10 Best Polaroid Cameras To Buy

Taking into account the fact that instant cameras have returned to the market, but this time much more practical and functional, it is ideal that you can know some models capable of offering you the details you need to enjoy the best photoshoots. In this sense, we have the best Polaroid cameras to buy like the Polaroid Mint, a digital camera and an instant camera that allows you to take 16-megapixel photos, being able to print them instantly on 2 x 3-inch adhesive paper. Also, its design is special thanks to the mirror that includes selfies. For its part, the Polaroid Snap model offers you a total of 10 megapixels, as well as the possibility of adding a microSD card where you can save the photographs and print them when you think it is necessary.

Best Polaroid Cameras To Buy -Reviews In 2020

Instant cameras have always been an attractive product, thanks to the fact that you can enjoy printing your photographs in a matter of seconds. Also, depending on the model, some offer many more functions than others so its use is easier than it seems. Thus, then, you will be able to know some instant cameras that have stood out in the market due to the simplicity of their use and the variety of details they possess.

Rank#1: Zink Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital Camera

Among so many options available in the market this could be the best Polaroid camera since it allows you to take 16-megapixel photos and then print them easily and instantly on a 2 x 3-inch adhesive paper. In this way, you will no longer have waiting problems when making your best photoshoots.

It is a Polaroid instant camera with quality technology by offering you a method of printing without ink, it should be noted that the print material combines paper with ink at the same time, that is, in this sense, we talk about the Zink cartridges that are supplied in a total of 20, 30 and 50 sheets.

As for its design, this camera allows you to capture vertically oriented as if it were a mobile phone. In addition, you will have at your disposal a special mirror for selfies, as well as a dynamic and automatic LED flash. Likewise, its battery guarantees your autonomy for 40 prints for each charge.

If you want to know which Polaroid camera to buy, take into account the details available on the model that most attracts your attention, in order to confirm that it is what you really need.


  • Functional: This camera allows you to take instant photos of 16 megapixels, so you can enjoy a good resolution of the images.
  • Printing: It should be noted that you can enjoy instant printing on a 2 x 3-inch adhesive paper.
  • Vertical orientation: Thanks to its design you can take photographs with vertical orientation as if it were a mobile phone.


  • Indicator lights: Some users miss the presence of some indicator lights that let you know, for example, when a photo has already been printed.

Rank#2: Polaroid Snap Touch

Among the best Polaroid cameras to buy of 2020 is the Snap Touch model that is characterized by offering a resolution of 13 megapixels so you can enjoy your best photo shots with a 3.4 mm lens. In this sense, you can create from portraits to selfies easily.

It should be noted that in addition to capturing images, the Polaroid instant camera also offers you the opportunity to record videos in HD 1080/720 pixel resolution with the press of a button designated for such action. And if that were not enough, this model includes in its structure a special slot to insert a microSD card, where you can store the photos you want and print them later.

This model has a Zink Zero printing technology, therefore, you should not worry about ink and toner, because the paper where the prints are made, in addition to being adhesive, has all the properties to give you colorful and realistic images.

Among so many options available in the market, Polaroid could be considered the best brand of Polaroid cameras to enjoy instant impressions.


  • Resolution: With this camera, you will have at your disposal a total of 13 megapixels with which to take quality photographic shots.
  • Video: In addition to taking pictures, you can also record videos in HD, therefore, we are talking about a multifunctional model.
  • Micro SD: The camera has a special microSD slot so you can store your photographs and print them later.


  • Printing: This camera usually takes a while to print the images. In addition, for some users, the prints are very small.

Rank#3: Zink Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant Print Digital Camera

Among so many models of instant cameras, you will surely be wondering which the best Polaroid camera to buy is. That is why we present the Polaroid Snap an option that could answer your question thanks to the functionality and quality it has to offer before each use.

It is a model with a 10-megapixel sensor, which could be ideal to help you create the best shots using its different image modes to adapt to each moment.

Also, in terms of printing, it should be noted that the camera supports a total of 10 sheets of paper inside, while the image size would be 5 x 7.6 centimeters. For its part, the estimated time for such action is approximately 1 minute.

Speaking of its design, this Polaroid Snap camera has a pocket-size thanks to its compact dimensions. In addition, its operation depends on an integral rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Finding the best Polaroid camera of the moment will depend largely on each of the features it has to offer you. Therefore, you should consider them before purchase.


  • Sensor: This camera has a 10-megapixel sensor capable of adapting to each moment according to the image modes offered by it.
  • Paper sheets: This model supports a total of 10 sheets of paper inside to carry out the prints you prefer.
  • Printing: The camera is capable of printing images in a period of one minute. Also, these have a size of 5 x 7.6 centimeters.


  • Flash: A disadvantage of these best Polaroid cameras to buy model is about the fact of not having flash, therefore, you will need to take photographs in well-lit spaces.

Rank#4: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Among the cheapest Polaroid cameras on the market is the Instax Mini 9 model, suitable to use as many times as you want, allowing you to capture the happiest moments of your life, be it at parties, events, festivals or any type of activity.

This Polaroid Fujifilm camera is available in 5 totally different colors, therefore, you will have the opportunity to choose one of your choices. In addition, its dimensions are 11.6 x 6.8 x 11.8 centimeters and its weight of 381 grams, characteristics that make it portable and ergonomic.

It should be noted that you can create your best selfies, thanks to the mirror that is included in its structure. On the other hand, the camera is powered by two 1.5V alkaline batteries being the same AA format.

Also, the format of the photos is 62 x 46 millimeters, while the focus range is 0.6 meters or more. Best of all, you can have a macro lens that will allow you to take close photos.

If you want to buy a cheap Polaroid camera but with the quality that everyone wants, you must take into account every detail available in its structure to corroborate its functionality.


  • Batteries: This camera is powered by two 1.5V alkaline batteries of AA format capable of granting considerable autonomy time.
  • Selfies: Create your best selfies using the mirror available in the camera structure.
  • Tofo format: The format of the photographs printed by this camera is 62 x 46 mm. Likewise, its focus range is 0.6 meters.


  • Manufacturing: For many users, the fact that the camera is made of plastic is a problem, since it could be considered more fragile than metal, but taking due care could last.

Rank#5: Polaroid Originals OneStep

If you are looking for an old Polaroid camera this model could be ideal for you, since it is distinguished from the rest by its ease of use, where you will only have to aim at the lens and press the special red button to capture the moments you want.

It should be noted that it has an automatic timer function, while the battery life could be up to 60 days or more depending on the use you decide to give it.

On the other hand, the camera has a high-quality polycarbonate lens with a field of view of 41 degrees vertical and 40 degrees horizontal with which to focus your lens and enjoy the best shots. Likewise, its powerful integrated flash will allow you to take pictures in places where the light is a little scarce.

As for its manufacturing material, this camera has a polycarbonate outer shell with ABS plastic, while its shutter system offers you a personalized and attractive design.

Being able to buy a good Polaroid camera will be at your fingertips as long as you can have the appropriate information about its main functions.


  • Autonomy: Thanks to the batteries used by this camera you can enjoy an autonomy time of 60 days or more.
  • Manufacturing: This camera has an outer cover made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, which means greater durability.
  • Flash: Thanks to the powerful flash integrated into this camera you can enjoy a good image capture in places with low light.


  • Printing: Some users report having had problems with the printing process of the images, claiming that some are streaked or in the worst case they are not printed.

Rank#6: Polaroid IF045-TURQ Turquoise Waterproof Digital Camera

The IF045 model is characterized by being perhaps the best Polaroid camera of value for money available in our list of recommendations. It should be noted, that in addition to practical and functional, it is available in the market for a very affordable price.

In this sense, the camera offers you a double LCD screen being the front of 1.8 inches and the rear of 2.7 inches. It also has a 14-megapixel sensor, ideal for providing the sharpest photos. It should be noted that you will have the opportunity to enjoy a 5x digital zoom to bring your lens closer comfortably.

The best of all is that we are talking about a Polaroid aquatic camera that you can immerse at a maximum depth of 3 meters, you can even use it in the rain without any inconvenience. In addition, it has an anti-shake image stabilizer and face and smile detection function.

Although this camera assumes quality performance, as well as proper resistance even underwater, it is one of the cheapest available in the market.


  • Screens: This best Polaroid cameras to buy has a double screen, a 1.8-inch front, and a 2.7-inch rear so you can use it comfortably.
  • Sensor: The 14-megapixel sensor included in this camera offers you to take pictures with considerable sharpness.
  • Submersible: Being aquatic, you can immerse this camera to a maximum depth of 3 meters if you wish.


  • Battery: Users mention that the battery of this camera runs out very fast, therefore, they do not enjoy considerable autonomy before each use.

Buying Guide

The best Polaroid camera to buy has always been characterized by offering quality and functionality, they are even the favorite of many users for the ease with which they can be used while providing you with the image quality you need. Thus, there are some models much more advanced than others, so taking into account the characteristics they have will not hurt so you can buy a product capable of adapting to your requirements. In this way, we have prepared a guide to buy the best Polaroid camera, hoping it will be of great help to you at the time of the election.

Shopping guide


When you are doing the comparison of the best Polaroid camera to buy one of the first features that you should take into account has to do with the resolution that a specific model can give you. As it should be noted that it will depend on it that you can enjoy the best sharpness in all your photographs, that is, the more megapixel numbers, the greater the opportunity to enjoy clear and precise photographs at the time of printing.

Some models offer you from 10, 13 and 14 megapixels, so you can capture the best moments being in children’s parties, family gatherings, private events or any type of activity in general.


Sometimes, by design, some cameras tend to stand out in the market, since there are recreated models with an old look, as well as those with a much more sophisticated touch for those who prefer to be fashionable.

Also, this detail could influence a little how much the model of your choice costs since some have much more details than others, which makes the use of the camera more comfortable and simple.

In this way, make sure you choose a good and economical camera that offers you all the details you need starting with its size, color or even the shape of its structure since it must be ergonomic so you can hold the device firmly when it comes to capturing the moments you want.


Definitely the greatest attraction of this type of camera is the possibility of having an immediate impression of the shot taken. This prevents you from having to go to a special center to get your impression. In addition, although, the size of the print is a small limitation, since they are generally small photographs, this is very practical.

In this way, today the presence of ink or toner in your cameras is not necessary since they work through an appropriate printing process so you can enjoy the clearest and most accurate images. This is due to films that use adhesive paper with all the special printing properties so you can count on your photo in just a matter of minutes.

Even, depending on the camera, you will have to choose a specific number of papers for each round of printing, since some models offer you a maximum capacity of 10 sheets of paper inside without running the risk of getting jammed or damaged by overload.


The size is a determining factor when buying a camera, since the smaller the much better to enjoy a comfortable and appropriate use.

In this way, you can find in the market models capable of adjusting to the size of your pocket, since they have quite compact dimensions that allow you to transport the camera from one place to another easily.

Likewise, at the time of its use, it is much easier to manipulate it in its entirety, to make the modifications you want just when you are focusing on the objective you want to capture.

Likewise, this detail will always depend on the tastes of each one, considering the fact that there are cameras with an old design that precisely because they are recreated in such a way they have a considerable size, as in the past when there were those more voluminous structure models.


When deciding on a special camera you should not ignore the additional functions that it offers, since depending on these you can determine how practical it could be before each use.

In this sense, some models are able to allow you not only to take pictures but also to record videos in HD. This function will undoubtedly always be highly valued by users.

Also, other functions have to do with its internal storage level, since they allow you to house a micro SD card inside, where you can save the photographs and then print them when necessary.

It also happens with the flash function. Undoubtedly, a camera that has a flash will always be attractive to anyone’s eyes because of the simple fact of being able to take pictures in spaces with poor lighting.

How to use the best Polaroid camera

After buying your own Polaroid camera, it will be time to use it properly. To do this, you must take into account certain tips that will help you make better use of the product. In this way, we invite you to read our article where we will indicate some steps to follow in case you are a newbie with this type of instant camera.

Read the instruction manual

Before starting with the use of your new Polaroid camera, we recommend you first read the instruction manual included with the purchase. In this way, you can learn a little more about the product you have in your hands. Also, it will be ideal that you can read each of the indications provided by the manufacturer, to avoid some kind of inconvenience when making your photographic shots.

Check the camera’s charge level

Depending on the model you have purchased, you should carry out a battery charge via USB cable or on the contrary, you could turn on the camera using alkaline or lithium batteries.

In this sense, if your camera requires charging via USB cable, all you have to do is plug the charger that corresponds to a power outlet. Also, you could also connect this cable to one of the ports of your computer and that’s it.

On the other hand, if it is a model that uses alkaline or lithium batteries, you should look for the compartment where you would have to place them to start using it. In this way, proceed to open the same, place the batteries as indicated in the instructions and replace the cover accordingly.

Add the film or photo paper to the camera

This task is very easy to carry out since Polaroid cameras almost always have the compartment designed for such action right at the bottom or behind the screen.

If so, look at the instructions on the film or photographic paper to place the product in the proper direction, thus avoiding some kind of inconvenience. Subsequently, proceed to close the lid and voila. Of course, you must be clear that once the film or photographic paper is placed inside the camera there will be no step back because if you open the compartment again you could damage all the material that is about to be used.

Turn on the camera

Now, it is time to turn on the camera and for this, you must locate the power button that is almost always in a strategic place to enjoy easy access to it.

Once the camera is turned on, you can start with its configuration, since today’s innovative models offer you a variety of functions ideal for making the best photographic shots.

Capture images and print instantly

Now you just have to place your eye on the camera’s viewfinder, so you can focus on the landscape or moment you want to capture. Then press the shutter button and in a matter of seconds, you will have in your hands the instant development of your photograph.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you print a Polaroid camera?

Polaroid cameras have a very peculiar way of printing photographs, unlike regular ones. Recall that this work was previously carried out in a laboratory and is now done directly inside the chamber. In this sense, some models use films characterized by being small bags that contain the necessary elements for printing. In this way, the film that is sensitive to light will capture the image and when leaving the camera it will pass through rollers that will squeeze the said bag in each film, distributing the chemical needed to capture the image easily across the entire surface. This way the printing of the photos occurs. On the other hand, there are the Polaroid that uses Zink paper,

Q2: When was the Polaroid camera invented?

The Polaroid camera was invented in 1948 by Edwin H. Land who wanted to resolve his daughter’s concern by not being able to instantly see the photographs taken while on vacation. Once the camera was on the market, it achieved immediate success and since then more than 100 million of them have been sold making the Polaroid brand known worldwide.

Q3: How to close a Polaroid camera?

Closing a Polaroid camera is easier than it seems, everything will always depend on the model you have at your disposal. In this sense, some cameras such as the Polaroid 600 Plus or the Polaroid Supercolor 635 close in the same way once you reload them with the ideal films to print the images. You just have to bring the lid that moves slowly downwards with your hand to perform this film replacement task and that’s it.

Q4: How to charge a Polaroid Snap touch camera?

To carry out the charging of this camera you must make the connection of the micro USB cable that is included with the purchase and go. In this way, you will be able to observe in the indicator bar the progress of available load in the camera. Also, another method of checking that the camera is charging could be by touching the screen that will then turn on showing all data. According to the manufacturer’s information, this model takes approximately 2 hours to fully load offering the ability to print a total of 25 photographs or so for each load.

Q5: How to put paper to the Polaroid Snap camera?

Loading paper from your Polaroid snap camera is very easy. You just have to lift the back cover by pressing a button designed for such an action. In this way, he proceeds to introduce a maximum of 10 papers which is what the camera supports and closes the lid again. Take into account the fact that this system could be a bit delicate, so treat the camera very carefully. A very important detail about this photographic paper is that it is adhesive, being like this, once printed the image you could paste the same one where you want.

Q7: Where can I repair my Polaroid instant camera?

If your Polaroid camera is having some type of inconvenience with its operation and you need to take it to repair, it would be most appropriate to contact the customer service of the company that has supplied you with the model you have purchased. Generally, those responsible for the sale of this type of product have a customer service, designed to answer questions, as well as any type of inconvenience.

Q6: Which instant camera is better Polaroid or Fujifilm?

For some users, Polaroid cameras are better than Fujifilm thanks to the level of technology they have to offer. There are also those who say that the Polaroid has more variety of films to carry out the printing of your favorite photographs. However, everything is always a matter of taste.

Q8: How to make Polaroid photos without a camera?

Taking Polaroid photos without a camera is easy, you just have to have your mobile phone, a computer, photo paper and, of course, a printer. Then, you would have to search for the virtual store for an application to take these types of photographs. There are those who recommend an App called Instamini since the photographs usually come out with filters similar to those used by an original Polaroid instant camera. In this way, after taking the shots you prefer, it will be time to export the images to the computer to fix their size and then print them.

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