[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Rear View Cameras

Safety when driving a car should always be a priority. That is why it is recommended to use a rearview camera that allows you to have a viewing angle on the outside of the car to prevent inconvenience. Remember that in choosing a model for you must take into account the experiences of the users told by them and make comparisons between each model of the best rearview cameras- and the advantages that you consider it can offer you.

The Esky EC170-08 model appears among the most recommended, having a simple installation process, being waterproof, offering an approximate viewing angle of 170 degrees, and offering 480 TV lines in its resolution quality, which facilitate a better image Sharpness regarding specific models. The second option is the Podofo PD-F0502 model, and It is a kit with everything you need to install the product and incorporates LED lights that improve the night vision of the camera.

Comparison chart of the best rearview cameras

Esky® EC170 – 08 – HD video camera

  • Among its most praised advantages is the fact that its installation is straightforward to do, something that users appreciate because it allows them to use the device almost immediately after receiving it at home.
  • Some users consider that it should include an additional cable when they want to use other functions of the car, but the camera is connected.
  • The camera is easy to manipulate, install, and offers an adequate level of vision even in low-light spaces since it takes advantage of the lights of the headlights of the car to provide an image of proper quality.

Rear View Camera Kit Wireless Podofo DC 12V-24V

  • It is a complete kit, which contains accessories such as the monitor, the camera, the antenna, the remote control, the installation cables, and support, which make the user experience an enjoyable one, providing security and a good range of vision
  • Because it is wireless, interference in the transmission of the image may occasionally be recorded, but these do not become a problem.
  • It is a camera recommended for those who want to have everything they need for rear view in their car, with LED lights that improve night vision and an easy to use the mode of use.

Auto Safety CMOS Car Vision System Camera,

  • It has a high level of compatibility with various types and brands of cars. It can be installed in small cars, trucks, motorhomes, always offering the same performance and being an assistant for driving safety.
  • According to one user, the cable that it brings to the link to the monitor has a connector that could require some type of adapter to fit correctly with the device.
  • Its level of image quality is very remarkable because it not only combines 480 TV lines but LED lights. It allows us to be installed in several car models, and the process is done simply.

What is the best rearview camera on the market?

If you want to be able to reverse in your car without fear of hitting something or someone because the mirrors do not give you security, then it is convenient that you have an appropriate rearview camera. Intending to help you in the selection process, we have developed a guide to buying the best rearview camera. In it, we explain the main features that you should look for in these artifacts, before purchasing a particular model.

What is the best rearview camera in 2020?

Safety is essential when driving, so we must have instruments that facilitate action and minimize risks, such as rearview cameras. If you want to get the best rearview camera, pay attention to the following list in which we explain the properties and characteristics of the items that are often recommended by users.

Recommended Products

Esky EC170-08

Main Advantage:

It offers a 170-degree vision, making it easier and safer to back up your vehicle, having greater possibilities when parking in tight spaces.

Main Disadvantage:

You need to provide Full HD resolution, to see better the obstacles you have behind, although most people are happy with its operation.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This camera measures 2.2 x 2.9 x 3.1 cm, so it is convenient to install in almost any car, without taking up much space.

Main Features Explained


Vision is critical when choosing a rear camera for the vehicle, so this team has positive qualities in this regard. It has HD resolution so you can see what you have behind while backing in the car. This will prevent traffic accidents so that you will take better care of your vehicle.

In addition to this, we mention that these products have a specific viewing angle, and the Esky EC170-08 does not fall short in this regard. It has a vision of 170 degrees, enough to see the road or objects that you have behind the car.

On the other hand, this camera works not only in daylight or illuminated environments but also at night or in dark places. That is, it has night vision, which will help in those moments that you do not see anything through the mirrors of the car. In short, your imagination is quite optimal and safe.


This camera offers approach lines and can be adapted to an LCD screen, anyone with video input, which means you can buy one online or connect it to the car radio. Of course, not all car radios have screens and the possibility to connect the camera.

This product works with a voltage of 12 volts, so it is compatible with many vehicle models. Besides, it can withstand water so that it can be placed inside or outside the car, regardless of the season of the year at the time.

As if that were not enough, the camera can be moved manually in a range of 90 degrees to adjust the direction better or focus you want to give it. This is very important because each type of vehicle has different spaces where to place this type of accessories.


It is bright black, so it combines with the style and hue of almost any car. Also, this aspect of the design makes it an elegant camera that will look great where you place it.

On the other hand, we mentioned that its installation is simple since it has a metal bracket that you can adjust to the place of the car that you think is more convenient. Even their cables are long, so you don’t have to buy separate extensions.

The video cable that comes with this camera has a yellow connector for the video signal and a red one for the 12 V power supply. In this way, you will not be mistaken when making the connections, and in a few minutes, you will have the camera ready to start using it.

Podofo PD- F0502

 This model is a wireless rearview camera recommended for being practical and providing adequate viewing, so it has a 7-inch LCD screen with support included.

Besides, it has night vision and infrared to avoid incidents with nearby objects. Thanks to all these attributes, the Podofo PD-F0502 is recognized by many users among the best rearview cameras of 2020, since the kit also comes with two rear LED cameras, which provide excellent color visibility, as well as various accessories for having an almost perfect rear view without using the mirrors.

Thus, the risk of accidents is reduced, and control over the exterior of the car is increased. The camera has a horizontal viewing range of 120 degrees and the possibility of moving vertically up to 360 degrees.

With a rearview camera it will be much easier to drive your vehicle and park in general:


Set: Podofo offers you a set that works with two camera units that will give you a more excellent angle vision so you can be aware of everything that happens behind your vehicle while driving or parking.

Infrared: You can enjoy its benefits both day and night, as both cameras have an infrared system that provides night vision.

Monitor: The purchase also includes a 7″ full-color monitor, so you have everything you need and start enjoying the benefits of rearview cameras as soon as you install them.

Warranty: And if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the kit, you can request a refund of your money within the first 30 days after the purchase is made or opt for completely free replacements for 12 months.


Connectivity: These units do not communicate via wiring with the monitor but through antenna signals, which can be distorted if there are nearby frequencies captured in the area.

Auto Safety CMOS

 If you still do not know which is the best rearview camera, then you should pay attention to the features of this model, which has a high definition image with 18 LED lights and a wide range of visibility.

The Auto Safety CMOS has the function of a night vision rear camera, so it is recommended for both day and night use. This model is suitable for both cars and at home.

It has a waterproofing system of the lens, which allows having a clear vision even with the rain. It is also equipped with infrared light for full optical image and greater security, which is achieved by the fact that its resolution is 480 TV lines, and its lens has an angle of between 170/135 degrees.

It is recommended by users because it does not have a complicated installation. Still, care must be taken that the camera is supported by the car monitor and have the necessary cables.

Auto Safety has everything required to become the best brand of rearview cameras in the market:


Sharpness: The CMOS Auto Safety model offers a clear and visible image of the rear face of your vehicle and the surrounding space to help you park safely at all times.

Infrared: The camera is equipped with infrared sensors that will let you use it even if it is night, which is practically essential to drive responsibly.

Certificates: It has the IP67 certificate that guarantees waterproof outdoors, so you do not worry if it gets wet with rain.


Monitor: The purchase of this camera does not include the necessary monitor so you can visualize what is captured by your lens; You must purchase it separately.

Lines: Nor will you find the guidelines for reverse parking.

Panlelo 12LEDCA

With only 150 grams of weight, this compact camera can give clear visibility even at night, thanks to its 12 LED lights that improve image quality and, therefore, reduce the risk of shocks.

This model has a waterproof system, so raindrops or adverse weather conditions will not affect the quality of the image obtained.

It has a resolution of 420 TV lines in high definition and a viewing angle of 170 degrees, which means a wide range of horizontal view and a reduction in the risk of accidents during reverse.

One of the advantages of this model is that it comes with the included power cable and also with the AV cable, the screws, as well as an installation manual to make the process easier, so it is not necessary to buy additional accessories.

The Panlelo is one of the cheapest in this list, and some would even say that it is the best rearview camera for 20 euros:


Design: The Panelo 12LEDCA camera has a very discreet and compact design that will let you locate it without attracting attention to the top of your car if you wish.

Lens: Your lens can capture sharp and sharp images, in addition to offering a viewing angle of 170 °.

Waterproof: It is waterproof, and you will not have problems from getting wet in the rain or when you wash the car, for example.


Monitor: You will have to invest extra money since the monitor is not included with the purchase.

LEDs: One of the users let you know that, when you put the car in reverse, the LEDs that surround the camera turn on, and this can be annoying for some drivers.

Car Rover 007MB

This rearview camera model is one of the most popular and recommended by users for having a resolution of 420 TV lines.

The Car Rover camera is made of materials that have a high level of quality, which makes it a shockproof model and is also waterproof, so it will continue to function even under adverse weather conditions.

It is compatible with a large number of car models and is equipped with a visibility range of 170 degrees, which provides a wide-angle and minimizes risk, as well as blind spots.

The manufacturer incorporated into this camera model a high definition system that works even at night because it has night vision, which allows excellent visibility at any time.

Not knowing which rearview camera to buy may be more common than you think. We invite you to read the pros and cons of this model to get out of doubt:


Design: The camera has an attractive, discreet, and very compact design to facilitate its location and installation wherever you want in the back of your car.

Waterproof: It is waterproof, has a robust and reliable housing, and you can wash your car without fear of damaging it.

Lines: Offers guidelines with color indicators to help you park a safe distance from other cars.


Angle: Although it is indicated that it has 170 ° of viewing angle, some consider that it is not so vast.

Infrared: It is not a system that has infrared for night vision, which limits its use.

Esky EC170-08

If you are looking for a high definition, you can not miss the attributes of the Esky EC170-08. This model is recognized by users as the best rearview camera of value for money since it is also the cheapest of Our list of recommended products.

This model is a waterproof camera, so, despite the rain, the vision will not deteriorate. On the contrary, it is recommended to improve the rearview, so you should not worry about hitting things that are not seen from the rearview mirror of your car.

It is a small device, easy to install, that works properly with the backlight. It has a resolution of 480 TV lines and a viewing range of 170 degrees, so visibility is comprehensive and of adequate quality.

Esky has for you what could be the best rearview camera of the moment with this compact and large capacity model:


Design: The EC170-08 model rearview camera is an attractive option for those who wish to install a discreet model that does not attract attention. It has a very compact size and simple requirements to meet. Its dimensions are 4.4 x 4 x 2.5 centimeters, and its weight is 204 grams.

Angle: A highlight of this model is that it works with a lens capable of obtaining a 170 ° image of the environment surrounding the back of your car, giving you freedom and confidence of movement when you want to park.

Functions: In addition to offering a clear image full of details, this rear camera is also equipped with a night vision system so you can be safe and confident during the night.

Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about it raining, and your camera gets wet since its components are protected thanks to a construction with waterproof features that will prevent water from damaging them.

Finishes: It also stands out that the housing that protects the components of the chamber is made of stainless steel, which is why there will be no signs of oxidation or wear due to being outdoors.


Instructions: A detail that you should keep in mind is that the instruction manual is in English, but includes a couple of very intuitive diagrams for assembly.

How to use a rearview camera

The risks behind the wheel are many if we are not cautious, especially when we reverse, being one of the precise moments when we have less visibility of our environment. Using a rearview camera in the car is the ideal solution, is highly recommended since it works similarly to traditional mirrors. Still, it gives you a greater viewing angle, allowing you to avoid any accident, so the time you use to look back, you can use it more efficiently and even has a night vision system.

Gather the necessary tools

Before proceeding with the installation of your rear camera, make sure you have all the essential tools at hand so that you can connect comfortably and efficiently. We recommend you have a crimping clamp on the side, which is essential for wiring, allowing you to remove the cable insulation easily. You may also use a screwdriver, pliers, and cable tape.

Check the instructions                          

Proceed to take all the contents out of the package and take the necessary time to read the user manual carefully. That way, you make sure you use the product correctly and install it correctly.

Find the right place

The installation begins by placing the camera in the back of the vehicle, so you must decide where the image looks good and gives you a full field of vision. Commonly, you have to make a hole in the body of the vehicle through which you can pass the power and video signal cables of the camera.

Turn on the power

The power cable is generally represented in red to distinguish it, and it is connected to the positive of the recoil bulb so that the camera turns on when reversing. Using the tweezers, remove the insulator from the wires and compare them. Then, use special electrical tape and wrap the connection.

Connect the video signal

Next, proceed to connect the video signal cable with the yellow RCA cable. This sends the camera images to the screen. Generally, the kit includes an RCA cable of approximately 5 meters, so that you can connect the camera to the screen, but it forces you to pass the cable concealed through the body, from the trunk to the screen.

If necessary, install a transmitter

Otherwise, a wireless transmitter and receiver system for the rear camera of the vehicles is achieved in the market, so if you want to avoid a complicated installation of cables, you can adapt the 2.4 GHz transmitter to the camera and the receiver to the screen.

Install the screen

There are several types of filters for these camera models: the rearview mirror with a monitor or the LCD monitor. In the first case, the device is installed in front of the original rearview mirror that the vehicle brings, being fixed with some pins at the back. If you have the LCD monitor, it is connected to the front of the car with the use of screws.

Connect the wires

The screens or mirrors use three cables; the red wire connects directly to the positive contact so that the monitor is not working all the time and thus prevent the battery from being worn out. The black cable is connected directly to the ground of the vehicle, and the yellow RCA cable is connected either to the cable that comes directly from the camera or to the receiver of the video signal.

Shopping guide

High Definition

When buying this product, we expect it to be a good and economical camera. Still, in the case of rearview cameras for cars, it is necessary that the camera has a high definition in the image it collects, and that is sent to the screen. Otherwise, you will have a team that does visualize the back of the car, but that may not give you a clear picture.

In this regard, it is essential to select models that have high definition and are capable of reproducing images without distortion. Although there are a variety of resolutions, the most popular and that are in a convenient parameter is equal to or greater than 420 TV lines.

Likewise, it is essential that the cameras installed in the car have a horizontal vision range (sideways) of at least 120 degrees, being able to get on the market some models that have an amplitude between 170 and 180 degrees. This will guarantee a lower margin of error and blind spots, so they are more convenient when driving.


On many occasions, as buyers, we only look at how much a product costs, without determining what is included or what is missing in the purchase to be able to make use of the equipment.

In most cases, when it comes to rearview cameras, these models are cheaper in which only the camera with the power cable comes.

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the installation cables separately from the equipment to the car, the display screen, and the support that will be on the dashboard, so if you do not have these items, you will not be able to install the camera immediately.

In this sense, those models that come in a kit and have all the accessories for the camera installation are recommended, since you will not have to look for a cable that matches, get the accessories compatible with the brand and wait for more time to install.

Night vision and LED light

Driving is an activity that we do both day and night, and putting the option of going backward to go in reverse or to park is the most common.

Even the degree of difficulty increases at night since visibility is reduced. Therefore, when buying a rearview camera, we must verify that it has a night vision system and that the image that it reproduces in the dark is of high quality, to avoid accidents.

Thus, some manufacturers have incorporated, in addition to night vision, LED lights that provide greater clarity to the images captured by the camera, to provide a high-quality video, even with little natural lighting. Models can be obtained from 12 to 18 LED lights, which significantly improve the image and reduce the risk of accidents.


It is essential that you take into account the quality of the materials with which the equipment is manufactured, since this will depend on its durability and, of course, the ability to continue operating, even in adverse weather conditions.

In today’s market, there are all kinds of models that, although they generally fulfill the same function, what differentiates them is the way they perform.

In this sense, those models that are anti-shock and those that are waterproof are more convenient and recommended. A camera is useless if it does not work during the rain because although we can predict the weather, we cannot control it and sometimes it is necessary to drive with rain or snow.

Hence, it is imperative that the camera you select has impermeability and the ability to capture images under various weather conditions.


If we make a comparison of rearview cameras, it is necessary that, within the parameters to be evaluated, we incorporate the harmony of the cameras with the different models and brands of cars that are in the market.

This is because not all of them are capable of working with specific models, while some are compatible with most of them.

In this sense, before selecting a camera, make sure that compatibility is indicated within the properties, being recommended those that are known as “universal,” since they can operate with any car and do not require special wiring for its operation.  

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