[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Reflex Camera For Beginners

Within today’s photo cameras, SLR cameras are among the most desired by users. In part, because of the high image quality, they offer the best reflex camera for beginners. But also for its design on which we can use different objectives depending on the type of images we want to take. A complete proposal by which manufacturers have also bet strongly offering high-quality imaging equipment that simplifies its use even for newcomers.

We talk about models such as the Canon EOS 1300D camera, which has 18 megapixels of resolution, optical stabilizer and 3-inch screen, in a model very suitable for beginners. Another interesting model is the Pentax K50 + 18-55 WR SLR camera, of 16.3 megapixels of resolution, ISO sensitivity of up to 51,200 and very compact size, to take it wherever you want comfortably.

Comparison chart Of the best reflex camera for beginners

Canan EOS 1300D – 18 Mp SLR camera

  • It is a good option for those who do not want to spend too much on their camera but do not dispense with useful elements since the camera includes details such as WiFi and NFC connectivity, recording in Full HD format or an easy and intuitive control system.
  • The resolution of the camera is somewhat lower than normal in these products, staying at 18 megapixels compared to about 24 offered by most.
  • A proposal of adjusted price really complete and with which it is easy to take quality photos and videos.

Pentax K50 + 18-55 WR – DSLR Camera 

  • This camera offers you a high level of resolution and ISO sensitivity, as well as other quality details, such as its protection against dust, being among the most advanced in the market.
  • The product is not accompanied by the corresponding instructions in Spanish, so you must use the Internet to get them.
  • A quality alternative to the usual brands, with which to continue taking high-quality photos in any circumstance.


Nikon D5300 Kit with AF-P 18-55mm VR lens – 24.2 Mp DSLR camera

  • This camera is one of the most complete in the Nikon range, with 24.2 megapixels of resolution, stabilizer and additional functions such as GPS or its WiFi connectivity, among others.
  • Some user comments that navigation is somewhat heavier than in other models of the brand, although everything is a matter of getting used to it.
  • A complete and efficient camera with which you will not have problems taking high-quality images.

The Best Reflex Camera For Beginners On The Market

A good camera is the first step to take quality photos and videos. And if we talk about an SLR camera, we are on the right line. But since there is so much variety of models of the best reflex camera for beginners, formats, and qualities, it is convenient to spend some time looking for the best SLR camera according to our budget and preferences. Anyway, after taking a look at the products we have analyzed, it will surely be easier for you to choose your digital SLR camera, whether you are a newcomer to this world or if you have more experience behind the camera.

Canon SLR camera

Canon EOS 1300D

For those looking for cheap SLR cameras or prefer a somewhat simpler model to start with, the Canon EOS 1300D model is one of the most recommended. This Canon SLR camera adjusts the resolution to 18.7 megapixels, being enough to take high-quality photos or record videos in Full HD format.

This is a product that incorporates the DIGIC 4+ processor, typical of the brand, with which it is also easy to obtain good results when taking photos and videos. This is something similar to what happens with the 19-point focus system with which to be clear where you are pointing.

A model that, despite being among the cheapest SLR cameras we have analyzed, also includes details such as WiFi and NFC connectivity. So it is not strange that a good part of the users consider it the best SLR camera of price-quality of the moment and is close to being the best SLR camera of 2020, at least within the start range.

If you are looking for a complete and adjusted price model, know the result of the analysis we have carried out on this Canon camera.


Image quality: Thanks to its resolution you can take quality photos, as well as record full HD 1080P resolution.

Focus: The approach has 19 detection points to improve its quality.

Connectivity: This model includes WiFi and NFC connectivity, so it’s easy to share your photos and upload them directly to the cloud or your social networks.

Easy to use: Although it has the usual LCD screen, this model incorporates a wheel with which to select directly the different modes of operation.


Instructions: As with other models, this product is not accompanied by instructions in Spanish, although they are available on the manufacturer’s website.

SLR camera

Pentax K50 + 18-55 WR


Despite not being among the best-known brands today, Pentax is a highly recognized photography manufacturer with high experience in the market. Something that is obvious when you see models such as the Pentax K50 + 18-55 WR camera.

This SLR camera has a resolution of 16.3 megapixels that, despite being somewhat smaller than usual, offers high-performance thanks to the optics that the camera has. In fact, the same improvement to the market in detail such as the ISO exposure, which can reach 51,200, twice as usual.

A model that also improves resistance to dirt, dust or cold, so that where other cameras fail, it maintains its properties without breaking down. And so that your pulse does not move your photos, the product also includes a quality stabilization system that adjusts to the conditions of each shot.

If you want to give a quality brand a chance but not as well known, this Pentax model probably won’t let you down.


ISO Sensitivity: It has a maximum ISO sensitivity of 51,200, doubling the figure that we usually find in other models.

Resistance: The camera body is resistant to dust, cold or moisture, to offer you better durability.

Objective: The product is accompanied by an objective of 18 to 55 mm, so you will not have to spend more to have a complete product.


Instructions: Again comments come from users who have not received the manual in Spanish, although it is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Functionality: This camera is within the initial level, so it can be something simple for those more experienced users.



Nikon D5300

The Nikon D5300 SLR camera is a firm candidate to be the best SLR camera of the moment. Among other things for having a compact-sized SLR body with a 24.2-inch resolution sensor. It also has a stabilizer to generate better image quality.

A product that is accompanied by an 18-55 mm lens with which it is easy to take images at different distances according to what you need. This is A lens capable of recording video in VR format with 1080P quality, of considerable quality. Although given the variety offered by the brand, you will not have problems to change this objective for the one you need at any time.

As for the control system, the product includes a 3.2-inch screen and almost frees rotation, which makes it even easier to control the camera from any position. This is something that tops a product that, despite not being a cheap SLR camera, is loaded with interesting features.

There are many users who rate Nikon as the best brand of SLR cameras of the moment, which is reflected in models like this that we analyze below.


Resolution: The 24.2-megapixel resolution helps you take quality photos and videos, in which the 18-55 mm lens included with the main body also collaborates.

VR: The VR system gives you an extra quality with which you can even record video in Full HD format with fewer vibrations.

Screen: The control screen has a diagonal of 3.2 inches and can be oriented as it suits you to take your photos.

Connectivity: The camera includes WiFi and GPS with which it is even easier to locate and share your photos from your mobile or tablet.


Navigation: The menus can be a bit cumbersome when it comes to moving around the different camera options.

ISO Sensitivity: The ISO sensitivity reaches the 12,800 level, and can be extended up to 25,600 if you wish. This is something fairer than other similar models.

SLR camera for beginners

Canon EOS 4000D

Anyone looking for an SLR camera for beginners has an interesting proposal in the Canon EOS 4000D model. We are talking about a cheap SLR camera, within its segment, which offers us an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and APS-C technology.

This is a product that includes improvements for the newcomer, such as intelligent scene mode, which saves time and problems when choosing what we want to photograph. It also has an optical viewfinder with a nine-point focus and different filters, to improve our photos in situ.

As if this were not enough, the model also has other advanced features, such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, to share our images with greater comfort. All this is a product with an easy-to-use approach even by newcomers to the SLR world.

If you want an easy-to-use camera with which to obtain quality photos, know in detail what this Canon model offers you.


Operation: We can use it in fully automatic or manual mode, as we want at any time.

Attendees: The product includes aids such as smart scene mode or creative filters.

Connectivity: It is surprising that the camera includes WiFi and Bluetooth, as they are functions of higher-end cameras.


Focus: The approach is also poorer, having only 9 detection points compared to 15 or 20 of other models.

Resolution: Its resolution is 18 megapixels, smaller than other models, but sufficient for these uses.

DSLR camera

Nikon D3400

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The Nikon D3400 SLR camera is another of the models that always jump to the fore when it comes to these types of products. A very complete and interesting digital SLR camera, based on a 24.2-megapixel sensor with a stabilized lens that helps you take photos at different distances.

This is something that contributes to its objective of size 18-55 mm or it’s VR system with which to improve the quality in case you use it to record video. This model also has the usual mode of use of Nikon, which is easy even for newcomers, having guides that make it easier to take pictures.

And so you do not miss anything, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity you can always keep the camera connected to your mobile to upload your photos to your social networks almost to the touch.

So you have all the information you need when deciding which is the best SLR camera on the market for you, we leave you some details about this renowned model.


Image quality: This camera has a resolution of 24.2 inches, as well as a lens with a stabilizer that makes it even easier to achieve a high-quality image.

Snapbridge: This Bluetooth connection makes the process of sharing and sending your photos wherever you want even easier.

Guides: The guide mode helps you to know the different functions of the product, as well as to take professional quality photos practically from the first shot.


Plug: Some user comments that the power adapter is not European but British, so in this case, you will need an adapter to use it.

HDMI cable: Despite bringing an HDMI port, the camera does not include the necessary cable for connection.

Sony SLR camera

Sony Alpha 68

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Designed for those looking for quality products, the Sony Alpha 68 SLR camera is another model worthy of being among the best SLR cameras of 2020. A product that has a type Amount with a 24.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor resolution as well as the conventional 18-55 mm lens with which it is easy to adjust the exposure and get closer to what you want to photograph.

Its interior also has improvements such as the Bionz X processor, which accelerates the performance and the process of taking pictures, especially in intensive modes such as burst. You also have the help of the autofocus system with 79 detection points and a high-performance tracking algorithm that make it even easier to take pictures of moving objects.

If you do not know which SLR camera to buy, discover what this product has to offer when taking photos or recording videos.


Stabilizer: The included stabilizer generates higher quality images by simply pressing the shutter halfway.

Bionz X processor: The Bionz X processor generates efficient performance when taking pictures, especially in high demand circumstances.

Focus: The focus system has 79 reference points and a modern automated system with which it is even easier to follow the object.

Low light performance: The camera has an AF capable of even taking quality images in reduced light conditions.


Peripherals: Some users comment that the offer of camera accessories is not too extensive.

Portability: It is somewhat heavier and slightly larger than other models on the market, although it is not something especially annoying when shooting.

SLR camera

Canon EOS 200D

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Having a compact SLR camera loaded with functions is easy, thanks to models such as the Canon EOS 200D. This Canon SLR camera offers us a 24.2-megapixel sensor with the well-known APS-C system, ideal for taking our best photos. In addition, it has Dual Pixel CMOS, a technology that focuses the images again to keep the sharpness of moving objects.

This is A product of high quality and compact size in which we also have a high-quality optical viewfinder and a touch screen that we can adjust as we want. There is also a lack of connectivity options, with WiFi and Bluetooth, to make it easier to share our images at the moment. All this is a compact and lightweight body, about 667 grams of weight and measures that make it easy to take the camera with us anywhere. So is this interesting Canon reflex camera.


Resolution: Its 24.2-megapixel resolution allows you to get the best of each image.

Size: It is an extremely compact model, suitable for taking with you anywhere.

Screen: The screen is foldable and can be turned to where it suits us.


4K Video: It is missing that the camera could record videos in 4K format, reaching only Full HD quality.

Instructions: Again we have the problem of instructions only in English, although the Canon website offers them in Spanish.

Accessories for reflex camera

SLR camera backpack

AmazonBasics 1393R1

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The best way to transport your camera safely is with a quality SLR camera backpack, such as the AmazonBasics 1393R1 model. This backpack offers us a large interior space with velcro dividers so that we can organize it as it suits us when it comes to protecting our equipment.

For this, we have nine interior spaces adjustable to our needs. Outside, the nylon and polyester structure gives your equipment adequate protection against bumps or dirt. And if that were not enough, it is also convenient to carry, so that carrying your equipment is not a nuisance.

SLR camera stabilizer

Zeadio DV05

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The Zeadio DV05 SLR camera stabilizer is all you need so your photos and videos don’t move. A product specially designed for low-angle shooting, offering stable support and a clamping area that gives greater stability to these recordings.

All this is a product suitable for all types of SLR cameras, SLR and even camcorders, so its compatibility is more than guaranteed.  You can also connect it to a tripod if necessary. It is topped with a socket, which leaves the perfect space for the microphone and the other elements of the camera.

SLR camera strap

Use Gear True SHOT

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With the SLR camera strap Use Gear True SHOT you can be sure to keep the camera in its place wherever you go, without risk of falls. A strap reinforced with safety clips, which better hold the weight and avoid problems when moving with the camera hanging.

It is also a practical product because it has four pockets in which to store memory cards and other small objects that we may need. Resistant and elegant construction, it comes in eight different colors, so you can choose the design that you like the most.


SLR camera case

AmazonBasics RFQ468

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The AmazonBasics RFQ468 SLR camera case is all you need to store your camera when you don’t need the space of an SLR camera backpack.

This model has a main compartment with adjustable dividers using velcro, so it is easier to organize that space in a way that suits you.

Something that does not affect the protection of the product, which prevents shocks, dust, and rubbing can damage your camera or its components. It is finished off with a padded strap, which makes the process of transporting your equipment more comfortable where necessary.

SLR camera cleaning kit

Camkix Goguk

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Keeping your SLR camera clean and in perfect condition is simple with the Camkix Goguk SLR camera cleaning kit. This is a complete product consisting of pear for the objective, brush for dust, wipes, chamois, cleaning liquid and vacuum fan among other elements.

This is a complete kit to clean every part of your camera with the perfect product and prevent dirt from making its own in its components.

All these elements have considerable softness and design designed to last longer, so you do not have to renew your kit more than necessary, except in the case of consumables, of course.

How to choose the best SLR cameras

When it comes to taking real photos, the SLR camera is our best option. Especially considering that today it is not difficult to find a good and economical SLR camera, thanks to the current market offer, at tighter prices than a few years ago. Even so, to make the most of your purchase, we recommend you read our guide to buy the best SLR camera, which we offer below and where to know what aspects define a quality product.

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Shopping guide

Lens quality

If we take a look at any comparison of SLR cameras that fall into our hands, we will see how the lens is something that is usually left in the background. However, this is one of the most important aspects of any SLR camera or any camera in general.

However, it is reasonable, since if we move between the leading brands in the market, such as Nikon or Canon, the lenses that usually include the cameras are of considerable quality, which guarantees that we will not have problems when taking our pictures. Anyway, it never hurts to take a look at the technical parameters of these lenses, in order to verify that they are in line with what we need to take our photos.

Resolution of the photos

What products usually coincide in is the part of the megapixels, in order to find the highest figures. These megapixels mark the resolution of the photos and videos we take, although without a good lens, as we said before, this sensor will not help us at all.

Anyway, the amount of megapixels has stopped influencing so much how much one of these cameras costs, so that today we can find models with more than 20 megapixels of resolution at reasonable prices. This would be a recommended level for an average user.

For newcomers, 16-megapixel models and the like are more than enough to get started. Let us think that mobile is around 12 megapixels and makes very good photos, normally, so 16 are enough for a camera of a certain quality. But if we look for the highest quality, the most advanced SLR cameras reach 25 or 26 megapixels. Something that has its price but it is worth it if you are looking for the best results.


An SLR camera must have a quality screen, both for the focus and for managing its functions. This screen should have the ability to display clear images, as well as a sufficient size to see everything well. In general, this site should not be less than 3 inches, which is the minimum with which to see everything properly.

Also check that this screen looks good in complex circumstances, for when the sun is full, for example. And if you need it, some models have folding screens, which we can orient in the way that suits us best when taking our photos.

Easy to use

The ease of use is something that has to do with the screen, but also with the way to manage the options of the chosen device. Something that affects both the options available and the way we move between them.

We start with those options, in which it is necessary to verify if we have assistants for our photos. These assistants guide us through the process of taking pictures, with a practical and formative approach. Thus, with the assistant, we will be getting to know our camera better and taking better photos even when we have no idea of operating the camera.

However, the most advanced users and accustomed to taking photos will surely be interested in finding the option they are looking for simple. They will prefer that the camera have menus where it is easy to move, as well as not having to do many operations to reach the option they need. So the easier the camera management process, the better. If you are among them, do not forget to verify this functionality.

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Other aspects

As a final matter, we talk about some features that give the product even greater quality of use. One of these options is WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, with which you can more quickly share your photos once you’ve taken them. Also interesting is the GPS, with which to mark the position of these photos accurately.

Nor can we forget the objectives included with many SLRs. It is convenient to see that the objective that the camera includes, if it includes any, adapts to what we need, as well as that it has a universal system for its assembly, which makes it easier to buy the future elements of our photographic equipment. And if the camera is accompanied by accessories, such as the case or the shoulder strap, much better.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a SLR camera?

The cleaning process of the camera is a routine that we must comply frequently to keep our camera in good condition. In this process, it is advisable to use air blowers to remove dust from the lenses and other sensitive elements, as well as soft chamois for cleaning the screen and the rest of its components. This is a process that we must perform carefully, to avoid damage to the product during it.

Q2: How to focus a SLR camera photo?

To focus an SLR camera, we have two options. One of them is to use the automatic mode, which generally offers good quality for your images, especially the more focus points that the camera has. The other option is to resort to the conventional approach, so we will have to guide ourselves through our view to achieve that perfect approach. The process requires activating this manual mode on the camera or the lens. By the way, some models have a hybrid or semi-manual system, so that the approach is executed partly by hand and partly in an automated way.

 Q3: What SLR camera to buy, Canon or Nikon?

Since we are talking about two of the main brands in the market in terms of SLR cameras, this decision is complex.  It is also not necessary, the truth since either of these two manufacturers creates products of extreme quality and adapted to the tastes and needs that users have. So we are also going to add this approach.

Q4: How to make night photos with SLR camera?

One of the advantages of SLR cameras is that they have a lot of options to play with light so that the process of taking night photos opens many possibilities. Just play with ISO sensitivity and exposure level to achieve different results, depending on the approach we take. We can also play with the light, thus obtaining the best effect when taking our photos. Anyway, if you do not want to complicate yourself, you can also resort to night mode or attendees, with whom to take photos at night with high quality.

Q5: Can I use a reflex camera as a webcam?

Nowadays, if we want, we can use a reflex camera as a webcam comfortably. To do this, simply connect the product directly to our computer using a USB cable and configure the camera correctly to give us the corresponding image input. This is something that is done automatically in Windows 10, to make everything even easier.

Q6: What advantages does a reflex camera have compared to a conventional one?

The main advantage of one of these SLR cameras compared to a conventional one has to do with respect to what the product offers when it comes to controlling our photos. This is something that allows users with advanced knowledge to control each parameter of the photo, from exposure to ISO sensitivity and many more. On the contrary, conventional models do not give so many options. In addition, current SLRs are almost as simple to use as the usual ones.

Q7: Is it worth buying a second-hand SLR camera?

Well, it all depends on your state, and we don’t just talk about the physical. Among the things, we must verify is the number of shots that the camera has taken, which indicates the shutter’s life status. It is not an exact science but it is a sign of the level of use of the product. On the other hand, it is also key to see the status of lenses, screen, the level of dust accumulated and the status of the control area. So if all these parameters meet properly and the price is adjusted to its characteristics, it may be worthwhile to get a second-hand model.

Q8: What are the best SLR camera photos for beginners?

Without entering into concrete models, it is true that almost all brands have simpler models, therefore ideal for beginners. These SLR cameras have aids such as attendees, with which it is easy to take quality photos even when we have no idea how to make them. The best thing is that these models are cost-adjusted, so they are suitable for newcomers to this world, without having to spend the money of the most advanced cameras.

How to use an SLR camera

SLR cameras are more complete and complex products than the usual compact cameras. This is a Model for which it is necessary to have some knowledge, although you can always keep the comfort of the attendees when taking your photos. But if this falls short, here are some clues on how to proceed to take quality photos.

Mode of use

The first thing we need to modify is the way of using the camera. It has automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes. The automatic ones do all the work for us, while the semi-automatic ones give us some more freedom to manipulate the photo, being suitable to take our first steps. In manual mode, it is we who control all photo options. Choose the one that suits you, even if you are not afraid to make the jump to the complete manual.

ISO level

The ISO level establishes the way in which the camera will read the scene according to the level of light present in the area. For sunny conditions, we will resort to a 100 or 200 ISO, while for cloudy days we turn to an ISO 400. Indoors a level above 800 ISO is recommended, which we should increase the less light we have in our environment. Do not be afraid to play with this parameter, even if you do not forget that the higher the ISO level, the greater the amount of noise the camera will pick up.


The diaphragm opening is the other key aspect to take the picture. The higher this value, the lower the aperture level of the diaphragm, which means changing the way the image is taken. To get a closer focus in the foreground and less in the rear, simply choose low values, while for higher values we will focus more on the background and less what we have close. It all depends on the type of photography we want to take.


The approach is another one of those aspects that we usually automate and over which we can take control. A manual approach allows us to focus more precisely on what interests us, which is not always what the camera detects. Execute that approach efficiently, taking your time and achieving adequate stability so that the photographed object does not move when we shoot.

Lose fear

As a last tip, we recommend that you lose your fear when taking your photos. Nothing happens to be doing tests and learning since in the end, the result will surely be better than the photos you obtained at the beginning. Also, do not have a problem in scrolling the functions offered by the camera, because you will not break anything. The only thing you are going to achieve is to learn better how your camera works and to have the notions of use necessary so that its operation is even better, giving the free path to your creativity when taking photos.

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