[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Samsung EVIL Camera

Unlike traditional cameras, evil models stand out because they have no optical viewfinders, pentaprisms, or mirrors. Thanks to the lack of these entire best Samsung EVIL camera, they are lighter and more compact. Due to this reason, some users use them to do activities in which they cannot carry a lot of weight, since moving them is easier and more comfortable for them. They are also used in artistic photography and tend to have more accessible prices.

If you want to buy one of these cameras, you must ensure that the model you choose has a good level of resolution and you can capture clear images, where you can appreciate in detail the objects and landscapes you want to capture. In addition, the camera must be compatible with different storage cards and have good connectivity, so that you can easily share the images taken.

Two models that you can consider when making your purchase are: Samsung NX-500, has a 4K resolution, can capture the colors with a good level of precision and because its processor takes the shots at high speed, the images retain their quality even when you edit them. Samsung NX3000 captures images of good quality and high sharpness by its 20.3 megapixel sensor. Your images are stored in large sizes and can even be used to print large posters and retain their clarity, allowing all captured details to be appreciated. 

Comparison chart of the best Samsung EVIL camera

Samsung NX-500 

  • The imaging system of this camera is of such quality that it even allows you to record videos in modern 4K resolution, the highest level of quality currently available in the market.
  • The product does not include GPS for taking pictures, although thanks to connectivity you can use your mobile’s GPS through the Wi-Fi connection included in the camera.
  • A high-quality camera with a level of intensity of color and remarkable definition among its range.

Samsung NX3000 – 20.3 MP Evil Camera

  • This model incorporates the modern Wifi and NFC technologies that allow you to share your images with your devices, being able to send them wherever you want or share them easily on your social networks.
  • Although the product has a good quality when taking photos, users comment that when it comes to recording video, the quality of the images obtained is not at the same level of quality, although it continues recording at an acceptable resolution.
  • This camera is perfect both to take your best photos and to process and share them with ease.

Samsung NXF1 – 20.3 EVIL camera

  • Within the range of evil Samsung cameras this model is one of the most compact and easy to carry, with a lightweight and measures that fit perfectly in your pocket so you can take it wherever you want without complications.
  • It is not possible to adjust the maximum shutter speed or focal length, which sets certain limitations when taking pictures, which limits settings for advanced users.
  • One of the most compact and lightweight cameras on the market that will accompany you anywhere.

What are the best Samsung EVIL cameras of 2020?

Recommended Products

Samsung NX-500

Main Advantage:

It has a 28.2 MP sensor, which means that with this camera you can take clear and very realistic photographs, therefore, it can be used by beginners and professionals.

Main Disadvantage:

It is missing that it comes with built-in GPS technology because you can only enjoy this function if you connect it to a smartphone via WiFi.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is one of the best cameras, as it can take accurate photos even when the desired target is in motion.

Main Features Explained


Thanks to its 28.2 MP sensor you can capture images with the most accurate colors and an optimal resolution, so with the Samsung NX-500, you can have better memories of the places you visit.

In addition, the 16 – 50 mm lens that comes with this camera is useful for taking photos at different distances without losing sharpness, which is a relief for mountain walks through beautiful landscapes.

Moreover, this Evil camera has the DRIMeV processor, which is one of Samsung’s most recent. With it you can take the photos faster, for example, you can take several photos of the same place in moments. In conclusion, with this camera, you have more freedom to take the photos you have dreamed of in the most beautiful places in the world.


Among the various Samsung technologies, there are some that are applied in this Evil camera model, so it is good to mention them; Here are some of the most prominent.

An important technology is the NX AF System III, which is based on hybrid autofocus, that is, you will not have to spend a long time trying to capture the face of someone because the camera will do it for you in a fast and accurate.

On the other hand, it has Samsung Auto Shot, another indispensable technology to achieve optimal photos, as it serves to detect moving objects, setting the shutter to the scene you want to capture. All this means that this model has a lot to offer its users so that they are entertained to the fullest while taking photographs.


In addition to the features mentioned above, it also records 4K videos, a resolution greater than Full HD, so you can enjoy an excellent definition.

As if that were not enough, this camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for better connectivity, so you can transfer files without using a USB cable. It also has an easy and novel user interface, thanks to its SUPER AMOLED touch screen, which you can move up to 180º to take photos from different angles.

And apart from all these features, it even has continuous shooting function, so you can make bursts at 9 FPS and share the results with your friends or loved ones.

Finally, we mentioned that this camera can capture photos with an ISO sensitivity of up to 25,600, which means that the photos will be clear even in low-light environments.

Samsung NX3000

 In the second place, we wanted to put this model that despite being the most economical of the list, has the characteristics that we all deserve. The Samsung NX3000 has the ability to take large-sized photographs, enough for you to print large posters with your favorite photographs.

The Samsung NX3000 EVIL camera has a 20.3-megapixel sensor called APS-C CMOS capable of producing crisp and full-color images. Many users have been pleasantly surprised by the realism that the images were taken with this camera reach, even when they are taken in low light conditions.

One of the outstanding features of this EVIL camera is its retro exterior design. It’s like being in another era, a camera that looks vintage, but with the latest technology in compact cameras. When you pass your hands over it you will feel the sensation that the leather gives, its outer appearance always attracts curious looks, everyone will want to know where you got that wonder.

Among the benefits of the Samsung NX3000 are its WiFi and NFC connectivity, with which you can share your images through other devices with these technologies and you can even remotely control your camera from your smartphone. What’s more, if there are babies in the family you can leave your camera close and if he wakes up crying the camera will send the information to your Smartphone.

If your intentions go after the desire to simply have a camera to record familiar moments, perhaps the NX3000 is a great option for you; It is economical, easy to use and high technological level. Study its positive and negative aspects and decide which Samsung EVIL camera you should buy.



This Samsung model has a 20.3 megapixel sensor, which translates into a sharpness useful for any digital camera, especially one of this size.


Its design is extremely attractive to users, who highlight its minimalism and its game with certain vintage elements.


Among the main features of this camera model, there are its possibilities to connect to a WiFi and NFC network, which allows you to share images immediately.


The Samsung NX3000 can be connected to your Smartphone and leave all the notifications you program.



Some users comment that the resolution of this camera is not so good when recording videos.

Samsung NXF1

 We finish with this model that has a very good value for money. It is one of the thinnest cameras and yet it has a wide variety of lenses available, which means that you can take the most professional photographs without loading with a large camera everywhere.

The EVIL Samsung NXF1 camera is so light and small that it fits perfectly in your pocket, going completely unnoticed. But when you take it out everyone will want to know where you bought it because it has a very elegant exterior design.

If you are a lover of selfies, you will love this camera with a flip screen. Just lift the screen, just by blinking the camera will automatically take a selfie in just 2 seconds. It has a large 20.5 megapixel sensor, for high resolution and very realistic photos.

With the Samsung NXF1 you can share your photos easily through PhotoBeam, it also supports NFC to transfer images to your phone via Tag & Go.

Its minimalist and elegant style can make anyone think that it is a very expensive camera; However, many users have rated it as the best Samsung EVIL camera for 450 euros, a fully justified price for all the advantages it has.



It is extremely light and small, it can be perfectly inserted in any pocket and go unnoticed.


Although it is a thin camera, it has a wide variety of lenses that allow high levels of zoom to be achieved while maintaining resolution.

Flip top:

One of the elements that gives this Samsung camera model more appeal is its flip top, which when lifted has the ability to take instant selfies.


This camera allows you to send the photos you take instantly through programs such as PhotoBeam and Tag & Go.


Auto Shot:

For some users, the auto response time of 2 seconds for selfies may be short.

Samsung NX-500

 We will start with one of the most complete EVIL cameras in the current market. The Samsung NX-500 is an intelligent camera that reproduces the colors with a very high standard, the images retain their quality even if you edit them.

One of the necessary characteristics in this type of cameras is the speed of the processor, in this case it has an image processor called DRIMeV which is efficient combining precision with performance. Autofocus allows you to be ready for action at any time, so you don’t miss out on any important moment in your life.

The Samsung NX-500 includes a 16.0 -50.0 mm lens and is capable of recording video in 4K, a quality superior to Full HD, meaning that your videos will look like scenes from a movie. Additionally, this camera uses the new H.265 codec, which allows videos to be saved with maximum quality and weighing less than the typical H.264.

This EVIL allows connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, this means that you can wirelessly send your photos to your PC or your Smartphone in a matter of seconds so you can share them on your favorite networks, a dream come true.

When you finish checking the pros and cons that appear below, you can decide if Samsung is the best brand of EVIL cameras, and establish whether it is worth buying these products against cheaper brands.


Visual quality:

Users point out that this camera is characterized by having a very high standard of visual quality, while colors and resolution retain their quality even if they go through editing.

Processor speed:

The quality of the images depends largely on the speed of your processor. In the case of this Samsung model, this feature is guaranteed with a processor called DRIMeV.

Auto Focus:

This camera allows you to instantly reach the most appropriate function, according to the characteristics of the environment.

Video camera:

The Samsung NX-500 has the ability to record videos in 4K, a quality superior to Full HD.



In order to activate GPS, it must necessarily be connected to a mobile.

How to use a Samsung Evil camera

Capturing in an image all the important events in everyone’s life has always been an indispensable task. As time passes and only through photographs and videos can you relive so many moments that in one way or another they were part of your life at a certain time. That is why, then, we invite you to read our article where we will let you know a little about the use you could give your new Evil Samsung camera so you can enjoy it properly for a long time.

Take clear pictures

The first thing you should know is that, depending on the model you have purchased, you can enjoy incredibly good image quality and sharpness, as some models have a 28.2 megapixel sensor, ideal for giving you a more precise color intensity in all images . Also, the available resolution will not leave much to be desired.

In this way, taking clear pictures will be at your fingertips whenever you want. You just have to turn on the camera, focus what you want to capture and after a press of the indicated button you will already have your image available on the camera. In addition, the 16 and 50 mm lens that some camera models include allow you to take the photographs you want from different distances, but without losing the quality and sharpness of the image.

Now, if you want to take pictures in burst, you simply have to activate the option devised for such an action and voila, you can enjoy continuous shooting to capture the images you prefer.

Take into account the different technologies of your Evil camera

Before each use that you decide to give to your new Samsung Evil camera, you must take into account each of the technologies that it can offer you so that you can achieve a better benefit from it.

In this sense, you could use the NX AF System III technology designed to enjoy an automatic approach to each shot you decide to make. This way, you can forget about wasting time trying to focus a person’s face manually, since the camera will do it quickly for you.

Also, S amsung Auto Shot technology will allow you to capture optimal images even when an object is in motion, as it will be responsible for configuring the shutter depending on the scene you intend to capture.

Record 4K videos

Recording videos in high definition is a function that you can also easily play by configuring the camera to achieve this action. In this sense, you could look in the instruction manual for the correct way to change the camera to VCR function so that you can record videos even in 4K resolution.

Enjoy extensive connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Transferring all available files on your camera will be easier than you think thanks to the connectivity that some models offer you either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. That is, you can synchronize even your cell phone with the Evil camera only if it has such connectivity systems.

To do this, you just have to turn on both the camera’s Bluetooth and the cell phone and in a few seconds you will enjoy an unparalleled connection. It should be noted that you must carry out the same process in case you want to connect via Wi-Fi.

Shopping guide

Taking the step towards a slightly more professional camera is not anything, especially when we are used to a simple compact camera or Bridge. However, we always think how much we would do with a camera to which we could change the lenses.

Among the cameras considered compact, that is, small and light, we could say that EVILs are the ones in charge, because they are the only ones that allow us to change the objectives, giving infinite possibilities as far as artistic photography is concerned.

In digital photography, changing the lenses (lenses) of the camera was an exclusive possibility of SLR cameras, however there are more and more similarities between EVILs and SLRs. EVIL cameras increasingly have more similar sensors and in fact, some can compete at the same level as an SLR.

Initially, EVIL cameras were too expensive for an amateur to buy one, but while competition between manufacturers increases, the cameras go down in price. Currently, it is possible to get EVIL cameras, if not “cheap”, at least at quite affordable prices.

Before buying an EVIL camera it is important to check the brands, this time, we made a selection of the best Samsung EVIL cameras. We have chosen this South Korean company because it has more than 70 years in the market, being currently one of the leaders in the manufacture of electronic products. Let’s look at this comparison of EVIL cameras and their features without losing sight of our own needs.

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