[2020 Reviews ] 6 Best Instant Camera For Wedding

The pleasantly remembered instant cameras have become fashionable again and thanks to the unstoppable technological advancement, new advances, and camera models are increasingly being achieved in this field. The magic of capturing the moment and having the photo on paper in a matter of seconds is unparalleled, so the renowned Polaroid brand brought to the market the Polaroid Mint digital instant camera with 16 megapixels and that has Zink printing technology. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best instant camera for a wedding that has a built-in flash system, the Fujifilm Instamax Mini 25 , you will love it.

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Best Instant Cameras For Wedding -Reviews Of 2020

Before choosing our next instant camera, we must take into account all the positive and negative characteristics of each model. Also, remember that, in principle, to know which is the best instant camera for weddings and facilitate the choice, you must know what use you will give to the equipment.

Rank #1: Polaroid Mint

The Polaroid Mint is an updated version of the classic instant photo camera. It incorporates a new printing technology without the use of blue ink, which will provide high image quality with fewer elements to print the photograph, which facilitates its use.

The Zink printing system is a 20, 30 or 50-sheet cartridge that contains paper and ink together, so it is only a matter of introducing the cartridge to the camera and start taking snapshots.

Recall that Polaroid is considered by many to be the best brand of instant cameras and does not disappoint with this model. It has practical dimensions of 7.6 x 1.3 x 2.5 centimeters and weighs only 204 grams.

Before purchasing your next instant camera, do not forget to take into account the most critical features, such as compatibility with SD cards and WiFi. The Polaroid Mint is considered the best instant camera for the wedding because it has the ability to connect to the network to share photos.


  • Portable: It is a very compact and lightweight instant camera that you can carry in your pocket. It has an approximate size of a Tablet.
  • Ease: Thanks to its innovative technology, the ease of use is increased. Just simply place the cartridge and start taking pictures.
  • Battery: It incorporates a long-lasting rechargeable battery that quickly charges up to 100%.
  • Card: It is compatible with memory cards up to 240 GB.


  • Connection: This product does not connect to mobile phones for printing, so it should not be confused with a portable printer.

Rank #2: Zink KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

This model of the Kodak brand is considered one of the best instant cameras of 2019 thanks to its powerful 10-megapixel sensor that in combination with an 8mm wide-angle lens f / 2. Portray your moments in a secure, fast, and fun way with this instant camera.

This product sports a fun design and in a wide variety of colors for you to choose your favorite. Besides, thanks to its dimensions of 2.5 x 12.3 x 7.9 centimeters, a weight of approximately 200 grams, and the adjustable neck strap, you can easily take it anywhere.

This camera incorporates a flash for low brightness images and allows you to choose between two different color modes: Black and white photography or bright color.

Before choosing, you must look at the printing system used by the camera. This team works with the new and straightforward Zink cartridge system.


  • Resolution: This instant digital camera has a 10-megapixel sensor that provides the right quality image.
  • Objective: Capture the entire environment thanks to its 8mm wide-angle lens, which allows everyone to appear in the photograph.
  • Design: The variety in colors will allow you to choose the one that best suits you, which adds a slight point in personalization.
  • Black and white: With the press of a button, you can choose whether to print in color or black and white.


  • Image: Under certain light conditions, the camera takes portraits a bit desaturated and without many definitions.

Rank #3: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

If you are looking for a cheap and best instant camera for a wedding, you should look at this model that, without being among the most affordable, is one of the best alternatives today. Thanks to its brightness adjustment, you will get better-exposed images with this Fujifilm instant camera.

It has a lovely design and has dimensions of 17.2 x 8 x 14.1 cm so that it can be easily carried in a bag. Besides, its lightweight of 308 grams will allow you to hold the camera comfortably.

Thanks to its macro lens, you can focus at a distance of up to 35 centimeters. The 60 mm lens allows you to capture the most special moments with excellent image quality, besides, thanks to its viewfinder with white indicator, you can ensure that all images will have well-balanced colors.

If you still do not know which instant camera to buy due to all the options offered by the market, you must take into account the size of the photographs that the camera prints.


  • Brightness: This camera has an adjustment dial that allows you to control the light of the image.
  • Includes: This model consists of ten photographs to start taking pictures as soon as you open the package.
  • Mirror: You can take the best selfies thanks to the mirror that includes the side of the viewfinder.
  • Film: The emulsion of the Instax Mini film has excellent stability, withstanding temperatures of 5 to 40 degrees.


  • Spare parts: The price of the photographic paper can be considered as a negative aspect once the one included is finished.

Rank #3: Fujifilm Instax MINI 25 Instant Film Camera

This Fujifilm instant camera is considered the best price-quality instant camera. This camera allows you to adjust the brightness of the image to make it look perfect. Also, thanks to its two shooting buttons, you can use the camera comfortably both vertically and horizontally.

It includes a system called Fill-in Flash that allows you to photograph the subject and the background, both with correct lighting. It has a lens for close-ups with which you can take macro shots, focusing up to 35 centimeters away.

Considered the best instant camera for the wedding of the moment, the Instax Mini 9 is among the cheapest models on this list. It has dimensions of 5.1 x 11.2 x 12.1 centimeters and weighs approximately 277 grams.

There is a significant factor when choosing our next instant camera, and it is the price. This model is considered a cheap instant camera, but with great features.


  • Brightness: You can adjust the light of the color of the photographs easily by turning the adjustable knob.
  • Shutter: It has two buttons for photographic shooting, so that horizontal and vertical photographic shooting is facilitated.
  • Selfie: It has a small mirror next to the lens that you can use to make perfect selfies.


  • Paper: This model does not include photo paper with your purchase, so you must purchase an extra cartridge to start photographing.

Rank #4: Zink Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant Print Digital Camera

Known as the best instant camera, this digital camera has an LCD touch screen that allows you to visualize the frame easily. In addition, it works with the innovative Zero Zink technology to print the photographs, so it is straightforward to operate.

You can take quality photographs thanks to its 13-megapixel resolution. In addition, it incorporates a 3.4 mm lens, which allows you to cover a large visual field. This excellent Polaroid instant camera will allow you to record videos in high definition at 1080p or 720p.

It integrates a slot for microSD cards, which allows you to store all the photos and videos you take with this camera. It has dimensions of 2.5 x 12.7 x 10.2 cm and an approximate weight of 200 grams.

It is essential that you take into account the portability of the camera so that you can make it to your walks easily. This model fits your pockets perfectly, so it is very portable.


  • Screen: It incorporates a 3.5-inch touch screen with which you can adjust the settings and recording modes.
  • Resolution: This camera has a 13-megapixel resolution sensor and with which you can record 1080p or 720p videos.
  • Connectivity: This model has Bluetooth connectivity with which you can connect your Android or iOS phone and share the photos on the networks.


  • Size: The size of the photographs is quite small, so if you want your pictures to be more extensive, you must choose another model.

Rank #5: Polaroid Originals 9008 One Step 2

If you are looking for a classic Polaroid and best instant camera for the wedding, you probably remember the Polaroid OneStep. This model is an evolution of that photographic classic, which incorporates a timer function that you can take advantage of to leave in your photographs.

This camera model has a high-performance battery and lasts 60 days thanks to its 1,100 mAh and 3.7 volts. The camera comes in a 17 x 12 x 12 cm package and weighs about 408 grams.

It incorporates a 106 mm lens with high-quality lenses, made of polycarbonates and acrylics. In addition, it offers a visual field of 40 degrees horizontally and 41 degrees vertically.

Given so many options that the market offers us, choosing a new instant camera is not a simple task. This is why we recommend taking into account all critical aspects, such as ease of use.


  • Simplicity: This model is characterized by replicating the simplicity of the use of the 1977 OneStep model.
  • Flash: It incorporates a practical tube flash that will allow you to produce well-lit images.
  • Strap: Includes a neck strap that you can use to take the camera anywhere with ease.
  • Film: In the market, you can find a small variety of different films for this camera, such as the Impossible i-Type in color and black and white.


  • Film: This model does not include ready-to-use paper, so you will have to purchase it separately.

Buying Guide - The Best Instant Camera For Wedding

Many of us recognize the magic of using an instant camera by allowing us to have a paper copy in a matter of a few seconds. However, it is not surprising that technological progress has produced a large number of updated cameras, with new systems and printing technologies that make them more efficient and practical, so choosing a model is a slow process. But do not worry, in the following guide to buy the best instant camera for a wedding we have summarized the most important aspects that you should take into account when making your choice to facilitate your search. 

Camera resolution

When acquiring a current instant camera, on some occasions, it will be important that you take into account the resolution of the sensor, since that model is digital. Although we can still get analog instant cameras on the market, the large number of customers is leaning towards more and more digital cameras, as they offer better features and greater ease of use.

In that sense, if you are considering a digital instant camera model, be sure to look at the resolution of the sensor to ensure good image quality. The quality of the digital image is measured in megapixels, which, the greater the number, the greater the image quality. Considers that some models offer great value in megapixels, it does not mean that the processor can handle those images correctly.

Camera lens

In any comparison of instant cameras, the objective of the camera is a factor that cannot go unnoticed. Being one of the most important features, the objective of the camera is understood in two parts. First, there is the focal length. This value indicates the visual amplitude that the image has; therefore, it affects how much we can see of the scene. This value is measured in millimeters and is ordered from the lowest value, approximately 18 to 30 mm, called wide-angle lenses, 30 to 70 mm called normal, and 70 mm after that are called telephoto lenses.

On the other hand, camera lenses have an aperture value of diaphragm that controls the amount of light entering the sensor. The letter f identifies this value, and it is understood to be a lower numerical value, the greater the opening and light input. However, remember that the objective is where much of the price of the product goes, so if you are looking for the best and most economical camera. You are worried about how much it costs, and you will have to choose a fairly standard objective.

Camera viewfinder

Another very important factor to take into account is the camera viewfinder, because, thanks to it, you will be able to make the frame you prefer. With the help of the viewfinder, you can imagine the space that you will be portrayed in the picture imaginary, however, at present, the digital models additionally incorporate an LCD screen, sometimes tactile, with which you can both see the photograph that you are going to take previously to do it as you navigate through the camera settings menu.

Among the types of viewers of the most popular digital instant cameras, we find the TTL model, which offers the user a complete and direct view of the scene. On the other hand, the EVF system is ideal in case you want to record videos since it allows us to know at all times what the sensor is recording.


Finally, among the most important features of a digital camera will always be its autonomy, so you should pay attention to what type of charge it uses, whether a rechargeable battery or a disposable battery. Of course, each one has its advantages; on the one hand, the batteries allow you to recharge them as many times as you want, and you will not need to spend acquiring another. On the other hand, disposable batteries will allow you to continue photographing if there is no charger near where you are, just buy a new pair. In turn, you must look at how much energy the camera consumes since the use of LCD and flash screens reduce the load significantly.

How to use an instant camera

It is possible that using an instant camera is not the most complicated task, but many times, depending on the model we have, the features and features change a bit. However, it is very important to know the operation in general of this type of camera and take some time to learn to operate them optimally. Before you start using your new instant camera, we recommend you read the following useful tips for these types of cameras.

Study the instruction

Although it seems completely unnecessary to use an instant camera for the first time, there is nothing more advisable. It is important that you know your equipment well before starting it. The location of the buttons, the correct focusing distance, what is the button responsible for correctly exposing the light, among others. The answers to all these doubts will undoubtedly be in the instructions since each manufacturer offers its functions. Although they have a very basic operation, it is important to know how to control them so as not to lose any shot.

Load the photo cartridge

When you know the parts of your camera well, be prepared to insert the photo cartridge and get your camera ready for first use, taking care of the cartridge instructions. Also, take your time to fully charge the battery and make sure the camera is properly adjusted and configured.

Look well before shooting

Remember that most of the instant cameras do not have any storage system that allows you to print the same photo several times, in that lies the magic of the snapshots. This is why it is highly recommended to look at the photo settings twice before shooting. It is important to check if the light measurement is correct or if you are within the focus range. However, although it is highly recommended to take good care of each shot, you should not have any fear of taking the picture. On many occasions, this will be how you will learn to use it.

You should never shake the photo

Although we are tired of watching on television how they shake an instant photograph when leaving the camera, it is an action that is not recommended at all. Believing that in this way, we will be accelerating the drying process is one of the most common mistakes we have all made at some time. Doing this could cause irreparable damage to your photography, so we recommend you to be very patient since photography, in general, is about patience. Wait for the photo to dry naturally without exposing it to the sun directly or placing it in a very cold place; this way, you will be making sure you get all the correct colors and contrast.

Share your photos

There is nothing like having a photograph taken by a printed instant camera, but remember that thanks to current technology, you can scan your favorite images and share them on social networks or, simply, to print them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to make an instant camera?

If you consider yourself a little handyman and you like challenges, you will know that there are many ways to make an instant camera at home. Still, one of the most interesting ways is to make it with a Raspberry Pi card and a thermal printer, like the one used for print receipts, with which we will print the photographs. It is one of the easiest ways to create an instant camera, and we will need, among other things, a Raspberry Pi card, a microSD card, a thermal printer, and thermal paper, on/off switch, a cardboard box and support for the batteries. After connecting the described components, it will be necessary to install software on the Raspberry that will take the photographic shot and transmit it to the printer so that it can be on paper.

Q2: Where do I get instant camera paper?

Thanks to today’s instant cameras have gained a lot of popularity again, although, for a while, we did not see the cartridges for classic polaroids again, now we can see some stores specialized in photography selling these products. However, the network is full of alternatives where you can find the type of paper that best suits your budget. If you do not get this type of paper in the specialized store in your city, do not hesitate to look on the web.

Q3: In what year was the first Polaroid instant photography camera created?

Although many people are amazed, instant photography is over 50 years old, being much older than many imagined. In January 1947, Edwin Land presented to the American optical society and the world the first instant photograph produced by the first instant camera, which took, revealed. He politicized the image in just 60 seconds.

Q4: Which instant camera is better, Polaroid, or Fujifilm?

Fujifilm and Polaroid have been the two representative and quintessential brands in the world of instant cameras. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so to choose a model as the best, you will need to be clear about your needs. In the case of the Polaroid Snap Touch, among the most outstanding features is its objective with a 3.4 mm focal length and a diaphragm aperture of f: 2.0. It incorporates a 3.5-inch rear LCD screen.

Also, you can share the photos between the mobile phone and the instant camera. On the side of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, this camera incorporates a macro lens of 60 mm and with an aperture of f: 12.7. To make the framing, it includes a comfortable 0.37-inch viewfinder to place the eye. This model has a permanent flash that allows you to illuminate the dark scenes and allows you to adjust the brightness in four levels thanks to its adjustment knob.

Q5: How does an instant camera work?

The instantaneous cameras are devices that mix the function of any camera with some printing system that allows us to reveal and print instantly the shot taken. For its operation, cartridges containing a series of sheets with the photosensitive emulsion are required, which is exposed with the entry of light. When the shutter button is pressed, the instantaneous cameras, for the most part, activate the photosensitive chemical and remove the plastic protector from the sheet, allowing the light to collide against that surface. Finally, thanks to a series of small rollers, the system ejects the sheet and floods the entire solution that causes the development.

Q7: How to fix an instant camera?

In case the photographs are going wrong, what is commonly done to clean an instant camera is to check the print output rollers. Using an antistatic cloth, you should gently clean each roller used to eject each photo. Also, you can make sure that you are within the minimum distance allowed by the camera; otherwise, the image will be blurred. Finally, if your model is digital, try restoring factory settings.

Q6: How do the photos come out in an instant camera?

Instant cameras have the characteristic of not having much image definition since their main objective is to print the photograph. Therefore, although the camera offers a great photographic resolution, the photographs do not come out the same as with a professional SLR camera, so you cannot expect the same image. Also, the idea of instant cameras is to preserve that retro and vintage effect that the first Polaroid had, so they usually have slightly high contrast, and depending on the type of paper you use. You can obtain more or less saturated images in white and black and sepia.

Q8: What is an instant camera made of?

An instant camera is a very smart mix between an analog or digital camera along with a printer, which will allow you to have the picture taken in just a few seconds. These cameras use cartridges with sheets of photosensitive photo paper covered with a special emulsion.

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