[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Spy Cameras

 Modern technology in terms of cameras and miniaturization has allowed spy cameras to leap forward in both quality and recording capacity. These advanced products will enable you to install them virtually anywhere and access that data and images easily for viewing on any PC. This is just what the EKMAGIC 8GB MT-U11 T model offers us.

This is the best spy cameras that could go through a keychain with USB memory, but that really is a camera capable of recording with a high resolution in a totally discreet way. Something that has served to be considered the best spy camera by users. If you are looking for another design, you can opt for the TEKMAGIC MT-V001-B model. We speak of a traditional alarm clock that houses a small objective on your speaker to take pictures quickly, and can also control it thanks to its remote control.

Comparison chart

TEKMAGIC 8GB Mini Spy Camera USB Flash Drive DV Portable Camcorder Video Recorder with Audio Function

It is one of the most compact and lightweight products on the market, to the point that you can carry it quietly as a key ring, having a weight and measures similar to those of a traditional USB flash drive.

Due to the location of the lens and the characteristics of the product, it is somewhat challenging to record moving images, although it is true that if you want a hidden camera anywhere, that is its best function.

A spy camera that you can carry in your pocket and record images without anyone knowing.

TEKMAGIC 8GB Hidden Spy Camera Digital Alarm Clock Surveillance Cameras for Home with Audio and Motion Sensor Remote Control

This model is useful and practical when it comes to controlling everything you need since it has a camera integrated into a simple digital alarm clock, so it is perfect to know what is happening in your bedroom, without arousing suspicion.

The rechargeable battery has an autonomy of 7.5 hours, which may not be enough in case you want to carry out control or monitoring for a longer time than mentioned. You miss using the camera directly with the plug or the like.

This is a sneaky camera with which you will control what happens in your bedroom, without arousing suspicion.

TEKMAGIC 8GB 1920x1080P HD Mini Button Spy Camera Wearable Motion Activated Video Recorder with Audio Recording Function

Despite its small size, this spy camera can record up to 8 gigabytes of data, with a capacity for about 6 hours of continuous recording and with a Full HD 1080P quality, so you don’t lose any detail when recording.

The product control system is simple, maybe too much to record the images you want. Specifically, we find several buttons with different functions that should be known to avoid problems when using the product.

If you wanted to feel like James Bond, this is the camera closest to your designs by size and efficiency.

What is the best spy camera on the market?

A traditional surveillance system has large cameras that are visible to everyone, but if you want to know what happens in your home or in strategic places of your office or company without anyone noticing, you can choose a spy camera, which usually has the appearance of an everyday object such as a clock or a lamp, which integrates a tiny camera and microphone to record what happens at a particular moment.

Currently, there are a variety of brands and models of these devices, so it is not a simple task to choose one. Therefore we summarize in this guide to buy the best spy camera the aspects that you should value to make an excellent and economical purchase, but above all, create a smart surveillance investment.

What is the best spy camera in 2020?

In our life, there are certain situations that merit being recorded, either as evidence in cases of abuse of authority, corruption, infidelity, surveillance of your business, or your baby while babysitting, and for this, the most effective option is to acquire a camera spy. Here are the recommendations of our users to help you make a smart investment to protect your interests by monitoring them as you wish.

Recommended Products


Main Advantage:

It is one of the most compact models on the market since its measurements are more or less the same as a conventional USB keychain, which it mimics in its design so that the process of hiding it is even more natural.

Main Disadvantage:

Although it is common to these products, in this case, the location of the lens makes it more difficult to capture and take pictures, so it is convenient to focus well when recording.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

A very compact spy camera with which to record photos and videos of good quality, without anyone suspecting your new “USB memory.”

Main Features Explained

Image and audio quality

The TEKMAGIC MT-U11 model has good image quality in terms of its recording system. Specifically, this product has a high-quality system capable of recording video in a resolution of 720 x 480, so that the videos obtained can be viewed in good detail. Something that also helps to record in AVI format, which is compatible with any current playback device.

But in addition to the image, another advantage of this model is that the product has a built-in microphone. Therefore, in addition to recording the image, you can also have the corresponding sound stored. And if what you want is to take photos, the camera also allows you to do it, using the camera as a conventional photo camera activated with a simple trigger present in the central part.

Data storage and transfer

This spy camera has an internal memory of 8 gigabytes in which to store a right amount of photos and videos without problems. If this memory is too small for you, you have the possibility to expand the storage space thanks to its micro SD card reader with capacity for cards up to 32 gigabytes. It is also compatible with TF cards if you prefer this type of storage.

As for the data transfer, this model has a USB port connector that allows easy access to the data and transfers it comfortably, both from the card and from the internal memory. Something that also allows you to directly view the files on your TV, your PC, or wherever you want.

Design and dimensions

So that a spy camera is not detected, it is necessary to fulfill two aspects: that the product is small and that it is not easy to identify. And in this case, the TEKMAGIC MT-U11 model performs both functions. On the part of the design, the camera is very similar to a USB keychain that many people use today, so this does not attract attention even if you have it on the table.

This design also has the advantage of offering lightweight measures and reduced weight, so you can take it with you wherever you want. Means of just a few centimeters with a lightweight, thus placing the product anywhere or carrying it with you in your pocket is also not a nuisance.


 Another member of the Tekmagic family is among the best spy cameras of 2020, the MT-V001-B, a video camera alarm clock with real-time audio recording function, whose design represents a current and functional alarm clock that will pass completely Unnoticed for the subjects.

This type of spy camera is used in cases of infidelities that are suspected of happening at home or in the office. To store the recordings, you can expand the memory up to 32Gb.

Customers have an excellent opinion about this device because it has a motion detection sensor that starts recording when it perceives the presence of a subject. The MT-V001-B has a wide viewing angle of 72º.

It uses a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of 12 hours and a charging time of 4 hours. It is essential to verify that it is fully charged before starting the recording.

Maybe TEKMAGIC is the best spy camera brand since it offers you versatility, discretion, and a lot of practicality. Check out the pros and cons of this model:


Design: This spy camera model is ideal to be placed in a room or living room since it looks like a simple digital clock that will not raise suspicion.

Sensor: one of the most practical and striking aspects is that this camera is equipped with a motion sensor that will activate the recording process automatically to avoid collapsing memory with empty videos.

Microphone: and you can also listen to everything that sounds or is spoken in the room since it is equipped with a receiver that will also be activated by the device’s motion sensor.

Memory: with the purchase, a memory of 8Gb of capacity is included, and if this is not enough for you, you can also increase by inserting Micro SD cards of a maximum of 32 Gb capacity.


Instructions: Some buyers complained that their spy camera did not include an instruction book that told them how to prepare it correctly.


 Definitely, if you want to know which is the best spy camera, our users suggest another product of the renowned Tekmagic brand: the MT-T186, a micro spy camera with the shape factor of a button that can be easily hidden in your shirt pocket or in the main buttons so you can take it with you and capture all those situations you want to back up on video.

Like the previous model, the MT-T186 has the function of motion detection that starts recording by spotting some mobility action.

To store all your recordings, include an 8Gb Micro SD memory card that can be expanded to 32Gb. With this miniature spy camera, you can get videos with an HD resolution of 1920 * 1080P and record for 6 hours continuously thanks to its rechargeable battery that takes the same time to full power.

The manufacturer recommends not charging it longer than indicated because it can be damaged.

Considered by some as the best spy camera for 50 euros, you can not miss everything it has to offer:


Design: This spy camera is ideal if you have to take it with you since it is camouflaged in the form of a black button that you can quickly locate in any shirt.

Memory: it has a mind of 8Gb capacity and a slot with which you can expand the memory to a maximum of 64 Gb.

Resolution: This model has a lens capable of recording in high resolution, allowing you to choose between 720p or 1080p.


Videos: One of its users indicated that the video recording is fragmented into 5-minute files, which reach a size of 500 Mb, thus reducing memory capacity.

Light: others recommend using it in bright environments to be able to view details without problems.


 For those who want an efficient wifi spy camera but have an excellent price user suggests the MT-WIFI23 from Tekmagic, a manufacturer that is positioned as one of the best in the area. Like the previous models, this camera has the multifunctionality of capturing audio and video in real-time with an efficient video resolution of 1280x 720p.

This equipment can use an internal memory of 8Gb and expand it to 32Gb. The battery lasts 140 minutes and recharges in 8 hours. But as long as it is connected to the power source, you can use it for 7 to 24 days of continuous recording.

The particularity of this spy camera is that you can view the video in real-time on your mobile phone or Tablet through the application, through which you can also remotely control its software.

These are some features that make the Mt-Wifi 23 the best spy camera of value for money.


P2P: One of the most useful advantages of this spy camera is that P2P works; that is, it connects to a wifi network, and through the IP address, you can observe what you record remotely through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Memory: with the purchase, you will find an 8Gb capacity memory and a slot that will help you in case you need to expand it. It supports a maximum of 32 Gb.

Power: and if you want it to work continuously, you can connect your camera directly to the external power through its adapter.


Configuration: one or another user has had a bit of trouble understanding how to configure a P2P connection, although there are many tutorials on the internet that offer that information.

Temperature: It was also noted that the camera could get very hot if left on for many hours.

AMZ 6037-00

 To finalize our list, we recommend among the cheapest this spy camera for car, with the appearance of a car keychain that will go completely unnoticed by everyone. The mini spy camera includes a slot for micro SD memory not included that can be expanded to 16Gb.

To view it on your computer, you can do it from the USB link and quickly connect it to your PC because it does not require any type of installation. 

With a range of two meters, this spy camera can record videos with a resolution of 640x480p and the integrated microphone to record audio in real-time in the same way.

According to users, this is one of the most economical recommendations that are available in the spy camera market but also has excellent value for money, which is highly appreciated by most customers.

Being one of the cheapest alternatives among spy cameras, you can purchase this AMZ model if you don’t feel like spending too much:


Design: This is probably the most discreet spy camera in this list since it simulates being a car keychain with its respective compact proportions and that fit in any pocket.

Microphone: it is equipped with a microphone capable of detecting sounds at a maximum of 2 meters away in case you want to record any conversation.

Compatibility: it can be connected to computers that work with Windows, Linux, or Mac, so you don’t have compatibility problems.


Memory: this model does not include internal memory, so you will have to invest a little more in acquiring one separately.

Resolution: its video resolution is not the best since it barely reaches 640 x 480 megapixels.


 Identified as the best spy camera, we have the Tekmagic MT-U11 model, a portable video recorder with a discreet USB memory design with a video resolution of 1280 × 960 and stored on an included 8Gb Micro SD memory card but that can be expanded to 16Gb.

Users highly recommend it for its multifunctionality when recording audio and video in real-time in AVI format.

As far as autonomy is concerned, this spy camera has a lithium-ion battery with a duration of 60 minutes of operation and recharges quickly in three hours; Likewise, customers who acquired it express that they can continue recording while charging, so you can do your spy missions using your laptop discreetly with the MT-U11 charging and recording at the same time. Its design is very discreet and functional, so it fully meets its objective.

Some believe that this TEKMAGIC model could be the best spy camera of the moment, so we could not leave it out of our selection:


Design: if you are interested in acquiring a spy camera that does not attract attention, the MT – U11 might interest you since it looks like simple flash memory, so it will not look suspicious at any time.

Resolution: The TEKMAGIC spy camera is capable of recording video with a resolution of 720 x 480 in high resolution, ideal for you to observe every detail of the sequences that your spy camera has captured.

Capacity: and you should not worry about running out of space in the middle of some espionage since the MT-U11 has an internal memory of 8Gb capacity or what is the same, 8,000 Mb, more than enough for you to have many hours of information stored

Audio: Another advantage of this spy camera is that it is equipped with a microphone, so in addition to capturing video, you can also listen to everything in the surroundings so that your work will be complemented and will facilitate its study.

Photographs: and, finally, in case you do not want to have everything on video, you can also use the lens as if it were a standard camera to capture photographs. This also helps to better utilize the capacity of internal memory.

How to use a spy camera

If you want to do a spy job or record a particular situation, you can do it by having evidence in images, by means of a spy camera. If you already bought one and did not know how to use it, in this article, we will show you a series of steps and tips for you to learn how to use your spy camera efficiently.

Aspects to consider

Using a spy camera requires not only knowing how to use the device but having a little skill and being cautious if you are going to use the tool in environments where there are many people. The idea is to use the camera in strategic places, depending on how the camera is presented, to capture as many images as possible, but without it being noticed or without being evident.

Check your camera’s instruction manual

Before using your spy camera, it is essential that you read the user manual so that, in this way, you know its parts and functions that they include. Some spy camera models are hidden in presentations such as alarm clocks, pen drives, key chains, pens, light bulbs, among others. Therefore reviewing the instruction manual will make you know it in detail, depending on how it is presented.

Proceed to charge your spy camera

Most small spy cameras work with lithium batteries. The most advanced models are charged with a USB cable that is connected to a free USB port of the computer, where it is powered by the current emanating from the motherboard of the computer or laptop. The charging time depends on the camera model that goes from about 2 to 4 hours, to operate with continuous recording of up to 60 minutes on average.

Insert the micro SD memory into the camera

Locate the secret compartment where the SD slot is located to place the memory that will store the recordings and photographs you will take with the spy camera. Some models already have it included, in case you do not have it, you must purchase one of about 8GB of storage as recommended space or according to the type of work or research you do.

Turn on the spy camera

Most spy camera models work with a power button that is generally activated manually. Depending on what the user manual indicates, press and hold the button until a small LED light that almost all spy cameras have is turned on. Some models on the market include remote control, which you can use to turn on your device comfortably.

Record videos with the spy camera

Locate the video button on your spy camera and hold it for a few seconds, wait for the LED light to flash, and turn off, indicating that the camera is already recording. This function can also be located on the remote control, if it has one, making video recording even more comfortable.

Take photos with the spy camera

Locate the button to take photos with your spy camera. Usually, the switch is kept pressed until the LED light flashes, once indicating that the picture was already taken. Use the remote control if you have it to take pictures quickly.

Activate the motion detector function of your spy camera

Advanced spy camera models have a motion sensor, usually in the form of a microphone that, when activated, starts recording, saving space in the SD memory and battery usage time. Locate the button for this function or the remote control on your spy camera and record without being aware of your imaging device.

Access the images of your spy camera

When you have finished recording and taking the photos you need, place the USB cable to the port of your spy camera and connect it to the computer. Immediately, the computer’s operating system will recognize the spy camera as a new storage device, where two folders, one of the photos and another of the videos are organized. Access the folders, and you can see the pictures and recordings that your spy camera has made. After taking the images, proceed to turn off your spy camera and keep it in a safe place.

The most popular brands

The cameras symbolize a reasonably useful resource capable of providing peace of mind to the user. If you need a similar product, our advice is to look for the most popular brands of spy cameras.

The parent company that gave rise to Conbrov began its research and technological development activities in 2005, little by little they would be giving the resources to support this project and finally be launched in 2015. Conbrov is a brand of young spirit that It makes use of all the technological resources at its disposal to develop surveillance cameras for personal and top quality use.

The brand’s products are protected by the US patent office. UU; The company has a wide range of options, including several spy camera styles, such as body use, dash cameras, and hidden cameras; This allows users to choose at any time the product that best suits their needs.

Possibly, the most striking aspect that you can find in this brand is the way they centralize their efforts and resources in the particular field of spy cameras providing the consumer with the security generated by a specialized manufacturer.

The path that would lead to the founding of the TitaThinkcompany began with a young graduate of engineering in China in 2006, and this restless-minded young man would start working at a video chip company known as Grain Media, where, in In 2011, he would meet his future partner and partner.

As a company, Titathink sees the light in 2012 when its developer engineers set out to create high-quality professional items, but at the same time easy to use for the frequent user; Today, the company has a reliable team of 11 workers and 11 partners, and is continually expanding.

The articles he develops are characterized by an elegant design, with very well-kept details and aesthetic lines quite attractive; Its strong point is hidden cameras hidden in everyday objects such as headphones or a table clock. Anyway, its catalog includes security cameras, cameras to place on your pet, or for the surveillance of children if you are away from home.

Phylink Solutions LLC is described as a corporation specialized in the research, manufacturing, and trade of state-of-the-art technology products focused on the field of surveillance and commonly used in home security and the monitoring of small and medium enterprises.

The rapid success of the company is due to the confidence placed in its work team, formed mainly by young experts with a lot of experience in the sector; Everyone has practical experience as well as a healthy respect for the company’s values.

The main factory is located in China, but its products are distributed to all corners of the world; Looking at the catalog of articles we see how its product range is divided into four main areas: the indoor range that includes surveillance equipment for use in indoor environments, the outdoor range that is mainly made up of security cameras, the range undercover where you can find the spy cameras and, finally, the accessories section where you can find a variety of complementary items.

Shopping guide


Before hurriedly choosing any spy camera, you should study the situation you want to record. First of all, if it is infidelity or you want to know how the babysitter treats your baby when you are not there, it must be an object that you can put in the room, and that goes unnoticed, such as an alarm clock. If it is an extortion and corruption situation, you can choose the pen, keychain, or Pendrive model.

Anyway, when comparing spy cameras, you will find so many attractive options, but you must carefully choose the right one to perform the function you want, without it being noticed.


Once you choose what your spy camera will look like according to the situation you want to capture, it is time to identify what type of battery it uses. There are models that use rechargeable batteries, others must be connected to the electric current, and there are more versatile that both systems can apply for the convenience of the user.

The rechargeable batteries in these cameras are usually lithium-ion, which have a high level of performance and durability, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on battery replacement. Remember to check how long the battery lasts. There is one hour, 6 hours, 14 hours; in short, there are several periods of duration as well as with specific charging time.


The particularity of spy cameras is that most use a removable memory type micro SD card to save the recordings and then review them on a computer with a USB adapter or memory reader. There are also other models that incorporate an internal memory and the slot to expand it with a separate card.

Similarly, you will find equipment that includes the memory card and others that come without it, so you must purchase it additionally. It is necessary to verify how much is the maximum storage capacity that the camera supports to buy the memory according to that limit.

Video resolution

Even when spy cameras are really tiny, video and sound quality are one of the most important aspects because their efficiency depends on it. The resolution range ranges from 320x240p the lowest to 1920x1080p high definition. This aspect will determine how much the camera costs, since, the higher the resolution, the higher the price because you will get excellent audio and video quality to distinguish the recorded scene in detail.

In the same way, it affects the amount of storage space you need since to record 15 minutes at the highest resolution, you need 1Gb and with a 640 ×, 480 camera that same space is used to store 40 minutes of recording.

Movement detector

With a motion sensor, the spy camera starts recording by detecting some mobility in place, which is beneficial to save batteries and storage space because you do nothing with hours of a video of the empty room. Ideally, the camera you choose has this function, although it requires spending more money than you expected; in the long term, it will represent savings.

You can also continue recording continuously on most cameras once you deactivate the motion detection mode.


Before buying any spy camera, it will be worth spending a few hours to study what type of camera you need, read on the specialized pages the features of the models that best suit you need, compare prices and brands, in addition to knowing the valuation that other users have granted to these products so that you base your decision on their previous experience and guarantee an intelligent investment, considering the aspects mentioned in this buying guide to choose which is the best spy camera in the market.

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