[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Home Cinema

Enjoying quality sound in your home and turning your living room into a cinema is easy, provided we have a good Home Cinema at hand. This set of speakers must have enough power to cover the room in which we are going to install the device, as well as the output modes that suit us at all times. Taking these factors into account, it will be easier for us to choose which is the best home cinema with which we can equip our home.

Among the most prominent models we have the Sony BDV-E2100 , which generates a power of 800 watts, is compatible with 3D and Full HD sound and even supports Smart TV functions, among other features. Also interesting is the Logitech Z906 model, which has a power of 500 watts and a peak of 1,000 watts. A sound output that we can control as we like it thanks to the complete system configuration of the equipment.

Comparison chart OF The best Home Cinema

Sony BDV-E2100 – Blu-Ray Home Theater System (5.1 ch)

  • The model combines a speaker system with wireless rear and a power of 800 watts, including Blu Ray player, with which to enjoy all kinds of content, both local and streaming.
  • Some users comment that the speaker connection cables are somewhat shorter than they should, although everything also depends on where you want to install.
  • A powerful and complete Home Cinema with which you will not need anything else to enjoy any content.

Logitech Z906 – Stereo speakers

  • This equipment has an easy-to-control 5.1 output design through the included panel, which allows you to properly manage each of these speakers separately to get the best possible performance.
  • The equipment is not wireless, but the various speakers are connected wired. At least, this cable is about seven meters long, which helps make that installation easier.
  • A complete team with the brand’s own quality and high output power that you can manage as it suits you.

LG BH9540TW – 1490W Home Cinema 9.1 Kit, black

  • With this product, you will enjoy the best sound quality since it offers a 9.1 output system, as well as compatibility with 4K UHD audio and the most modern sound standards today.
  • The speakers must be installed directly on the included bases, not being possible to hang them on the wall. Something that hinders, in part, the process of installing the equipment.
  • A high-quality Home Cinema with which to enjoy quality sound and which also includes a high-level Blu-Ray player.

The Best Home Cinema On The Market

Enjoying high-quality sound in your home is possible thanks to modern Home Cinema home systems. High-quality equipment with remarkable power and audio quality, with which to turn your living room into a movie theater. Something that will be easy for you with one of the best Home Cinemas of 2020 that we have selected and analyzed and that we present below, so you can directly choose the one you like best.

Sony BDV-E2100

If you are looking for a wireless Home Cinema, the Sony BDV-E2100 is an interesting and complete product with which to achieve high audio quality. A Home Cinema that has a 5.1 output system, with a power that can reach 800 watts.

So if you have a large room and want to turn it into a cinema, you will not lack watts. Nor quality, since this product includes broadcasting capacity for Full HD image and sound and 3D compatibility.

And if that were not enough, this wireless Home Cinema also has a Blu-Ray player with 3D mode and WiFi or Bluetooth wireless connectivity. So expanding your home entertainment options will be even easier, both when managing your local content and accessing all kinds of streaming broadcasts.

Let us know some of the most important aspects of this model and everything it offers to the user.


Quality: The equipment has Full HD quality for image and audio, where it also has 3D sound.

Player: The included Blu-Ray player offers everything you need to play your favorite movies, as well as other content.

WiFi connectivity: The included WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity make it easier to access multimedia content stored on your local network or via streaming.


Bluetooth control: Some user says that if we control the device via Bluetooth, it may occasionally hang up.

USB cover: The USB port cover is quite fragile and of a lower quality than the rest of the product.

Logitech Z906

When looking for the best Home Cinema, we must decide if we need a player or not. If we are in the second case, the Logitech Z906 model would be a good option to connect it to your current device without having to spend more on a reader you do not need. Home Cinema 5.1 offers you an overall power output of 500 watts and a maximum peak of 1,000 watts. Enough to enjoy any content as it deserves.

This Home Cinema 5.1 has the additional advantage of being able to connect to six different devices at the same time so that you fully express its functionality. Something that also helps your control panel, with which to take full control of the equipment and adjust the performance of each speaker separately. Anyway, it also has a remote control, so you can control it without having to get up from the sofa.

If you are considering what Home Cinema to buy and do not need a player, check out our analysis of this model and everything it offers.


Power: This model has a power of 500 watts RMS and a peak of 1,000 watts, to give you the necessary strength when it comes to watching any movie.

Connectivity: The device can be connected with six different devices through the 3.5 mm Jack inputs or the RCA jack, among other options.

Independent control: To take maximum control of the product, the team can configure each speaker separately.

Remote control: When you do not feel like getting up, the remote control allows you to properly control the equipment without leaving the chair.


Wired connection: The satellites are not wireless, but they work in a wired way, although at least the length of that cable facilitates assembly.

Bass: It is essential to set the bass correctly so that these do not overshadow the rest of the sound.


 The LG BH9540TW Home Cinema is one of the most complete equipment we have analyzed. And it is that this model takes the sound a step forward with an output system 9.1 with which the sensations are more enveloping than ever. An output system based on four pairs of speakers accompanied by an additional speaker and the subwoofer that tops it.

In total, this set adds an output power of 1,490 watts, is highly recommended for large rooms or those who like the power at home. A power that also has a high quality, thanks to its compatibility with playback in 4K UHD or 3D format. And so you do not miss anything, the team is finished off with the Blu-Ray player, which incorporates WiFi connectivity and greatly expands the equipment’s usage options.

Let us know some more details of this team, which make it a firm candidate to be the best Home Cinema of the moment for many users.


Sound quality: So you don’t worry about squeezing out any sound source to the fullest, this model is capable of outputting audio in 4K UHD format.

Audio output: To make the most of any content, this product has a spectacular 9.1 output.

Reader included: This equipment also includes a Blu-Ray player with 4K streaming capability and 3D format.

Smart TV: The player also has WiFi connectivity and Smart TV functions so you can look at your favorite streaming platform.


Available applications: When using an operating system of the brand, you will only have the Apps that LG offers.

Speaker assembly: According to users, the speakers cannot be hung on the wall, having to be mounted directly on the included bases.

Samsung HT-J4200

 Although Home Cinemas are not usually precisely cheap, there are some proposals cheaper than others. One of them is in the Samsung HT-J4200 Home Cinema, which is among the cheapest Home Cinemas despite including both the speaker system and a complete Blu-Ray player. A piece of complete equipment for those who do not want to complicate or need the latest in the market, with elements such as a 2.1 sound output with a power of 250 watts.

So, this cheap Home Cinema is suitable to give extra strength to your favorite content. Some contents that you can enjoy thanks to the included Blu-Ray player, which together with its image quality also incorporates other elements, such as Ethernet connectivity for use with DLNA or radio tuner, among others. A complete proposal that could very well be the best value for the money Home Cinema that we have valued.

If you want to fully equip your digital leisure center without spending too much, this Home Cinema offers both the speakers and the Blu-Ray player needed for it.


Power: The equipment has an audio output power of 250 watts, so you feel the bass and treble of any content with the strength you deserve.

Player: With the included Blu-Ray player you will enjoy all kinds of content, also having Ethernet connectivity or radio tuner, among other extras.

Smart TV: The device incorporates applications with which to access some known streaming platforms, such as YouTube and the like.


Output 2.1: Output 2.1 may be somewhat scarce for those looking for a greater depth of sound although, within its range, this equipment performs very adequately.

WiFi connectivity: It is missing that you have WiFi connectivity, with which to simplify the process of installing the device.


 Within the complete Home Cinemas, which include the player, the Sony BDVN5200WB.CEL Home Cinema is one of the most advanced. A computer that consists of five speakers, the subwoofer, as well as the Blu-Ray player. Starting with the speakers, these have a total output of 1,000 watts, being also compatible with both 4K and 3D sound.

And this sound is what is generated by the Blu-Ray player that includes the device. A device that you can connect to via WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC, so it will be easy for you to access all kinds of online content or connect your mobile to play music and video. A very complete model with which to enjoy better audio and video sensations both for your movies and for any other content you wish to see.

Directly arrived from what many users consider as the best Home Cinema brand in the market, let’s see some more detail about this worthy representative.


Power: The equipment has an output power that reaches 1,000 watts, also having the ability to reproduce 3D or 4K sound.

Connectivity: Among its connectivity options are wireless, since the device includes Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC.

Smart TV Functionality: The WiFi connectivity adds an extra of more than interesting functions to the equipment to appear to the network.


Paper manual: The product is not accompanied by paper manual, so you will have to resort to the electronic manual to inform you about its functions.

USB cover : The USB port cover is improvable since it is nothing more than a simple piece of plastic of fair quality.

Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V

If you prefer a Bose Home Cinema to equip you, the Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V model is an interesting and complete proposal with which to cover large rooms. A model that has a 5.1 output system and four cube-shaped speakers, which are combined with a central horizontal channel speaker.

A surprising model for the sensations it produces, thanks to its self-powered effect and that also includes two high-performance speakers, to offer better listening sensations.

The combined result offers us a total power of 200 watts, as well as a remarkable quality in which to listen to all kinds of content, maintaining improved enveloping sensations and a pleasant performance for the bass, at any frequency.

Give a new sound to your living room with the most outstanding features of this Bose model, which we summarize below.


Design: The cube-shaped design of the speakers generates a very pleasant surround sound.

Bass: The bass performance gives extra quality when it comes to highlighting the lowest powers.

Self- powered : The self-powered system adds extra power and sound quality to the product.


Power: Although it offers high performance, the power is 200 watts, perhaps the product is poor.

Finishes: Some users comment that product finishes are not as good as they should, especially considering their cost.

 Yamaha NS-P41-BK

Although it is a manufacturer best known for its motorcycles, a Yamaha Home Cinema is also a good proposal to enjoy the best sound. And is that the Yamaha NS-P41-BK model is an interesting Home Cinema with a 5.1 output system, capable of generating a total output power of up to 100 watts in dynamic mode.

A complete product that also offers high-quality audio in all types of frequencies with a considerable prominence of the bass, through an advanced system that gives even better enveloping sensations.

Something that is also included in the satellites, with a system that avoids the noise that accompanies the signal and gives greater precision at those low frequencies. A pleasant combination with which it is possible to enjoy a sound with good quality also in the treble, to obtain clearer and more understandable dialogues.

Let’s see some more information about this Yamaha Home Cinema and how you can improve the sound of any room.


Design: The improved design of all the elements gives extra quality to the perceived sound.

Surround sound: The configuration of the satellites generates a better surround sensation in the listening.

Bass : The product has specific technology and dedicated to the improvement of the bass.


Power: The maximum power of the model is 100 watts, scarce for large rooms.

Control l: The product does not include player or control system, like other more advanced equipment.

Philips HTB3520G / 12

 The Philips HTB3520G / 12 Home Cinema is another interesting proposal for those looking for a complete equipment with player. Specifically, this model has the configuration of 5.1 speakers, as well as a complete Blu-Ray player with which to enjoy your contents. On the side of the speakers, the product can reach a high power of up to 1,000 watts, depending on the chosen configuration.

For its part, the player has the ability to play all kinds of content in Blu-Ray format, also having Smart TV functions thanks to its Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. So you can take advantage of the device both to play local content and to access your favorite streaming platform. And if you want a radio, you will also have it, integrated between functions that add NFC technology or Bluetooth connectivity, with which to connect devices to the computer without cables.

Enjoy high power and audio quality with this complete Philips equipment, whose functions we see below.


Power : The equipment offers you an output power of up to 1,000 watts, the highest in the market.

Player: Includes Blu-Ray player with connectivity functions and Smart TV.

Bluetooth and NFC: These two technologies give a high connectivity capacity for the device.


Wiring: The satellites have wiring that can make mounting on brackets difficult.

Smart TV limitation : Although efficient, the Smart TV system has been somewhat outdated compared to other more current models.

Other products

Onkyo HT-S3705

As corresponds to the brand, the Home Cinema Onkyo HT-S3705 is recognizable for its ability to offer you high-fidelity sound, which performs advanced audio processing for maximum enjoyment. A product that has a total output of 380 watts of power, distributed in this 5.1 system that we have already mentioned.

All this in a multipurpose device that you can connect with all types of devices, since it includes one of the widest connection panels we have seen in the market, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity. And so that you can control everything with simplicity, you have a complete remote control, as well as a control panel with screen inside the front of the equipment, therefore, choosing the audio source or configuring it is more than simple.

To give extra power and quality to your home audio, let’s know some more details about everything that this equipment offers you.


Output power: The device offers you an output power of 380 watts in a 5.1 system and with a high processing capacity for sound.

Connectivity : The equipment has a wide variety of connectivity functions, so you can connect it to everything you need.

Control system : The system has both a large control panel and a remote control that make it easier to use the equipment.


Music playback: Some user comments that the output quality when listening to music is improved, although a good configuration can solve part of the problem.

Blu-Ray Player: This equipment does not include the Blu-Ray player, present in other equipment, but it compensates for it by including an efficient AV receiver.

Home Cinema Accessories

Home Cinema speakers

Auna Linie-300-WH

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If you need speakers for Home Cinema, the Auna Linie-300-WH game combines both power and design, to enjoy better sensations.

Specifically, these two-way passive speakers have 80 watts RMS and an impedance of 8 ohms, with which to enjoy powerful and quality sound, including a reflex SLR system, which further powers the lower frequencies.

A complete set with quality construction and gold-plated terminals, so you will have everything you need to enjoy powerful sound from any sound player, Blu-Ray player or any other similar device.

How to choose the best Home Cinemas?

If you want to enjoy a powerful and quality sound when viewing any content, you just have to get a Home Cinema adjusted to your needs and preferences. A product that, with the advice of our guide to buy the best Home Cinema, you can buy with the peace of mind of making the best possible decision, adjusted both to your budget and to your specific needs.

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Shopping guide

Home Cinema Type

Since the market is wide, if we take a look at any comparison of Home Cinemas we will find different models in terms of product output. This leads us to analyze which model suits us best, depending on the number of satellites that each equipment includes.

In the economic cut models, it is normal to have a 2.1 system, which offers you two speakers and a subwoofer. A suitable solution for small environments, where there is no need for power and, in addition, they have great assembly complications. However, in case this falls short, we can always make the leap to 5.1 models, which are suitable for medium-sized rooms. Products that offer better sound distribution and more complete sensations.

If you still want more, it’s time to make the leap to 7.1 devices. Products designed for large rooms and that have a remarkable wealth of sound. And the fact of having seven satellites generates more than pleasant sensations. Anyway, the jewel in the crown are the 9.1 models, currently those that offer the greatest amount of satellites and the best sound sensations, both for their power and for their distribution.


As important as the layout of the product as far as its satellites and elements are concerned, the power of the product is also important. Something that greatly influences how much the equipment costs and that it is convenient to adjust to what we need, depending on the dimensions of the room in which we place the product and that goes hand in hand with the distribution of satellites of the equipment in question.

As a reference, for the simplest uses we will find products of a power that goes from about 100 to 200 watts of power approximately. This power is sufficient for not very large rooms, although if we need anything else, we only have to double it to approximately 300 or 400 watts. These powers are typical of 5.1 models.

But in what refers to 7.1 and 9.1, the power goes off even more, being able to reach the 800 or 1,000 watts of power that can be developed. An intense power so that you do not have problems to enjoy sensations of a cinema and listen to any content even better.

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Additional functions

To top off the purchase of a quality product, it’s time to take a look at some interesting additional features. One of them is wireless connectivity, which facilitates the installation of the product and also converts the Home Cinema into a complete sound system, being able to play music comfortably from our mobile. If the product also has a USB port or card reader, these functions will be even more complete.

Another important accessory is the remote control that includes many equipment. An accessory that makes it easy for us to control our Home Cinema remotely and prevents us from getting up to change the source or to adjust the sound. Take this opportunity to verify that this command includes as many functions as possible, so that it is not necessary to get up to do these steps.

Finally, you may wonder if it is worth a Home Cinema with a player or not. In case you already have a Blu-Ray player at home, it is really not necessary to spend on another, so you will be interested in a model that only has the speakers. But if you do not have a player or it has already become old, then it is not a bad idea to take advantage of the cost to renew it and catch up with a new and quality player.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to connect Home Cinema to Smart TV?

To connect a Home Cinema to a Smart TV we have different connection methods, depending on whether the product is wired or wireless. Among these options, we have the digital optical connection, the RCA cable connection or the Bluetooth connection, among the most common. The only precaution we should take is to check that the chosen Home Cinema and Smart TV have compatible elements. And by the way, don’t forget to activate the audio output through the Home Cinema, in case it doesn’t work.

Q2: What is a wireless Home Cinema?

A wireless Home Cinema is a device that has one or more elements that connect wirelessly. The most common is that the wireless element is the subwoofer, so that we can place it anywhere in our room without complications. On the other hand, the wireless subwoofer is also the one that we can connect via bluetooth or WiFi, depending on what it includes.

Some models also include wireless satellites. However, due to its high cost, for now there is no equipment that completely dispenses with the cables.

Q3: Is it worth a second-hand Home Cinema?

Well, everything depends on the state of the product and its characteristics. And it is that this type of devices lose properties as they add hours of use. Something that, on the other hand, is a common problem in all speakers and other similar products. On the other hand, the current Home Cinema have an adjusted price, so that the difference between a used model and a new one is not very high either. Therefore, the question requires a detailed study of the product and its condition.

Q4: How to connect Home Cinema to PC?

To connect the Home Cinema to your PC, we only need an auxiliary cable, which we will connect to both the audio output of our computer and the corresponding input of the Home Cinema. In some models, such as laptops, it is also possible to obtain sound via HDMI, being necessary to configure Windows properly for this purpose.

Q5: Why does my Home Cinema have background noise?

The background noise of the Home Cinema may be due to an erroneous volume setting. And it is that since many Home Cinemas include volume control, it is necessary that it be balanced with the volume of the TV or the corresponding device.

It is best that the volume of both elements is in the lower middle area, in order to avoid these noises. However, if this is not the problem, it is also advisable to check the product connections, since a bad connection or a bad cable can also cause these noises.

Q6: What should a Home Cinema have to listen to music?

To listen to music through our Home Cinema, it is convenient to look for a model that has the connectivity that allows us to load our music with greater comfort. Among these elements we have the USB port or the card reader, with which to load our favorite music directly on the computer.

Another alternative is to look for a model with wireless connectivity, so that we can play our music via Bluetooth. By the way, if you want to connect the Home Cinema to a music chain or similar, do not forget to check the connections of that equipment, so that they are compatible.

Q7: How to connect Home Cinema to Movistar TV?

When connecting the Home Cinema to the Movistar decoder, we have several options to do so. One of them is to use the RCA cable, in case the Home Cinema offers this option. As an alternative, it is also possible to execute the connection via digital sound cable, giving something more quality. As a last option, if there are HDMI ports available, we can use this connection to transfer the sound to the bar from the decoder.

Q8: Is there Home Cinemas without wires?

In general, there is no Home Cinema that completely lacks cables. But it is true that some products do without them. Among the connections that are usually made without cables are those of the subwoofer, which allows you to easily place it where necessary.

Some models also offer some wireless speakers, usually the rear ones. So, as we said at the beginning, there is currently no Home Cinema without cables due to the considerable amount that the product would have.

Q9: What cable to use for Home Cinema?

Due to the large number of connection options currently available, it is possible to use different cables to run it. What is convenient is that this cable has a high quality, in order to maintain an adequate level of transmission. This is essential in case there is a lot of distance between the audio source and the Home Cinema. As for the different options, the HDMI connection or the optical cable will always be better than the other options that we can find.

Q10: How to connect Home Cinema without HDMI to TV?

In general, the HDMI cable is not essential for connecting a Home Cinema to a TV. In fact, most of the bars have other options that make the connection easier, such as connectivity via auxiliary cable or RCA or even without cables, provided the TV has Bluetooth connectivity or similar. It will not be difficult for you to find a compatible option between both elements.

Q11: Where to place the Home Cinema subwoofer?

When placing the subwoofer it is important that we place it away from the corners, since this can cause unpleasant resonances during use. For that same reason, it is convenient to move the subwoofer away from the wall at least half a meter, in order to prevent reverberations of that sound. Regarding the position, the subwoofer should be installed behind the position in which the viewer is placed, in order to obtain an adequate enveloping effect.

How to use a Home Cinema

If you want to turn your house into a cinema , you only have to resort to one of the many Home Cinemas that we have in the market. Products that you can take advantage of even more if you follow the instructions in our guide, with which to obtain the best performance from them. Let’s see how we should proceed to achieve it.

Choose the location

Depending on the Home Cinema we have purchased, we will have a main unit, a subwoofer and a variable number of satellites. The latter must be placed correctly, to improve the enveloping sensations of this sound system . In case we have a 2.1 system, the speakers will be placed on the sides of the TV and somewhat inclined.

If we talk about a 5.1, these satellites are placed in square mode, giving you a more pleasant feeling. And if it is a 7.1, the elements are placed rectangular, with two in front, two behind and two on the sides. This location always takes as a basis the position in which we will see the screen.

Placing the subwoofer

To place the sound distribution, it is necessary to correctly locate the subwoofer. In this case, it will be necessary for it to be placed at the rear of the viewer’s location. In addition, the product should be far from the corners, as well as be located at a distance of at least 50 centimeters from the wall.

As for its position, some defend placing it lying down, while others prefer to place it standing. So it is best to test, to see which configuration generates a better sound , or take a look at what the instructions say about it.

Connection of satellites and subwoofer

Once we have placed the different elements, it will be necessary to connect the speakers and the subwoofer. The wiring of the satellites is executed with cables, while the subwoofer is connected by cable or by wireless connection, depending on the model. Do not forget to check, in the wired connections, that these cables have the necessary measures to get there where necessary. If this is not the case and you need new cables, do not forget to verify their quality and transmission capacity.

Source Connection

Once everything is installed, it is time to connect the equipment to the different audio sources that we want to use. For this, we will use HDMI cable, auxiliary cable or optical cable, depending on the specific needs of each equipment. Additionally, if your Home Cinema has wireless connectivity, you can also connect devices using this system.

Final optimization

As a final step, it is time to take a look at the different options offered by the team to optimize the generated sound. If our Home Cinema includes an equalizer, it will be convenient to adjust it to obtain the best sensations when using it.

And if it has equalized profiles, much better, since these are already optimized previously for different uses, such as cinema, sports or dialogue improvement. If the product does not include this equalizer, we can always execute the process from those sources that do include this option.

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