[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Polaroid Cameras

Since the creation of the first Polaroid camera, its evolution has been continuous, managing to transcend until today. In fact, currently, this type of analog equipment has cutting-edge technology that makes them much more attractive in the eyes of buyers while retaining the traditional design of the case.

Likewise, there are models of best Polaroid cameras with a more modern and even reduced aesthetic, which you can fix on your sports equipment such as helmet, skateboard, and bicycle, among others. For example, Polaroid Snap Touch is a portable format device that you can comfortably carry in your pocket. In addition, it allows to edit the images before printing, thanks to the link with the official app of the brand, so you can add borders, emojis, filters, and others. For its part, Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 has a pretty attractive design in pink and requires a low level of energy supply through an alkaline battery.

Comparison chart of the 5 Best Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid Snap Touch – Digital camera with instant printing and LCD screen with Zero Zink technology, white

  • This camera incorporates an app of the brand that through the Bluetooth connection will allow you to share files directly to your smartphone. In addition, you will access a gallery of emojis, borders, stickers and filters that will allow you to make fun creations.
  • Compared to other models, this may have a tighter image resolution, but it offers other features that make it attractive and practical.
  • This polaroid camera has a compact and lightweight design that will allow you to take it with you in your pocket anywhere, being able to capture images and print them instantly.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – Instant Camera, Camera Only, Pink

  • A flattering aspect of this camera that users appreciate is the incorporation of a couple of accessories that enhance the user experience. It is an adjustable support strap that will allow you to carry the camera comfortably and a selfie mirror.
  • The quality of the images captured outdoors can be a bit low due to the lack of focus of the light, so it is recommended to use it mostly indoors.
  • It can become one of the most attractive, for its design and for being made of resistant materials. In addition, its compact size and intuitive operation will allow you to easily manipulate it.

Polaroid Originals – 9008 – New One Step 2 ViewFinder – i-Type Instant Cameras – White

  • This equipment incorporates a lithium-ion battery as a power source, which is quite convenient because it is rechargeable via USB cable. In this sense, you will not have to worry about making a constant investment by purchasing spare parts.
  • This is not the most compact model of the selection, but its vintage design can be attractive and give a different touch to modern cameras.
  • This is perhaps one of the most attractive cameras for its retro design, which offers a pleasant aesthetic, ergonomic body and intuitive operation for capturing instant images.

The 5 Best Polaroid Cameras – 2020 Reviews

For lovers of instant photographs, it is essential to have at their disposal a team with high-quality standards and cutting-edge technology, so they will need to make a detailed selection among the models that make life in the market. Therefore, we present our selection of the five best Polaroid cameras.

  1. Polaroid Snap Touch Digital camera with instant printing


Main Advantage:

The team has an official app that you can access and link your Smartphone to store all files and enjoy a wide gallery of borders, stickers, filters and emojis that will allow you to create fun images and videos.

Main Disadvantage:

The print quality may not be the best on the market, but if you use the right light and angle, you could counter this limitation a bit and make very attractive photos.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is a digital polaroid camera with instant printing technology on anti-scratch and waterproof adhesive paper, which will allow you to capture still or moving images quickly and easily.




With the Snap Touch camera, you can access the official app of the brand, which will allow you to enjoy a series of benefits related to the edition and storage of the captured images. This Polaroid platform is compatible with mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems. The best thing is that you can link it directly with your smartphone, thanks to the built-in wireless connectivity system via Bluetooth, which will allow you to send photos and videos quickly and easily.

Similarly, by enabling this application you will be accessing the option of instant printing, as well as a number of filters, stickers, emojis, and borders. All of them can be applied to both moving and still images. Thus, you can share with your friends each of these fun creations, either in print or online.



This model continues to surprise its followers, who value the camera positively due to its built-in instant printing system. It is a Zink printing system with cutting-edge technology, which will offer us paper images with a good definition and vivid colors.

The procedure is very simple since printing is carried out automatically once the photograph is taken, without using any type of tape, toner or cartridges to which we are accustomed. In addition, you can continue capturing images while the previous one is in the printing process.

With regard to the paper used, you would like to know that it is of the adherent type and has a protective film against water and scratches. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the deterioration of the photographs.

Design and format

This is a digital camera with instant printing technology, which will capture your attention due to its compact, lightweight and discreet design. It is a pocket device with an ergonomic structure and intuitive operation, which will not generate any complication when handling it. In addition, aesthetically it has white housing, quality finishes, an activation button for capture, a slot for mini SD card and another for the output of printed paper 2 x 3 inches.

The equipment incorporates a 3.4 mm lens to obtain images of 13 megapixels of resolution, while for the capture of videos you will have an HD format of 1080 to 730 pixels. With respect to the dimensions of the camera, its bottom, width, the height of 5.1 x 10.2 x 9.1 centimeters respectively and a weight of 200 grams stand out.


  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

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The Chinese-born Fujifilm brand presents on this occasion what for many is the best Polaroid camera. Its structure has a format of 11.6 x 11.8 x 6.8 centimeters and has been manufactured with a robust and soft-touch polymer.

It is a beautiful and compact instant camera equipped with a 35mm macro lens, a viewfinder with 0.37x magnification and focuses up to 0.6 meters away. In addition, it incorporates a system of adjustment for brightness and automated measurement with respect to exposure, which will allow you to easily adjust the aperture.

Among other specifications to mention of this pink Fujifilm camera we have the “High Key” mode to obtain a greater brightness in the images, as well as the auto-off after five minutes of inactivity. Similarly, the device requires 1.5 watts of energy provided by an AA alkaline battery and incorporates a grip strap and selfie mirror, useful accessories.

If you want to take with you the best Polaroid camera of the moment, the invitation is to review the positive and negative features offered by this compact, ergonomic and attractive model of the Fujifilm house.



For its power supply, it is necessary to incorporate an alkaline AA battery, which is an economical type and easily acquired.


Its 11.6 x 11.8 x 6.8 cm format is compact enough to take the camera with you anywhere without taking up much space.


In the purchase package, you will find a selfie mirror and a tether strap, which will improve your user experience.


The approach offered by this camera reaches 0.6 meters, so you will not have limitations to make good shots.



You may notice a decrease in the quality of the images when taking photographs outdoors. However, this will depend on the lighting you use.


  1. Polaroid Originals 9008 New One Step 2


This model is considered by critics as one of the best Polaroid cameras of 2020, whose vintage design is inspired by the One Step camera of 1977. It is analog equipment with 15 x 11 x 9.5 cm format and weight of only 440 grams, which you can easily handle. Its structure has been manufactured with a combination of ABS polymer, a synthetic material that provides strength, stability, and lightness to your body. For its part, the lens is made of polycarbonate and has an acrylic coating of an optical type.

The equipment requires a power supply of 3.7 watts, supplied by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB cable and capable of offering a range of 60 hours. In addition, it has been provided with a shutter with motor for greater precision, the flash is programmable, has the useful timer function and offers a suitable horizontal field of view of 40 ° and vertical of 41 °.

If retro designs are your thing, you should review the pros and cons of this Polaroid model, which could well be the best camera brand.



Its horizontal and vertical field of vision is wide, so you won’t have trouble taking general shots.


The lithium-ion battery offers 60-hour autonomy, which is enough time to capture a large number of images.


Its format of 15 x 11 x 9.5 centimeters and 440 grams of weight provides a light and moderate-sized body for practical handling.


For the housing, ABS polymer and polycarbonate were used in the lens, being high strength materials that promise long service life.



Its lighting balance could improve, but this adds to the photographs a style similar to that of the original 70’s Polaroid camera.


  1. Polaroid Camera Polaroid 600


If after reviewing the different models on the market you still have doubts about which is the best Polaroid camera, you should review this design aimed at those people who start in the world of instant photography.

The Polaroid 600 camera is an evolutionary model, which was originally put up for sale in the 80s and that again in the 90s caught the attention of thousands of buyers due to its lens arranged in the foreground, for a range of two feet away

Also, the edges of the structure were rounded, so they soften the cut lines that retain their vintage essence. In this sense, in addition to being high-quality photography equipment that incorporates a fixed lens with an adjustable approach for a better focus, with automated flash and film protector, it is a collection camera.

Knowing which Polaroid camera to buy can be a complicated decision, especially with so many models on the market. Therefore, you should not let this model go unnoticed, which may clarify your doubts.



This is an analog camera with a vintage design and quality finishes, which give it a collection value.


The built-in polycarbonate lens is a fixed type and will provide you with an adjustable approach. In this way, you will enjoy a better approach to the objects.


The built-in flash system is adjustable, so you can use it when you consider it necessary.


This polaroid camera is aimed at all those instant photography fans who are starting in this area, as well as collectors due to its retro design.



The built-in cartridges only allow a maximum of eight photographs to be processed.


  1. Polaroid Cube Action Camcorder


This option can represent the best Polaroid camera of value for money and is one of the cheapest in our selection. Its design captures the attention of buyers due to its compact format of 3.5 square centimeters, its lightweight of only 22.7 grams and a range of 90 minutes given by a lithium-ion battery.

This Polaroid cube camera is suitable to be installed in sports helmets, the bicycle handlebars, on the skateboard or metal surfaces. You can also use it in water activities because it has splash protection.

Among other features to highlight, we have the incorporation of a three-megapixel sensor, micro USB 2.0 slot with capacity for cards up to 32 Gb for file management and wide-angle with 124 ° coverage. Similarly, it offers an H.264 format for video recording and motion picture captures in HD from 1920 x 1080 to 1280 x 720 pixels.

This may be the best Polaroid camera for 60 euros and is one of the cheapest. With it, you can record all your sports adventures or capture images of your environment in high definition.



The images captured on video offer a high definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels or 1280 x 720 pixels, depending on your taste.


You can store up to a maximum of 32 GB of files since it incorporates a slot for the placement of a micro SD card.


The camera is intended for outdoor use, being possible to install it on your scooter, helmet, bicycle handlebar or any other surface.


The cube-shaped design of this camera is quite attractive, added to its compact format for easy handling.



The absence of sound in the recorded videos is an aspect commented by the buyers, who suggest an improvement for future editions.


How to use a Polaroid camera

The practice of instant photography is an activity that in recent years has gained greater boom, thus adding a greater number of affections. In this sense, there are many brands that have incorporated this type of equipment to the market. If you are getting started in this fascinating world, you will surely be interested to know how to use a polaroid camera.

Check the purchase package

Once you have purchased the product, you must open the package and remove the corresponding wrapping paper, to confirm the state of the structure. Make sure that both the housing and the lens do not have scratches, fractures or any signs of deterioration that may compromise their good performance. Likewise, check that the accessories offered by the manufacturer have been incorporated and, of course, the instruction manual.

Read the instruction manual

Reading the instruction manual is perhaps a step that many users consider tedious and even a waste of time, especially if the operation of the equipment is intuitive. However, you should know that this is the only way to really know the product that we have acquired, in terms of its structure and the correct way to take care of it. Also, you can know the battery charging time and the autonomy offered, among many other aspects.

Check the batteries

It is important that, before you start using the camera, check the battery charge level. Therefore, if the camera incorporates lithium-ion energy accumulators, the recommendation is to charge them to the top with the help of the built-in USB cable. On the contrary, if you have alkaline batteries, you only have to identify the compartment for placement and insert them according to the polarities.

Place the accessories

If the equipment you have purchased has been provided with a tether, you must adjust it in the areas identified on the sides of the case. Thus, you can hang it from your neck to have it always at hand, but safely. Also, you must install the selfie mirror, if it has been incorporated.

Insert the storage card

If your camera has a slot for placing a micro SD card, you must first insert it. In this way, all the captured photos and videos will be stored in it. On the other hand, there are models that incorporate an app to fulfill this function, which you must link via BlueTooth and with the help of your smartphone.

Focus and aim

You must take the camera, focus on the object to be photographed and press the button identified on the top or side. This is a completely simple procedure, but previously you should have verified in the instruction manual data such as the use of the flash, in case the area is dimly lit, the activation of the timer, the graduation of the focus and the maximum distance for the same. All these aspects are fundamental to not reduce the quality of photography.

Print the photographs

The printing process is automated since immediately after capturing the image, the photograph will start to come out through a side slot or arranged in the lower front area. Everything will depend on the design of the camera. However, your model may support image verification and you may authorize printing after editing the image or verifying that it has been captured correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Who invented the polaroid camera?

Edwin Herbert is the name of the father of the Polaroid camera. He was a scientist and inventor with a long history in his time, who on February 21, 1947, unveiled this team of instant photography before the American Optical Society. It was an invention that has evolved over time but still remains in force.

Q2: How to charge a Polaroid Snap Touch camera?

The charging process given for the Polaroid Snap Touch camera is quite simple since you can do it via USB cable. To do this, you must identify the respective loading slot arranged in the camera structure and insert the end of the corresponding charging cable. For its part, the remaining end will have to be inserted in the port of your computer. Thus, you will link both devices and start the charging process. Likewise, if you wish, you can adjust an adapter and connect the cable directly to an AC outlet in your home.

Q3: Which instant camera is better: Polaroid or Fujifilm?

While both are instant photography cameras, it is also true that they have some distinctive features. Therefore, it is not surprising the divided opinions expressed by users about which of the two teams is the best.

For example, from Fujifilm camera, we can say that its acquisition cost is much more affordable because the Polaroid has higher prices. However, Fujifilm instant photography equipment has more basic operating options, which Polaroid greatly improves by incorporating a wide variety of films when printing photographs. In this sense, we cannot say that one camera is good and that the other is bad, they are simply designed with different technologies to meet the needs of different users.

Q4: How to close a Polaroid camera?

The structure of the Polaroid camera has at the bottom a compartment for the placement of its respective cartridge, which you can open easily and quickly, by pressing a side button. Once you have incorporated the special photo paper cartridge, you will only need to gently join the previously opened parts until you hear a slight “clack”. This way, you will have closed the Polaroid camera and it will be ready for you to start photographing.

Q5: How to put paper to a Polaroid Snap camera?

The first thing you should do is have at hand the package that contains the small sheets of 2 × 3-inch adhesive paper that this camera requires for its operation. Remember to check the product instruction manual for the number of sheets you must enter, thus preventing damage to the equipment.

Take the camera and rotate it so that its rear area is in front of you. In it you will be able to visualize a small button that you will have to press, automatically releasing a lid with a folding mechanism. Thus, you can insert the sheets of paper that have the same format into this compartment, so they will fit correctly. Then, close the lid and you will have finished the process.

 Buying Guide – What is the best Polaroid camera on the market?

Polaroid cameras enjoy great popularity in the market, so more and more manufacturers are incorporating these models into their purchase catalogs. In this sense, its acquisition requires a small selection process that allows you to know and corroborate the main quality identifiers present in each of the designs that have captured your attention. To facilitate this task, we present this guide to buying the best Polaroid camera.


The length, width, bottom of the camera are specifications that, added to the weight of the structure, cannot go unnoticed, so you must evaluate them in detail in the respective comparison of Polaroid cameras to be made prior to purchase.

Remember that it is a team that will be in our hands for a long time while we capture the different images and videos of our tours, which means that your body should be compact and lightweight. In this way, it will not generate discomfort when being handled and / or transported.

Therefore, when reviewing the proposals of the different brands with respect to this product we will find that the vast majority of designs are portable, offering formats ranging from 3.5 to 15 centimeters and weights of 22 to 500 grams. The selection will depend on your needs for use and taste. Similarly, you should take into consideration that size does not determine the level of image quality.


Accessories are a flattering aspect in any type of product to purchase and Polaroid cameras are no exception. Therefore, the manufacturers of this instantaneous photographic equipment usually incorporate some elements that improve the user experience with the camera. In addition, this is a fact that buyers appreciate, since, although it influences how much a model costs, it helps to minimize expenses and save time by not having to go to a specialized store to acquire these annexes separately.

The main accessories to find in the purchase packages are the practical fastening straps, which allow you to carry the camera hanging from the neck and even from your wrist. Thus, you prevent an unexpected fall and deterioration of the equipment. Similarly, stand out the selfie mirrors that are quite convenient for lovers of self-portraits, as well as microfiber cloths to always keep the camera clean and also the useful storage bags.

Power supply

As expected, this type of camera requires a means of power supply to carry out its operation, which can be through a lithium-ion or alkaline battery of low consumption. Whatever the case, the important thing will always be that these energy accumulators offer a long time of autonomy. In this way, we will avoid having to buy spare parts every time we use the camera.

In the market, you will find economic equipment that requires 1.5 watts of energy, supplied by an alkaline AA-type battery, whose autonomy easily reaches 60 hours. On the other hand, there are the cameras that work with lithium-ion batteries, which have the advantage of being rechargeable by USB cable or AC adapter. In this sense, its useful life is much longer, as is the duration of each charge, which is a maximum of 90 hours.

 Manufacturing and design materials

To achieve a good and economical camera it is necessary to corroborate many aspects, such as manufacturing materials, which will ultimately determine its durability. Usually, this type of photographic equipment is made of polymer due to the lightness, resistance, stability and pleasant touch offered.

For example, one of the manufacturers’ favorite materials for the construction of the housing is ABS polymer, since it has great characteristics that enhance the life of the device. They also incorporate optical polycarbonate with anti-scratch treatment for the lenses.

With respect to the design, it is important that you make sure that its shape is ergonomic and that it has well-groomed finishes in the cuts and joints. It confirms that the opening of the lid of the compartment where the paper and the batteries are placed is quick and easy, as well as that the control buttons are easily accessible.

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