What Is The Best Sony Action Camera Of 2020?

Extreme sports are increasingly in vogue. Before, athletes had to do adventures to record their exploits with a video camera. From the massification of action cameras, which became famous thanks to selfies, everything changed, and now they have it much more comfortable. In this article, you will know what you should take into account before buying one, and we will introduce you to one of the favorite models for Sony users.

However, all-terrain, the action camera is still a camera, so you always have to ask how many pixels and FPS it is capable of recording. On top of that, it is imperative to know what the camera uses to transmit its photos and videos to other devices. In addition to adding other functions such as WiFi connection, USB or HDMI cable, and the degree of application on the phone.

In the packages of these cameras often come other accessories that are necessary for it to be installed on a surfboard, on a mountain bike, or a racing motorcycle, for example. In this sense, it is essential to know if it is resistant to shocks and if it is waterproof. Many cameras bring a waterproof case that allows recording up to tens of meters deep.

As it is about recording in motion, some cameras have advanced image stabilization systems to ensure an optimal record of the activities that are going to be performed. In many of these cameras, the registration is done through an SD memory. Next, we will show you one of the Sony action cameras worthy of being acquired, according to the comparison made by the users.


Main Features Explained


Action cameras are made to withstand any weather and any terrain, in many situations. They are there precisely to accompany the athlete or the photographer who wishes to record awkward moments in which he cannot be aware of how he records.

That is why at the discretion of users, Sony brings one of the best action cameras, because it is resistant to shocks, moisture, rust, dust, and sand. This video camera allows the user to detach and forget that it exists if it is well installed until it ends whatever its activity and can see the photos.

Comfort and capacity

A large part of the users affirms that the menu that this camera has is exceptionally intuitive, making it easier to operate the camera on the small screen; it has to configure the way of photographing and recording. The Sony HDRAS50B.CEN, with its severe and robust matte black finish, allows recording at up to 1080 pixels. The maximum resolution in the images that this tool takes is 4608 x 2592 pixels.

The camera has a little weight of just 58 grams, and its shape differs from that of most action cameras that are a small parallelepiped. This does not undermine the comfort that the user has when installing it in a moving vehicle. The photos and videos are stored on a micro SD card that is not included with the product.

Used systems

Sony innovates with multiple methods that it applies to its action camera. One of them is the SteadyShot, which allows you to record stable videos without noticing the oscillations and variations of the terrain. This system corrects blurry images even if they have low light.

A peculiarity about this factor is that this camera can record in the dark thanks to the CMOS Exmor R sensor, which increases the quality of the image taken with little clarity and decreases its granulation. On the other hand, the BIONZ X processor makes the definition of pictures and videos the best, capturing all the details and textures.


  • Its strength, which gives it resistance, is the most valued among users. This camera is resistant to dust and strong shocks, and if you add the underwater housing, it can be used up to 60 meters deep, becoming a camera that can be used in all areas.


  • Despite the multiple functions that make it resistant to damage, such as sharp blows, it does not work at maximum capacity underwater. Users report that when recording underwater using the waterproof case, the audio is completely removed.

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