jokes to your friends or to record special events.

Whatever the end use you pursue, there is a product on the market capable of adapting to your needs if you know what you should look for. That is why we have created a list with the best tips on the web that help our readers establish the most important qualities when searching for spy mini cameras.

Possibly, the most important starting point is to determine the memory you need based on your needs. It is important to remember that, with memory or without memory, your camera will have limited storage capacity and that at higher video quality your files take up more space. In other words, if you are going to make long and high-quality recordings, you need a product that is compatible with a large storage capacity.

Another important aspect of your comparison will be to determine the video resolution that the product supports. In this sense, your immediate needs may not require much quality which symbolizes a lower cost. However, it is important to think if your needs will not be altered in the future.

For us, it is important that you take into consideration the autonomy of the camera, which in turn will be determined by the battery incorporated into the equipment. At higher battery capacity you will have a longer autonomy time which will allow you to record or spy for slightly longer periods. Many models also offer the possibility of using the camera directly connected to the electrical outlet, an advantage that you should study.

What are the best mini spy cameras of 2020?

Recommended Products


This camera model is characterized by offering all the qualities that users usually look for in this product category. It is a mini camera designed for use in an incognito mode whose compact size and discreet design offer advantages such as portability and ease of movement.

The camera allows the recording of videos in HD quality and in real-time, this in combination with an angle of 140 degrees makes you can record great scenes and that no important detail goes unnoticed.

It also has a 320mah battery which, according to the manufacturer’s description, allows us a product autonomy of 1 hour in daytime recordings and 1.5 hours in night vision. All this provided the battery is fully charged.

The night vision mode integrated into the device will allow you to record videos at night at a distance of up to 16 feet. It also has a Wi-Fi remote connection system with which you can link your spy camera to your smart devices with both Android and iOS systems.


In this spy mini camera, you will find a device whose high quality is reflected both in the design details and in the technical qualities it possesses. Designed to record videos up to 1080 pixels, you can very easily capture the most detailed details. This camera also allows the recording of videos in real-time and has a wide viewing angle to capture larger scenes.

It has a small size, which translates into an object designed to go unnoticed and that you can place hidden in the house, your workplace or also as an external surveillance system.

The night vision system incorporated into the equipment allows you to record quality videos not only with sunlight but also with night light, thus doubling the degree of possibilities.

According to the opinions analyzed, the device is very easy to configure and use even by those people who have very little experience in handling such devices.

The manufacturer has integrated a slot for an external memory where you can place a Micro SD card of up to 128 GB for file storage.

TDC HD 1080

Finally, the TDC brand model is a device that we could not stop analyzing in our search for the best spy mini cameras on the market.

Created to meet the needs of demanding users, this article is capable of providing a high-quality system accompanied by one of the most aesthetically attractive designs on our list.

It has a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so it is capable of recording videos in full HD quality. It has dimensions of only 23 x 23 mm to go unnoticed on each occasion.

Like other models studied, this product will be able to record videos during the night or in total darkness due to the incorporation of a night vision system. It has an advanced motion detection system, which activates recording when a new element enters the scene.

It is a versatile design whose ease of use and technical characteristics make it possible to use it in an infinite variety of scenarios. You can use the camera to monitor children, as a webcam, as a home and work control system, or to record adventure videos.

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