[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Professional Compact Camera

Photography is experiencing an unprecedented boom today. Thanks to this best professional compact camera and the emergence of social networks, capturing images at any time, and sharing them in real-time is a fact. In this sense, taking photographs is an activity that increasingly interests more people. Although not everyone can have large teams, there are the best professional compact cameras, which provide the opportunity to obtain high-quality photographs.

However, before making the purchase, it is convenient to know its fundamental characteristics, such as optics, resolution, ISO, and connectivity. To help you in your search, we have analyzed the most outstanding cameras. The Canon Powershot G16It is equipped with a light lens f / 1.8-2.8 of 28 mm and a resolution of 12.1 MP. The following is the Fujifilm X30, which has a resolution of 12 MP of superior quality and an optical f / 2- 2,8.


What are the best professional compact cameras on the market?

Faced with the rise of mobile photography and other camera models, compact cameras have gained so much in quality that they have become professional. You are not mistaken when choosing. We present a comparison of three models of a compact professional camera with the key elements that you should consider.

First of all, it is important to consider the optics of the product. In modern cameras, this element is almost as important as its resolution capacity, which we will discuss next.

And it is of no use a camera of high capacity and speed if it turns out that the included optics are poor. That is why it is convenient to look for objectives and optics of recognized manufacturers and with adequate capacities, which guarantee the necessary quality in image capture.

The second important aspect, now yes, is image resolution. The greater the capacity of the camera, currently measured in megapixels, the greater the capacity it will have to store clearer and more defined images. The current cameras start from 12 megapixels, even reaching 36 in the highest level models. However, with figures that approach 20 megapixels, you have enough to get excellent results.

Finally, it is important to consider connectivity. Today, a camera is a key device for the professional, and the ability to send images in almost real-time, when necessary, is important. That is why the camera must have real-time connectivity either through WiFi or through another type of mobile connection so that you have the image you have taken on your desktop at the moment, to make your work more agile.

As a sample of the current market of professional compact cameras, we present three models that combine these characteristics. In any case, we will offer you the results you are looking for simply and effectively.


What are the best professional compact cameras of 2020?

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Canon Powershot G16

 We started with the Canon Powershot G16 model. The first-class product from a leading manufacturer is equipped with a 28mm f / 1.8-2.8 light lens, capable of capturing high-quality images even in the darkest conditions and at high shutters.

This quality level can be adapted thanks to the front dial with which you can easily adjust all the characteristics of the image, taking full control of it, with an image-taking capacity and brightness of up to 12,800 ISO, automatic adaptation.

It has a resolution of 12.1 megapixels nominal that, however, allows you to take very high-quality images easily. Images that you can send directly thanks to the Wifi connectivity that it offers you, and with which you can connect the camera to any processing device to manage it quickly.


Fujifilm X30

 We continue with the Fujifilm X30 model, which among other issues, offers an elegant vintage design and replaces the usual buttons and keys with two elegant chrome dials with which to control all camera functions.

This camera has an optical F 2- 2.8 combined with a resolution of up to 12 megapixels of superior quality that guarantee high image quality. The sensitivity from 100 to 12,800 ISO and its exposure time of only 0.005 seconds helps you take quality images immediately and without losing detail.

The detail that you will not lose thanks to its high definition screen where you will see each image as it is. And so that you can easily process the images. It has Wifi connectivity with which to connect to a PC or a printer and easily send the images taken for processing.


Sony DSC-QX100B Smartshot

 We finish the comparison with the DSC-QX100B Smart shot model of the manufacturer Sony. Although it is not a compact camera to use, it is the perfect companion that will allow you to turn your phone into a compact camera with a spectacular capacity and resolution of no less than 20 megapixels.

All this mounted on an optical system of the German manufacturer Carl Zeis, which guarantees the highest quality of its entire product.

The amount is simple and adaptable to any mobile, and once connected the app included with the product, you will have at the moment a high-quality compact camera in which the mobile becomes a screen and Sony optics offers everything else.

Therefore you will have all the advantages of a high-quality compact camera with outstanding optics accompanied by the connectivity of your mobile, which will allow you to send images wherever you want simply.

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