[2020 Reviews ] 8 Best Nikon Camera For Beginner

Digital cameras are often used today by tourists, fans of photography, or even those who express their art through images they capture in different places and landscapes. In this sense, they are available in the market in a wide variety of models sponsored by various brands. 

With really functional characteristics, so, at the time of the election, you could be confused among so many options. That is why we have decided to introduce you to some Nikon cameras that stand out in the market for their functionality and practicality.

The best Nikon cameras for beginner - reviews in 2020

 If you are looking for a Nikon SLR camera with which to take different photo captures, you could quickly look at this model, since it has an ISO light sensitivity range of 100 – 25600. In this sense, the photos would have the right level of brightness and light, just like the videos.

Also, the autofocus system that includes the camera will allow you to enjoy a perfect focus at the same time that the speed of 5 fps will enable you to capture a total of 5 photographs per second. It should be noted that you can also make use of a variety of special effects so that you can improve the appearance of the photos you manage to capture.

As for its structure, this model has an LCD screen with a considerable resolution of 921,000 points so you can review each of the shots you can easily be able to detail everything.

If you want to buy a high-quality camera, you should look at each of the functions that it can offer you. In this way, we invite you to know some details of the D3500 model.


  • Light sensitivity: This model offers you an ISO light sensitivity of 100 – 25600, which means taking bright pictures with the right level of Light.
  • Screen: The LCD screen that has this camera has 921,000 points. Therefore, you can review your shots more clearly and clearly.
  • Effects: Its system includes a series of the impact that will allow you to give your photographs different aspects at your convenience.


Microphone: Some users comment that the receiver does not record the audio of the videos correctly, nor is it possible to connect an additional one.

Rank#2: Nikon D5600 24.2MP DX-Format DSLR Camera

This Nikon camera offers you great portability and ergonomics at the time of use, thanks to the design included in its structure. Likewise, the high-quality optical viewfinder will allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view right through the lens so that you can focus and capture the best photographs.

Also, this Nikon SLR camera is characterized by giving you an appropriate level of connectivity by allowing you to connect it to a smart device using Bluetooth technology thanks to its SnapBridge software so you can share the DSLR quality images you want.

As for the image sensor, it is equipped with a 24.2-megapixel DX-format, while the 39 focus points present in the AF system will provide you with the coverage of a wide framing area.

Finally, it is essential to mention that its 3.2-inch screen is foldable to achieve perfect shots, while video recordings can be full HD for convenience.

If you are looking for an excellent digital camera, you could opt for the purchase of this model that can be very simple and convenient to use.


Screen: The screen of this camera is 3.2 inches and is collapsible. Therefore, you could achieve good photo shots quickly.

Connectivity: Thanks to the SnapBridge software available on this model, you can enjoy a level of connectivity via Bluetooth, appropriate for sharing DSLR images.

Video: With this camera, you can record videos in Full HD resolution so you can enjoy a considerable level of sharpness.


Infrared: Some users miss the presence of infrared in the camera to use a wireless remote trigger.

Rank#3: Nikon coolpix a900

If you are looking for the best Nikon camera for beginners available in the market, you could look at this model, characterized by its powerful Nikkor optical lens that will allow you to capture very sharp images as well as very fluid videos.

For its part, this Nikon Coolpix camera has a control dial that guarantees easy and fast access to different functions available in your system, in this sense, you can go to the settings to select the options you prefer.

It should be noted that this model, in particular, has a vibration reduction capability that will help you avoid camera shake and can capture the photographs you want without any errors. Similarly, the recording of videos could be in 4K UHD, which is 3840 x 2160/30 pixels.

Finally, it is essential to mention that the level of connectivity of this camera facilitates the transfer of photos thanks to its SnapBridge software capable of allowing you to make an appropriate connection with smartphones so that you share the images instantly.

If you want to know which Nikon camera to buy, you must take into account all the features offered by a unique model to corroborate its functionality and practicality.


  • Connectivity: You could achieve a connection between the camera and your mobile to share the images you want quickly instantly.
  • Videos: You can record in 4K UHD, which means explicit videos to enjoy the best images every second.
  • Dial: The dial available on this camera will allow you to have easy access to the menu and camera settings to select the options you want.


Instruction manual: To mention a problem, this camera does not have an instruction manual in Spanish.

Rank#4: Nikon coolpix b500

Among the best Nikon cameras of 2020, you can find the Coolpix b500 model available in the market with a three-inch vertical flip-up LCD screen. This same one can offer you a reproduction of very defined colors, as well as an anti-glare treatment with acrylic anti-fingerprint coating for a clearer vision.

For its part, the dial available on this camera will allow you to adjust your favorite functions, whether you want to configure the camera in automatic, scene, or sports mode. Likewise, it is strategically located so that you can enjoy easy access to each use.

As for its design, the dimensions of this Nikon Coolpix camera are 113.5 x 78.3 x 94.9 millimeters. Therefore, you can easily transport it from one place to another, since even its weight is very light. Also, its structure has been ergonomically designed so that you can hold it without any inconvenience and can adapt comfortably to your hand.

Nikon could be considered the best brand of cameras available in the market thanks to the variety of models it has to offer with really functional features.


  • Screen: This camera has a three-inch vertical flip-down LCD screen with which to detail each image you capture correctly.
  • Dial: The dial that has this camera allows you to configure it in its different scene modes so you can use it
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this camera are 113.5 x 78.3 x 94.9 mm. Therefore it is easy to transport wherever you go.


Battery: Some users comment that the battery of this camera lasts very little. This may mean that you invest in several parts, so you don’t have to interrupt your photoshoot.

Rank#5: Nikon COOLPIX A10

When looking for an excellent digital camera, you will surely wonder which will be the cheapest in the market. That is why we present this easy-to-use model with quality features and at an affordable price.

In this sense, this Nikon compact camera offers you a 16.1-megapixel image sensor, very convenient for you to enjoy the best photoshoots with high resolution. Also, this model has a Nikkor lens with a five-magnification optical zoom. Therefore, you could zoom in on the farthest subjects without risking the image to be pixelated.

It should be noted that the screen of this model is of LCD type with a size of 2.7 inches and an approximate of 230,000 points that will provide you with a clear and appropriate view, while the automatic selector will let you easily choose the scene mode that you prefer for each shot.

Among the cheapest cameras on the market, you can find this model that may be the one to start in the world of photography.


  • Automatic selector: This camera has an automatic selector, so you can choose the scene mode you prefer comfortably before each shot.
  • Image sensor: The image sensor of this camera provides you with a total of 16.1 megapixels for you to enjoy crisp, high-resolution photographs.
  • Zoom: This camera has a select five-magnification optical zoom to zoom in on an object as much as you can and capture the image without losing too much sharpness.


  • Size: Some users consider the camera to be of a very small size, a considerable disadvantage. However, this makes it very portable.

Rank#6: Nikon D5300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

Thanks to the features and the affordable price offered by this model, it could be considered the best Nikon camera for beginners for price-quality available in the market.

In this way, it is essential to mention that it has a DX-format CMOS sensor that gives you a total of 24.2 megapixels so you can enjoy the sharpest images.

For its part, the 3.2-inch screen of this Nikon compact camera, in addition to folding, is rotatable and flexible so you can comfortably make your photo sessions. Besides, the ISO sensitivity of 100 – 12,800, which can be extended even up to 25600, will guarantee you performance in conditions of considerable low Light.

Among the many functions that this camera has, you will have continuous shots at your disposal. In this way, you can record different actions at a rate of 5 frames per second. Also, in terms of connectivity, the camera includes in its structure a particular HDMI output to connect it to an HDTV screen if you wish.

If you are looking for the best Nikon camera for beginners of the moment, you could look at each of the details that it has to offer you this particular model.


HDMI: This camera has HDMI output so you can connect it to an HDTV screen and review your images comfortably.

Continuous shooting: Make recordings of actions at a speed of 5 frames per second, thanks to the constant shooting offered by the camera.

  • Screen: The screen of this camera is flip, swivel, and flexible so you can enjoy proper comfort during your photo sessions.


  • Sound: The audio quality offered by the camera could be better. However, you can connect an external microphone if you wish.

For those who wonder what is the best Nikon camera for beginners available in the market, they must consider this model as one of excellent quality and practicality thanks to each of the details it has to offer.

We speak of an evil Nikon camera available in a beautiful white color with a classic and striking design while having dimensions of 4.3 x 11.3 x 7.6 centimeters. Also, its weight is only 381 grams, which is a comfortable transport wherever you take it with you.

For its part, the screen available in its structure is 3 inches and may be suitable for you to see the results after each shot. Likewise, its 10 megapixels will allow you to capture very sharp images for comfort.

As for the optical zoom of this camera, it is 14x, which is a convenient approach to things, people, and distant landscapes without risking that the photographs may be poorly readable.

The purchase of a Nikon camera should involve practicality and functionality at all times, which is why you should confirm that your preferred model has such advantages.


  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this camera are 4.3 x 11.3 x 7.6 centimeters and its weight of only 381 grams. Therefore, its use is considered comfortable, safe, and easy to transport.
  • Screen: The screen of this camera is 3 inches so that you can verify the quality of your images comfortably.
  • Megapixels: The 10 megapixels available on this camera will let you enjoy bright and clear photographs at all times.


  • Color: This camera is only available in white; therefore, you will not be able to choose any other shade.

Rank#8: Nikon COOLPIX P1000

Finally, you could not miss the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 model, a camera capable of recording videos in 4K with super-telephoto. You can also take pictures comfortably since it has a particular vibration reduction function to compensate for camera shake before each shot. In this way, its use will not pose any problems.

For its part, This Nikon bridge camera has an electronic viewfinder with high resolution for you to enjoy the best photographic captures. Similarly, the level of connectivity is unique due to the SnapBridge application; therefore, sharing the images from your camera to your smartphone will be easier than you thought. You could also use the mobile as a remote trigger to take all the photos you want.

The screen of this camera is 3.2 inches, while its optical sensor is 16 megapixels. Also, the design included in its structure will let you make use of well-positioned controls to achieve a better range.

The purchase of a good camera depends not only on the optical sensor it has or on the design available in its structure but also on each characteristic that implies practicality during its use.


  • Screen: The screen of this camera is 3.2 inches, so you can view each photo you take comfortably.
  • Connectivity: This is a camera with an appropriate level of connectivity since you can share all the photos you want from it to your smartphone.
  • Design: Due to the design of this camera, you can use the controls quickly, since they are strategically positioned.


  • Resolution: Different users comment that the decision offered by this camera may not be the one necessary for professional projects. However, it can meet the expectations of many average users.

Nikon camera accessories

Nikon camera tripod

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

 Among the different accessories that you can find available in the market, the Nikon WT3540 camera tripod model stands out for offering you a maximum operating height of 152 centimeters.

Also, it is convenient for cameras and camcorders being able to support a total of 3 kilograms. It should be noted that the head of this tripod is three positions with a bubble level. Best of all, it could provide comfortable and safe use, since it is easy to block its legs, thus offering quick and easy release.

In this way, you could carry out many photo sessions with a considerable level of practicality and functionality from this accessory.

Lenses for Nikon camera

Tamron Auto Focus

Among the best lenses for Nikon camera, we have the A17NII model sponsored by the Tamron brand characterized by offering you functionality and practicality of being able to take pictures enjoying a focal length of 70 – 300 mm and a focal aperture of 4 – 5.6.

This product is also compatible with Nikon APS-C Full Frame and SLR digital cameras. Among other details, this objective is also compatible with 62 mm diameter filters, in addition, the internal focus is macro with a minimum distance to objects of 0.95 mm, while the magnification scale is 1: 2.

Nikon camera case

AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case

If you want to transport both your camera and its accessories easily, you must have an appropriate Nikon camera cover to carry out such an action.

In this sense, AmazonBasics offers you a model with dimensions of 17.5 x 16 x 23 centimeters outside and 16.5 x 15 x 19 centimeters inside. For its part, it is manufactured with a waterproof EVA plastic base and has an adjustable strap to carry on the shoulder comfortably.

It should be noted that this particular model is compatible with most SLR cameras with zoom lenses, it also has three compartments ideal for accessories and two pockets for SD memory cards.

Buying Guide of a Nikon camera

For photography lovers, it is essential to have each of the products and exclusive accessories to carry out the capture of different images as many times as they want. In this way, the cameras are the main protagonists of this beautiful art, since through them and with the help of their most outstanding functions and characteristics, the taking of impressive landscapes, people, and things could be achieved. Thus, then we have made a guide to buying the best Nikon camera, where you can find details about the most essential features that you should take into account to achieve a good purchase.

 Shopping guide


When buying a digital camera, users usually look at many details, the first one being related to the number of megapixels it can offer to enjoy clear photographs. In this sense, the megapixels determine the resolution in which the pictures will be registered in your digital camera. Therefore its usefulness will depend on whether you will share and edit the images since the higher the number of pixels, the greater the possibility of reducing them or changing their Size without losing details.

In this way, depending on the model and how advanced it is, you can choose between 6 and 8-megapixel cameras, which are considered a simple format. But if you are looking for more image quality, then 10, 12, and up to 18 megapixels might be the most advisable, and these cameras are generally used for professional use.

The screen

If you want to acquire an excellent camera to meet your needs, the most advisable thing will be to carry out a comparison of Nikon cameras, to deduce which of all the models that this brand sponsor could be the right one for you depending on your requirements.

In this sense, we recommend you take into account the type of screen that has the model you liked the most since some integrate touch screens, and others do not. This same one would have to provide an excellent resolution to see in detail the results obtained during a photo session comfortably and straightforwardly.

The screens on the cameras will always be essential to see more clearly all the photographs you decide to pass to the computer and then print or archive on it. In this way, you could determine whether or not you are happy with the results of the shots before moving on to the next level that is usually the editing level.

ISO sensitivity

Another detail that cannot go unnoticed when buying a camera has to do with the ISO sensitivity that it can offer you, this quality is related to the sensitivity of the camera in terms of the Light that exists in a specific space at the time of taking pictures

It should be noted that the more the sensitivity value is, the better the photographic shooting will be in conditions where the light is low. However, experts mention that just as the ISO sensitivity increases, so makes the amount of noise that the camera can emit in the images.

Image Stabilizer

The practicality and functionality that a camera can offer you will not be determined by its price or the brand that sponsors it but by the variety of features that it can provide you with to enjoy clear images and with excellent resolution.

In this way, in addition to looking at how much the model that has attracted your attention costs, you will also have to consider the image stabilization that it can offer you, taking into account that this feature will prevent your photographs from having manual movement errors.

It should be noted that there are two types of optical image stabilizers, these being the ones that are located in the lens and those that are located in the camera as such. In this sense, both work similarly; however, experts comment that the stabilizers located on the lens work much better, especially when recording videos.

Continuous Shooting Function

A camera besides being functional and economical could have options such as continuous shooting, this being very practical, especially during photography sessions. In this sense, this feature works in conjunction with the camera’s autofocus and auto exposure so that you can take the right image captures per second without any problems.

Video and camera modes

In addition to photographing, it would also be instrumental if you could record videos if you wish. Therefore, depending on the level of professionalism you need, you could find a good camera capable of providing you with a recording of videos in Full HD format or even 4K resolution for convenience.

On the other hand, the function modes that the camera can provide will give you greater versatility to adapt to each occasion, that is why you would have to verify that the camera you like most can allow you to take pictures using the auto mode that is the one that They generally use photography enthusiasts or the manual way that is used by professional photographers since it allows you to operate the camera at will to determine all the parameters in it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a Nikon camera?

To use a Nikon camera properly, you must first familiarize yourself with the model you have purchased. In this way, we suggest you know the basic controls of it. Then, you could proceed with the setting of continuous shooting since the cameras are usually set to take one shot at a time. Only then, you could enjoy capturing several photographs by pressing the shutter button only once.

Also, you might consider adjusting the continuous autofocus, so that the use of your camera is the most comfortable. Once you turn on the product, it may not be necessary to turn it off to avoid the consumption of your battery, since the advantage of SLR cameras has to do with the fact that they could be put in rest mode, thus being prepared to take the photos just when you want. On the other hand, enjoy the flash when necessary, so you can count on the appropriate lighting and finally take a picture to prove all the modifications you have made.

Q2: How to know how many shots my Nikon camera has?

If you want to know how many shots your Nikon camera has, you will have to follow specific steps, among them the first one will be to take a photograph that you will then have to download on your computer, now open the image and access the Exif data of it where you can find accurate information about the photographic take, including the number of photos you have taken with your camera. In this sense, you must locate in the description the amount of the image that corresponds in the photograph, and this will let you know the number of shots you have taken.

Q3: Which camera is better, Canon or Nikon?

To be able to deduce which type of camera is the best, you should consider some details present in its operation. Also, the ideal would be to find the most relevant aspects of each brand. In this regard, it should be noted that Nikon has always manufactured SLR cameras and lenses that are compatible with each other, while Canon has limitations on this feature. In this way, some users comment that Nikon cameras are usually one of the best on the market, however, everything will always depend on the tastes and requirements of each person.

Q4: How to pass photos from Nikon camera to computer?

Being able to transfer the photographs from your digital camera to a computer is very simple; there are even several ways to do it; among them,, you could first use a USB cable. In this way, connect one end of the cable to the computer and the other end to the corresponding input on the camera. Now, turn it on and wait for the computer to detect the new device as a disk drive on the desktop so that you can access all the information available inside. Another way to export photos is by using an SD card reader. In this sense, you would only have to insert the SD card of your camera into the corresponding reader so that it can be recognized as a disk drive. Access it and drag the images you prefer from the card to the computer.

Q5: Why doesn’t my Nikon camera focus?

If your Nikon camera is not focusing, inevitably some function will be failing, or you could even be misusing the product. In this sense, if you are trying to focus on a scene where the contrast is lower than usual, inevitably the focus of your camera will not work correctly. For its part, so that you can enjoy a safe approach, the light conditions should be the most appropriate. Therefore you would surely have to use the flash in case of low light in a specific area.

Q6: How to recover deleted photos from my Nikon digital camera?

If you want to recover the images that have been deleted from your Nikon digital camera, you must use recovery software. You can get it and download it on the internet. It should be noted that some users recommend the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or the Nikon D500 DSLR Camera, as they are programs that make use of astronomical algorithms and unique mechanisms to scan and get the location on the internet of the deleted images on your camera.

Q7: How to know what serial number my Nikon camera has?

If you want to know what is the serial number of the Nikon camera that you have at your disposal, you should look for some code in the structure of this one that begins with the letter D followed by a numbering that usually has four digits. For example, we have among the low-end models the D5500 series, while in the high-end Nikon cameras, you can find the D3300 series.

Q8: How is the battery of a Nikon camera charged?

To charge the battery of your Nikon camera, you will first have to remove the rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside and insert it into the charger, as indicated in the user manual. In this way, you will only have to plug the charger into the nearest and ready outlet.

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