[2020 Reviews ] 5 Best Professional Video Camera For Sports

The evolution of best professional video camera for sports has followed two paths: to reduce their size and weight to the maximum and to improve their image quality and recording capacity. This is achieved whenever you bet on quality models, which have a high resolution and a good battery capacity so you do not miss a single detail. One of these products with warranty is the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition Adventure camcorder , a consumer favorite.

This camera offers a Full HD resolution in video and 12 megapixels in photos, with a touch screen and remote control for ease of use. Also interesting is the Qumox SJ4000 model, capable of recording on SD cards up to 32 gigabytes in Full HD resolution, also including a wide range of accessories that allow you to mount it anywhere and even record underwater.

5 Best Professional Video Camera For Sports – Reviews In 2020

If you like extreme sports or practice adventure tourism and do not want to lose any detail of your activities, a sports camcorder is an indispensable accessory for you. To help you make a wise decision, we present 5 of the most recommended models and best professional video camera for sports of 2020.

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition Adventure Sports Camcorder

This is a device with a resolution of 12 megapixels and a good recording system so that your memories have the most appropriate image when you want to see them again.

Main Features  

Shooting quality

The image-taking system of the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition Adventure camera has a 12-megapixel sensor that makes it easy to take quality, uncomplicated photos and videos. This capacity obviously allows you to take photos of up to 12 megapixels of resolution although, if you do not need so much quality, you can choose different lighter modes of image taking.

As for the quality of the video, the product follows the line of the brand, being able to record videos in 1080P format, so that you can record in high quality in case you prefer. As always, you can also access lighter and tighter quality formats.

Assembly and resistance

Although some users comment that the model does not have all the usual accessories in this product, the truth is that if you are going to give it a basic use you will not need anything else. Among other things because the product includes the box for underwater use, several supports and the pivot arm with which to connect the camera to handlebars or almost any surface.

As for resistance, it is another aspect in which the product does not fail. This resistance is based on elements such as the waterproof case that allows the camera to be submerged up to 40 meters without problems. It also adequately withstands dust, rain and possible shocks that can be carried during use, so you don’t have to worry about your safety, no matter how risky your activity is.


If you are worried about losing your photos or videos or want to upload them to social networks at the moment, this model has the necessary connectivity to achieve it. Among these available options, we can connect the camera via WiFi, which allows us to move the recorded video easily and quickly by simply connecting it to your Wi-Fi or a portable Wi-Fi zone created with your mobile.

As for BlueTooth connectivity, this allows us to use the camera remotely without having to be close to it, giving you more options to record any detail even in the distance. By the way, the editing and control options of the camera are very wide, so you can edit your videos and upload them without having a computer nearby.


This sports camcorder can be synchronized with different devices, either via a Wi-Fi connection or via Bluetooth, to remotely control the operation of the equipment.


The offer of accessories that accompanies this product is somewhat smaller than what has been normal for the brand’s products.

Qumox SJ4000 Helmet Sports Camera

It is an excellent representative of the best professional video camera for sports. It has formidable features at low cost and the possibility of numerous optional accessories that make it a versatile device.

It has a 12 MP CMOS sensor with maximum resolution in 12M photo mode. In video mode, 30 frames / second are recorded in FullHD and 60 frames / second in HD with a MOV and H.264 compression format. It has a 1.5-inch LCD screen, 4x digital zoom with a 6G wide-angle lens for a viewing angle of 170º.

The battery ensures a maximum recording time of 70 minutes, with a charging time of around 3.5 hours, perfectly interchangeable with spare batteries. It behaves very well underwater so it is recommended for surfing, diving and water sports in general.

This second option is also highly recommended by users, who have listed it as the best professional video camera for a sports brand, due to its pros and cons, which we will review right now.


  • Accessories: Includes a wide range of accessories, such as water housing, bases, and supports for various surfaces, which will give you stability when used anywhere.
  • Quick action buttons: It has different quick action buttons, so you can use it effectively and without problems.
  • Resolution: It has a good resolution level of 1080 pixels, allowing HD video to be recorded, which indicates a good image quality.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with different micro SD cards, so you can store the number of images and videos you want up to 32 GB cards.
  • Charging time: The battery charging time is only three hours, so you should not wait long to use it whenever you want.


Polaroid Cube Camera designed for 6MP photographs

It is a small camcorder that draws attention to its unique and striking appearance. It is a small cube of 3.5 centimeters on the side that has a lens with a viewing angle of 124º.

It has a single button that symbolizes how extraordinarily easy its operation is: a touch to take pictures and two to record a video, a long press to turn it on or off. A small LED next to the button indicates which state the camera is in through color codes.

At the base of the cube has a powerful magnet that allows the camera to adhere strongly to any metal surface without the need for additional accessories. It is resistant to dust, water splashes, and bumps. It allows you to record video at 720p / 1080p and capture 6-megapixel photos. It supports micro SD cards up to 32 GB and comes with a microphone included.

In case you are interested in a quality product at a price that is not too high, you will find below the pros and cons of the Polaroid Cube, which is recommended by users as the best professional video camera for sports for 100 dollars.


  • Resistant: This is a compact camcorder, which is resistant to splashes and bumps, so you can use it with confidence wherever you are.
  • Submersible: It allows you to dive into the water using its respective housing, up to a depth of 10 meters, so you can capture your best moments underwater.
  • USB connection: It can be connected via a USB cable, so you can download your files to your computer without problems.
  • Magnetized: It is a camcorder with a magnetized structure, so it can adhere to any metal surface, allowing its users to be much more practical.
  • Storage: It has storage options on micro SD cards, up to 32 GB, an ideal space to store your photos and videos.


  • Wifi: The fact of not having a Wi-Fi connection is one of the limitations that users stand out the most.


Easypix Goxtreme Race 5 Mp Camcorder

It is one of the best cheap sports camcorders that currently exist. It has a CMOS sensor that allows you to record HD video at 720p and capture images at 5MP, suitable enough to print and share clearly and clearly. It has a 2-inch touch screen monitor that allows you to conveniently visualize the result of our shots.

It comes with a screw housing, submersible up to 3 meters which also provides adequate protection from bumps, dust, mud or rain. It is equipped with a 120º wide-angle lens and 4x digital zoom. It supports micro SD cards up to 32 GB and comes with microphone and speaker included.

It has EV light control and integrated white control. It also includes accessories: protective lens cover, car charger, USB charger, helmet, bike and suction cup holder.

For those who care about saving money or need a sports camcorder that is not so expensive, here we show you the pros and cons of this model that belongs to the cheapest options, but also retains an acceptable level of quality.


  • Touch: It is a camcorder with a touch screen, so you can handle it comfortably without using buttons.
  • Submersible: It has the ability to submerge up to three meters underwater, using its housing, so that you can record videos efficiently in aquatic spaces.
  • Accessories: Incorporates various accessories for ease of use, such as a car charger, water housing, bases for various surfaces, etc.
  • USB connection: It can be connected to other devices through a USB cable, facilitating the transfer of files.
  • Simple use: Its use is quite simple, so much so that this device can be manipulated by children.


  • Battery: Some users explain that the battery discharges quickly, which is not convenient in most cases.

Easypix DVC 5227 720p Flash Camcorder

It is another copy of the best sports and action camcorder with WiFi, Full HD, and a wide-angle lens. It has an ultra-compact remote control and you can instantly switch between video and photo with just one click.

It has a submersible housing that provides adequate protection both on the ground, in the air and in the water to an underwater depth of 45 meters.

Resistant to strong temperature changes withstand minimum up to -10ºC and maximum up to 40ºC. It has compatibility with USB 2.0, Hi-Speed USB connector, HDMI output, micro SD card with a maximum storage of 32 GB. The resolution of the optical sensor is 5 MP and the video capture is 1080 Full HD.

The WiFi function allows you to upload and share your Full HD recordings directly and in real-time or watch other videos live and immediately.

If you still do not decide which sports camcorder to buy, this option can help you decide, so we show you their respective pros and cons.


  • Connection: It allows you to connect via Wifi, so you can enjoy all the benefits of being connected to the network.
  • Resolution: Provides a good resolution level of 1080 pixels, ideal for capturing photos and videos with sharpness and image quality.
  • Remote control: Includes its respective remote control so that you can manipulate it effectively either to take photos or make videos.
  • Resistant: It is resistant equipment, which adapts to different types of weather. It supports a wide range of 10 to 40 degrees of temperature, so you can take it anywhere and use it with confidence.
  • Submersible: It is submersible to water, with its plastic housing up to about 45 meters, an acceptable depth in relation to its price.


  • Screen: Most users point out that not having a display screen is a negative aspect.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition 12MP Waterproof Sports & Action Camera

HERO4 SilverEditionAdventure is the new camera launched by GoPro and today represents the best quality sports camcorder, at the height of the most demanding.

Among its outstanding features, we can mention the integrated Bluetooth and WiFi technology connection that allows you to control the camera from iPhone and Android or view the image on the screen of our Smartphone or Tablet, spectacular LCD touch screen integrated in the camera body with what you can look at the photos, check the frame before recording and configure the camera quickly and easily, new marker button with which you can highlight the most important moments of the video to check and edit later and the QuickCapture function that turns the camera into a button device unique that allows you to turn it on and start recording automatically by pressing a single button.

Here are the pros and cons of the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition Adventure, which according to some users is the best professional video camera for sports of the moment.


  • Touch screen: Includes a touch screen, which allows you to manipulate the camera more easily to perform various configuration actions without having to press buttons.

    Connection: It has the ability to connect in different ways, using a Wi-Fi network, via Bluetooth, and with a USB connection, so you can easily download and transfer files.

    Remote control: It has its respective remote control, so you can use it more efficiently at a distance, thanks to its connection capability.

    Editing: It allows you to do a previous editing job since you can select clips and video moments, which will be saved to facilitate the work of later editing.

    Resolution: It has a good level of resolution, to capture images clearly, through its 1080 pixels in video and 12 pixels in photographs.


How to use a sports camcorder

The worst slip that every user of a digital camera can commit is the serious lack of not having recorded everything that happened before your eyes and that you could have immortalized on video, showing off such images before your friends.

However, there is an infallible trilogy to avoid this mess that can be summarized in three fundamental words of the audiovisual lexicon: battery, memory, and resolution.

Importance of batteries

One of the first precautions to take into consideration when you are going to use a camcorder, especially when it is sporty, is that the batteries are fully charged, thus avoiding the unjustifiable embarrassment of missing out on the best shots of the day, because of a battery That leaves you lying halfway.

Remember that, on average, the battery of most action cameras has a duration that does not exceed 70 minutes. So, by the way, you never have to carry in your pocket one or two extra batteries (in accordance with what your budget allows), although it is also true that there are camcorders, at the top of the range, whose batteries provide up to 180 minutes of uninterrupted recording.

Memory cards

A similar recommendation is that given by veteran users around memory cards: always try to use those cards with the maximum memory (and speed) that your camera supports and, likewise, always carry at least one spare card with you, providing for any unforeseen that they are the order of the day when action events are recorded.

Camera resolution

The issue of the resolution will never be less important: you must take into account the premise that says that the maximum possible resolution will never be too much, and all this you will check every time you see your recordings and, even more, the moment you go To edit your shots. Subsequently, you will always have the opportunity to reduce the resolution of your videos – in additional copies – with the idea of sharing them faster on social networks.

Avoid backlighting

With the excitement of the moment, something obvious that many times the user of camcorders is forgotten is to avoid backlighting. In such situations, when you have the sun in front of the lens of your camera, the light portent is excessive and what it lets you record are cropped silhouettes, even in spite of the technological precautions of your camera in this regard. Very by the way, then, the best way to record is putting the sun on your shoulder and thus you get a good result.

Vary the frames

Another advice that experts give is to vary the frames of your sports camera: attach it first to the most frontal location of the hull and then to the motorcycle’s handlebar or to the bow of the boat: in this sense, do not forget that –audiovisually– “More” always means “more” and you will never be too ambitious.

The most popular brands

Finding a sports camcorder suitable for our needs is quite difficult due to the great offer existing in the market, however, we have prepared this article as a buying guide by providing you with basic information about the GoPro, Excelvan and Victsing brands, and about the details of their Sports camcorders, as according to the opinions of Internet buyers are reliable brands to use.

GoPro is a world leader in image capture, this company located in California, the United States was founded in 2002 and since then has gained fame for its portable cameras and versatile installation, they are used by the most professional teams of film productions of the world.

Their cameras are mostly used for extreme sports recording because of their lightweight and compact design, they are quite resistant so they can be placed virtually anywhere, from a bicycle helmet to the surface of a surfboard.

GoPro camcorders can be controlled via cell phones with prior WiFi synchronization and can be used even underwater for sports such as swimming, diving or surfing. This small camera includes two batteries each with 90 minutes of recording and they store the data through micro SD cards with a minimum of 8 Gg, it also includes an output port for mini HDMI cables.

Excelvan is an American company located in California, founded in 2003 as a producer of electronic equipment for audio and video, 3D devices, plasma TVs, computers and laptops. It also offers multiple USB connectors and systems that integrate the operation of different electronic equipment of cars and homes.

It has corporate headquarters in the city of New York and distributors in the city of Los Angeles being its main markets countries such as China and the United Kingdom, however, its products reach the entire European territory, Asia Pacific, much of Latin America and Australia.

Excelvan camcorders are similar to GoPro camcorders, these include small 1.5-inch LCD screens for enhanced framing of videos and photos. The camera has a wide range of 170 ° and records in a high definition resolution of 1080 pixels. Its memory capacity supports micro SD cards up to 32 Gb and can be submerged up to 30 m below sea level.

The camcorder includes the submersible cover for water sports, 7 mounts, 2 helmet mounts, 4 mooring bands, 1 rear protector, 1 USB cable, 1 lithium battery 4.2 A and its charger respectively.

VicTsing Technology is a company founded recently in 2012, this is a distributor of electronic products and appliances with greater emphasis on products for audio, mobile phones, and humidifiers.

This company has multiple branches around the world and has become a renowned company in the market of electronic products for mass consumption, its annual sales record amounts of 75 million dollars.

VicTsing has car accessories, cell phones, home accessories, and computer accessories. We will find from humidifiers for aromatherapy sessions, USB cables, wireless PC mice, headphones, VGA and HDMI cables, external CD burners, among others.

Victsing camcorders can record in high definition with 1080p at a speed of 30 fps, this mini camera allows you to manually adjust the ISO, exposure composition and white balance. It is also waterproof due to its protective case that resists up to 30 m underwater to take diving photographs.

The camera lens is a 170 ° wide angle with a MOV video format and also has an interface for micro USB and micro HDMI. It is important to know that the camera requires a superior class 6 micro SD memory card with a minimum storage of 8 Gb.

Buying Guide

If you are a sports lover and want to immortalize your best moments on a bicycle, running or even doing risky sports, then your perfect companion is a sports camcorder. So that you can choose well, we offer you in this guide to buy the best professional video camera for sports which are the key elements that you should consider before making a decision.

Recording quality

Whether you are a postproduction genius and handle the filters or not, the first element to consider is the recording quality offered by each camera. This quality is expressed both in the camera’s own image quality and in the viewing or recording angle.

The recording quality is expressed in-depth in lines ranging from 1080 of the highest quality cameras to 720 of medium quality and 480 and lower, of low quality. It is also accompanied by the number of frames or images per second taken, which the higher it is, means higher quality. The usual thing is usually 30 images per second, although the most advanced cameras reach 60.

As for the angle, it establishes how much it records before our eyes and is expressed in degrees. Most sports camcorders work with widths of 170 degrees, although some remain at 135 or 120 degrees The narrower the angle, the smaller the plane width available in the recording. In this section, finding a good and economical sports camcorder is not as difficult as it may seem.


A camera is worth what its battery lasts because when it turns off, there is nothing left to do. Therefore, you should consider what you plan to use the camera for and how much battery you may need.

The battery type for a sports camcorder is around 900 mAh, there are some that extend that duration to 1200 mAh, even in economic models. However, more than the battery, the fundamental thing is its duration, since many models that have high energy capacities do so precisely to be able to guarantee a certain level of autonomy precisely because of their high consumption.

Therefore, it is key that you make sure that your sports camcorder and its battery will hold at least the time you deem necessary to be able to record that special moment that you do not want to miss. In the instructions and specifications, you can find the approximate time of use in normal conditions.


A sports camcorder has to be versatile and for this, you must have all kinds of accessories. From those that allow you to place the camera on the helmet, the handlebar, the arm or any other place, to those that allow us other accessories that maintain the stability of the recording. For these mounts, it is necessary that the sports camcorder we buy includes the corresponding accessories, usually in the form of anchors. These anchors have different shapes, designs, and adjustments that allow you to position the camera as we wish.

In some cases, they also include housings that, in combination with the anchors, improve the overall grip and stability of the assembly. In fact, it is common that this case even allows us to submerge the camera underwater, without risk of breaking it, although always subject to a certain depth. Therefore, it should be verified that the accessories included in the sports camcorder of our choice are used for the use we intend to give it.

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