[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Compact Cameras With Wide Angle

Freezing the best moments of our life in a photograph or keeping a record of the landscapes we visit is something that complements any experience, since it allows us to relive it later. For this, a compact camera with wide-angle is the best ally, since it adapts to different light conditions and shorter focal lengths.

In order for us to qualify the best compact cameras with wide-angle, its focal length must be between 22 and 28 mm, a feature that we must take into account to make a good choice, along with the resolution and modes, lighting, ability to record videos and connectivity. In the market there are a variety of models, however, we will focus on the most important. In the first place, we find the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS, small body and 4.5-112.5 mm lens. The next model is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200EG9, a compact camera with a Leica 25-600mm focal range lens and a 24x optical zoom.

What is the best compact camera with a wide-angle on the market?

When taking pictures of landscapes, groups or large sizes, many times we lack space to fill even more the sides of our photographs. This is something that we can solve with a wide-angle lens or, even better, with a camera that includes this option. This is Cameras that currently have a tight size, so you can take them wherever you want. Learn more about these products and their most important aspects, taking a look at our guide to buying the best compact camera with wide-angle according to your budget and preferences.

What is the best compact camera with a wide-angle?

Looking for the best compact camera? We do not doubt that this is the case, we all want the investment we make in a camera to be reflected in the quality of the photos you take, now you must know what kind of photos you want to take.

For example, if you are one of those who enjoy taking pictures of landscapes, or that for your work or personal interest you should regularly take photos of rooms that you should look for is the best compact camera with wide-angle.

Rank#1: Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

It is a portable camera valued among its buyers for its usefulness to take photos with a quality superior to the cameras incorporated in the mobiles. It also has a large number of automatisms and a powerful zoom for its size, as well as a great ability to make night photos and videos of great quality.

Main Features Explained

Design and versatility

Whether you are on vacation, celebrating a special family occasion or just having fun every day, it is necessary to take with you a dynamic camera, fast and with good adaptability. This is in order to make captures or videos without worrying too much.

The front grip is more generous to promote a stable hold on the camera and the rear grip has a level surface with a larger textured pad that surrounds the entire switch of the option to choose the mode, as well as a pair of controls on the panel later that grant comfort and dynamism when choosing the options.

Photo and video resolution

A good resolution and a guarantee of quality in images and videos are always required so that when you have the opportunity to register the desired moments, no detail is lost in the process.

This device has a versatile 25 x optical zoom that fulfills this task. Also, the flash, the shutter and the shutter are under your control, and the images are saved on your camera as usual. In addition, the large 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD screen makes it easy to frame and review your shots.

Users have also assessed their ability to record Full HD videos, suitable for viewing on their high-definition television, specifically 1080 pixels. It can even take resolutions of 720p and VGA. The video format is MP4 with MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 encoding with MPEG-4 AAC-LC monaural audio.

Devices and connectivity

Smart compact cameras must have the ability to synchronize and connect to your mobile phone or other devices. The Canon PowerShot SX620 HS camera has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC wireless communications support, making it easy for Android users to simplify the task of making their camera and phone communicate with each other.

In a simple way, you can transfer images from the camera to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet with a minimum of complications and without cables. Also, the Canon SX620 is powered by a patented NB-13L lithium-ion battery pack, which in turn includes a battery charger.


Within the compact cameras, it is a product that is highly appreciated by users, thanks to its 20 megapixels of resolution and lighting. This gives them a good range of options when it comes to taking pictures and videos at the time they prefer.


Some users believe that the image quality is not so high and that the flash cannot be used if the camera does not detect it as necessary. However, it has a wide range of approaches and take options that can resolve any dispute.

Rank#2: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200EG9

It is a camera that works very well when you want to photograph landscapes or groups of people, since its wide-angle lens allows you to obtain a much wider field of vision, so the area to freeze in our photo is quite large.

It is convenient to remember that a wide-angle lens should be between 22 and 28 mm and that of this model is located right in the middle with its 25 mm.

On the other hand, this Panasonic camera allows you to photograph in low light conditions thanks to its ISO range, which ranges from 100 to 6400. In addition, its maximum aperture is f / 2.8, so it greatly reduces blur.

It also offers a 24x zoom, 0.1-second autofocus, and a Full HD video mode, allowing you to record the best moments of your life with extreme quality and speed.

Finally, to be safer when making the purchase, let’s go directly to the pros and cons of this product:


Vision angle:

The 25mm wide-angle lens of this camera is ideal when you want to photograph wide landscapes or large groups of people.


The ISO range of this model ranges from 100 to 6400, which allows you to photograph in low light conditions. In addition, it has a noise reduction system that avoids excess grain when the maximum ISO is used.


Its maximum aperture of f / 2.8 prevents blur even when zooming.

Electronic viewfinder:

Its full-color viewfinder and high resolution allows better control of the image we are seeing. In addition, it offers a field of vision of 100%, which offers the possibility of composing more accurately, since you can see everything that will be part of the frame.



The sensor is small, something that can directly affect the depth of field and generate high ISO noise.

Rank#3: Nikon COOLPIX B500

When you are looking for a camera that allows you to take quality photographs and that also makes it easy for you to share them quickly, this model should be on your list of options.

It has built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth, so you can immediately connect your camera with any of your devices such as smartphones, laptop or even tablets.

On the other hand, the capabilities of this camera stand out for its 4 – 160 mm lens with f / 3.3-6.5 diaphragm and 40x optical zoom. In addition, it’s high-resolution 3 ” LCD screen makes it easy to explore attractive photographic shots for any photography lover.

However, when we talk about batteries, we find one of the few hits that we can see in this model since it uses AA batteries. To have more clarity about the details, let’s specifically analyze the pros and cons of this product:



This model has a 4 – 160 mm lens, which allows you to live the experience of having a wide-angle and a telephoto lens, so the photographic possibilities are very wide.


The Nikon COOLPIX B500 can connect to most of the devices with which we currently share our photographs, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and even tablets. This is possible thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth.


With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, its 3 ” LCD flip-down screen facilitates the exploration of attractive and different angles and planes, so the photographic search is fun and with very interesting results.



It only has an LCD screen and not a traditional viewfinder, so this camera may not be attractive to those who wish to enter the world of photography more professionally.

Rank#4: Canon IXUS 160

What you will most value is how such a compact camera can be so powerful. With it you can not only take great photos with its 20 MP in addition to HD quality videos, you will also enjoy doing it.

In addition, thanks to its 28mm wide-angle lens and its 8x optical zoom you can take photos of subjects that are far away or also cover with the angle what your eyes can’t see when looking directly.

Taking photos with this camera will simply be a matter of framing and shooting, even without downloading on any device you can edit them by applying fun and creative filters to your photos without having to have any special program.

In order that you can decide wisely which compact camera with wide-angle to buy, we have written the most important aspects to consider. Know below the references to this model:



In this case, this model stands out for having a series of very practical and appreciated accessories such as a neoprene case for protection and an 8 GB SD memory for you to save a large number of images.


You can purchase the IXUS 160 from Canon in any of its four presentations: silver, black, red and white.


and also, you can have fun with the pictures taken by adding fun filters integrated into the camera system.



It was noted that some clients indicate that the focus of this camera is not too good in automatic mode, so if you want clear pictures, you should pay attention.


Likewise, it is also commented that it is a bit slow in terms of photo and system captures.

Rank#5: Sony DSC-W830

 Another camera very well valued by its users for its wide-angle, and in general, for the excellence achieved in photos and videos is this Sony model.

Whether you are looking for close-ups using its 8X zoom or if you intend to take other types of photographs, the camera has an automatic mode that adjusts the parameters according to the scene you want to capture.

As for its wide-angle, get ready to capture realistic landscapes, full of brightness, lights, and shadows, but especially colors, in those photos you will see details of the landscape you did not see when you were there.

Are you one of those who take photos moved even in the most important moments and places? Well, Sony and its image stabilization “Optical SteadyShot” will make your photos sharp and focused. The end of having to delete the most special photo is over because it was very moved.

How about the idea of being able to retouch in the same camera to eliminate small imperfections or wrinkles? Fabulous! Surely more than one will thank you.

This Sony model may be the best compact camera with wide-angle for 100 euros that you could find, therefore, we invite you to take a closer look at its pros and cons:



The option we have in this space stands out for having 20.1 megapixels of resolution, which will allow you to capture sharp and brightly colored photographs.


also, the system integrates a digital stabilizer to prevent photos from being “moved”.


You can buy it in a variety of colors ranging from black, pink, silver and violet.



you must keep in mind that to use it to the maximum potential you must have an SD memory to be able to store the photographs.


Some customers consider that the operation of the DSC – W830 can be perceived a bit slow.

Rank#6: Canon SX610 HS

 Having a good compact camera is something that is priceless, being able to capture each of the important moments of your life and share them with other people is something that will really be a reality if you buy this camera.

Enjoying the details is sometimes difficult to see with the human eye because we don’t have the 18X zoom capability that this camera has.

If you have a family or a group of great friends, you are in a sports team or you are very cool about immortalizing the landscapes of each site you visit, this camera is a very good option for its ultra-wide 25 mm zoom. Impressed? You will be even more so when you see how compact it is, you can take it wherever you want, without having to carry a backpack just for the camera.

In addition, we can not fail to mention that this camera incorporates NFC WiFi technology that will allow you to share your photographs directly from your camera, and what is better still clear photographs because this camera has an intelligent image stabilizer. You can share on social networks or move to your tablet or smartphone.

You will also notice this stabilizer when you want to take pictures in low light and do not have a tripod at hand, sharpness will be achieved that we are sure will amaze you.

If you have reached this point and you have not been able to decide which would be the best model for you, we have one last option that has advantages and disadvantages that make it an outstanding model of our list:



The option that Canon offers you with its SX610 HS allows you to make an optical zoom of up to 18X making it ideal for capturing images from a distance.


It has WiFi and NFC connectivity so you can quickly transfer photos to your computer.


In addition, it is capable of capturing high definition video so you don’t miss a single moment.



This camera is recommended for domestic use only as the quality and functions do not allow to start in the photography hobby.


in addition, applying the maximum zoom can cause a loss of sharpness and resolution quite remarkable.

Rank#7: Sony DSC-W810

It is a device with a fairly high resolution, a 6x optical zoom, automatic sensor, built-in flash, different image modes to select, storage and transport accessories, etc.

Main Features Explained

Resolution and modes

When it comes to compact cameras with wide-angle, one of the things that are most appreciated is that the level of resolution is high, because otherwise, we are facing a bad investment. Therefore, this camera has been equipped with 21 pixels of resolution that allow obtaining images with a good level of quality, in different contexts.

In addition, to complement its high resolution the functions of choosing different image modes were also added, depending on where you are and the type of scenes you want to capture, hence you can choose the panoramic mode, a party mode and other alternatives of image that you will find in the configuration to get more out of this equipment wherever you are.

Videos and lighting

In case you need to capture not only static images but also moving images, you can do it without any problem since it has the option to make videos at a resolution of 720 p. This resolution is quite acceptable depending on the design and structure of the device. So if you are getting started in the world of video photography, this equipment may be a good option for you.

When it comes to capturing images, the lighting has a role that is too important, so that the photograph can be registered correctly and with a good degree of sharpness, hence the device has its own lighting system including a light generator or flash when taking any picture if you require it.

Accessories and USB

Among the accessories that this camera includes so that it’s handling, in general, is as comfortable as possible, we can mention the hand strap, which is an excellent safety measure against falls since it is placed on the wrist and if by accident the camera it comes off your hand it will not fall to the ground but will hang. It also includes its respective rechargeable battery, an AC adapter AC-UB10C, and the instruction manual to have all the information about the handling of it.

It also has its respective USB cable, to carry out the process of data transfer in a faster and more efficient way, taking into account that the device works correctly with several computer operating systems.


Without hesitation, users say that its most important benefit is that it has a high-resolution level that reaches 21 pixels, which allows it to capture images with an important quality when recording different moments and scenes.


Users complain that it takes some time for the camera to display the image on the screen after it has been captured, which makes some people feel dissatisfied, especially if they wish to take another photo immediately.

Rank#8: Nikon COOLPIX B500


Its 3 ” LCD digital flip screen is specially designed for the exploration of more complicated angles and points of view. It also offers the possibility of connecting via Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth, which allows us to share the photos whenever we want.

Although its screen is incredibly useful and practical, it does not have a traditional viewfinder, so its use can be missed, especially by people who already have knowledge and practice in photography.

This Nikon is ideal if you want to have an average price model with which you can explore new points of view and get quality photographs to share immediately.

Rank#9: Canon PowerShot SX620 HS


In a small model, so it is easy to take anywhere; This can be very practical during holidays or at times where space is limited. In addition, it has Wi-Fi and NFC to share our photos as fast as we take them.

It does not allow us to take photos with flash if the camera detects that it is not necessary, which limits the possibilities a lot, especially since it depends entirely on the camera’s sensor.

It is the cheapest and most compact model on the list, perfect for you to have a record of your vacation or family activities without spending a lot of money.

Rank#10: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200EG9


Its Leica lens with 24x optical zoom, equivalent to a 25-600 mm lens, offers many possibilities to achieve a photographic search with outstanding results. In addition, it has ISO sensitivity of up to 6400, so the lack of light will not be an inconvenience.

It can generate a lot of noise when using a very high ISO, so although this is very useful in low light conditions, you have to be quite selective with its use.

It is a more expensive camera but offers superior quality and outstanding wide-angle capabilities. In addition, it is ideal to start in photography.

Rank#11: Sony DSC-HX60

The Sony DSC-HX60 compact digital camera is considered by a large number of users as the best compact camera on this list thanks to its optical quality, in addition to being one of the cheapest models on the market.
Thanks to its Exmor R CMOS sensor with a resolution of 21.1 megapixels, you will get high-quality images and definition in detail. On the other hand, you will be able to photograph distant objects easily with its objective with 30x optical and 486x digital zoom.
This equipment will give you the possibility to record videos in FullHD 1080p at 30 frames per second, in addition to having an image stabilizer that will help you smooth the movement of the video.
If you are starting the search and still do not know which compact camera to buy, it is important that you take into account the positive and negative characteristics of each model.


Interface : This product incorporates an HDMI type video output interface, so you can connect it to your HD television without any problem.
WiFi : You can connect to a wireless network with this equipment thanks to its WiFi 802.11b and 802.11g connection.
Screen : It incorporates a practical 3-inch LCD screen with which you can observe the picture before taking the photographic shot.
Memory : This model incorporates two SDXC memory card slots, so you can take many photographic and video shots.


Cover : The battery cover has a very soft lock that could be easily opened by removing the camera from the case.

Rank#12: Nikon Coolpix P900

Listed as one of the best compact cameras of 2020, the Nikon Coolpix P900 stands out for being a high-quality compact camera thanks to its NIKKOR lens with 83x optical zoom, allowing you to have a focal length of 24 to 2,000 mm, ideal to capture images at great distances.
This compact digital camera is equipped with a 16 megapixel CMOS image sensor, with which you will be able to take impressive photographs with great clarity and detail, even at night. In addition, you can easily share your images with your mobile thanks to the integrated WiFi connection.
You will be able to take video shots in FullHD, in addition to this model having an image stabilization system that involves the lens and the sensor, which will give you impeccable results when photographing or recording freehand with telephoto lenses.
If you still do not know which is the best compact camera, take a good look at the benefits that each team offers you before making your choice.


Versatile : This compact camera has dimensions of 10.32 x 13.74 x 13.95 cm and weighs approximately 900 grams.
Memory : It has an SD memory card slot, which will allow you to change it when it is full.
ISO Range : This equipment will allow you to shoot images in low light thanks to its ISO range of 100 to 12,800.


Card : The purchase of this equipment does not include a memory card, so you will have to purchase a separate one to start taking pictures.

Rank#13: Canon Powershot SX540 HS

The Canon Powershot SX540 HS compact camera stands out for being a versatile equipment that offers great ease of use and professional results. You can get close to the details of the object to be photographed thanks to its 50x optical zoom, equivalent to 24 to 1,200 mm focal length, and it has the ZoomPlus system that reaches 100x.
You can easily record videos in Full HD size at 60 fps and with MP4 format for greater compatibility. In addition, your videos will be very fluid thanks to its 5-axis stabilizer system.
The resolution of this camera reaches 16.1 megapixels thanks to its CMOS sensor and has a maximum sensitivity of 3,200 ISO. In addition, it has a Smart Auto function with 58 automatic scene modes.
Canon is considered by many users as the best brand of compact cameras thanks to its features, however, before choosing your equipment, we recommend you look at the following features.


Burst : You will be able to shoot in burst with a speed of up to 5.9 fps to create incredible sequences in timelapse or sporting events.
Screen : It incorporates a practical 3-inch LCD screen that will help you review the photos after taking them.
Portable : This equipment has dimensions of 9.2 x 12 x 8.1 cm and a weight of 440 grams, making it a fully portable camera.


Viewfinder: This equipment does not have a viewfinder for framing, so you must use the LCD screen for this.

Rank#14: Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

If you are looking for a Canon compact camera that you can easily carry in your pocket, but that in turn provides great image quality, this model is the one for you. This equipment has a CMOS sensor of 23.5 x 15.6 mm in size and with a resolution of up to 20.1 megapixels.
It incorporates a practical 3-inch folding LCD touch screen that you can use to frame your photo. In addition, thanks to its great compatibility, it allows inserting SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.
With this Canon camera, you will be able to take videos in high definition Full HD 1080p at 60 fps and, thanks to its HS System lighting system that allows you to take photos and videos with a maximum sensitivity of 12,800 ISO, low light photography will no longer be a issue.
If you are looking for the best compact camera of 2020, it is necessary that you take care of all the most important characteristics of each equipment, as well as its special functions.


Connection: Thanks to its Active NFC connection system, you can share your photos and videos wirelessly with any mobile device.
Portability : You can easily carry this camera in your pockets thanks to its dimensions of 4.22 x 10.55 x 6.09 cm and a weight of 320 grams.
Format : Record your videos in H.264, MPEG4, MP4, JPEG and RAW format, allowing you to easily play them on your TV or computer.


Microphone : This equipment does not have an external audio input, so your videos will be recorded with ambient audio.

Rank#15: Sony RX100

This compact Sony camera has an Exmor R 1.0 CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 20.1 megapixels, which will give you great image quality and a high level of detail in each of your photographs.
Take pictures at a great distance without having to get close thanks to the ZEISS Vario-Sonnar lens with 3.6x optical zoom, and with the video mode this camera will be able to record movies in Full HD 1080p at 50 fps. In addition, with its 3-inch LCD screen you can make the necessary adjustments and frame the photograph.
You can also take photos and videos in low light thanks to its wide sensitivity range from 125 to 6,400 ISO. On the other hand, if you like to control the camera the old-fashioned way, this model allows you to manually focus and adjust the aperture.
Before rushing out to the camera store, make sure you know all the relevant aspects of the equipment. Below, we summarize the positive and negative characteristics of this team.


Dial : This product integrates a practical selection dial that allows you to change the photographic mode quickly.
Materials . This compact camera is made of lightweight steel, making it a strong and durable product.
Portability : This camera has dimensions of 3.59 x 10.16 x 5.81 cm and weighs approximately 240 grams.


ISO Range : For night shots it may not provide the best results, because its ISO range is up to 3,200.

Rank#16: Sony DSC H300

This compact Sony camera stands out mainly for its fully electronic image stabilizer system, which will allow you to get much smoother and higher quality videos. This equipment is considered the best compact camera for value for money, making it among the cheapest on this list.
Thanks to its 20.1 megapixel Super HAD CCD sensor, you will be able to take high-quality photos with sizes up to 5,152 x 3,864 pixels. On the other hand, with its 35x optical and 93x digital zoom lens, you can take photographic captures of objects that are far from you.
It is a compact camera with dimensions of 9.17 x 12.75 x 8.9 cm and weighs approximately 495 grams, so you can easily take it anywhere.
If you are looking for the best compact camera of quality and affordable price, we recommend you look at the following positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Sensor : It incorporates an optical CCD sensor with a resolution of 20.1 megapixels, with which you will get photographs in great detail.
ISO : This model has a sensitivity range from 80 to 3,200 ISO, which will help you a lot when taking photographs in low light.
Batteries : The package in which this equipment is presented includes the batteries necessary to function.


Weight : It can not be considered a very light equipment, so it can be a disadvantage compared to other models of compact cameras.

Rank#17: Nikon Coolpix B700

The Nikon Coolpix B700 compact camera has a CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 20.3 effective megapixels and an efficient auto focus system, which allows you to follow the subject in motion, always keeping it in focus.
The objective of this equipment has a 60x optical zoom and a focal length of 4.3 to 258 mm, which will allow you to photograph distant objects. In addition, it incorporates a 3-inch TFT screen with which you can make various adjustments and view the photo after it is taken.
It has a sensitivity range of 100 to 1,600 ISO. On the other hand, its approximate dimensions are 10.65 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm and it has a weight of 570 grams. In addition, it uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will allow you to save on battery costs.
If you are still undecided and do not know which of the models to choose, look carefully at the main and most outstanding features of this product. Next, we present its most important characteristics.


Memory : You can insert SD memory cards into this equipment, allowing you to easily store your images.
Resolution : You will achieve a high quality and level of detail in each image thanks to its 20.1 megapixel sensor.
Zoom : Due to its 60x optical zoom, you will be able to take photographic shots quite far from the object you are going to photograph.
Focus : This model has a somewhat complicated focusing system if you do not have experience with this equipment.


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Rank#18: Nikon Coolpix A900

If you are looking for a compact camera with a folding screen, this model may interest you. This Nikon camera incorporates a 20.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor, especially for taking pictures in low light, helping you to get much brighter and more vibrant images.
It incorporates a lens with high quality Nikkor technology and a vibration reduction system that will give you the possibility to record videos with impressive fluidity. In addition, with video recording you can get movies in 4K UHD at 3,840 x 2,160 with 30 fps.
Thanks to its SmartBridge connection system, you can easily connect with your mobile phone or tablet to share your favorite images. In addition, it has a Time-Lapse function that will allow you to get videos of up to 10 seconds.
You should always pay attention to the main functions of each team before making your choice. Later we present the most relevant characteristics of this model.


Resolution : This compact camera has a 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that will allow you to get images with much more detail.
Sensitivity : The ISO sensitivity range of this model ranges from 80 to 3,200 ISO, allowing you to get brilliant photos under poor lighting conditions.
Screen : It incorporates a practical TFT LCD screen with an anti-reflective system that will allow you to observe the screen comfortably in broad daylight.
Focus : Under certain lighting conditions it can be a bit difficult to get the correct focus.


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Rank#19: Olympus Pen E-PL9

This is an Olympus compact camera that stands out mainly for its beautiful and elegant retro design. In addition, this equipment incorporates a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor that provides a wide dynamic range thanks to the powerful TruePic VIII image processor.
This model is equipped with an M. Zuiko Digital ED lens with a focal length of 14 to 42 mm. On the other hand, you will get images with a nice blur or Bokeh effect. In addition, to control the equipment settings, you have a practical and easy to use LCD touch screen.
The sensitivity range of this camera ranges from 100 to 25,600 ISO. On the other hand, it incorporates a Bluetooth connectivity system that you can use to easily share the images with your mobile devices.
Always study very well all the relevant functions and characteristics of each model, so that your choice is the most consistent with your real needs.


ISO : Thanks to its wide sensitivity range from 100 to 25,600 ISO, you can get brilliant images even in places with low lighting.
Screen : It incorporates a practical 3-inch LCD touch screen that will give you the possibility to make your adjustments easily and comfortably.
Video : You can record videos in 4K quality with this equipment, allowing you to save your favorite moments with all possible quality.


Viewfinder: The absence of the viewfinder forces the user to use the 3-inch screen to compose the image.

Rank#20: Panasonic Lumix DC-TX90

If you are looking for an advanced compact camera, then you should consider this practical but powerful model. This compact camera incorporates an effective resolution 20.3 megapixel MOS image sensor.
It incorporates a lens with a Leica DC lens with a focal length of 24 to 720 mm with 4x digital zoom. On the other hand, thanks to its sensitivity range that goes from 80 to 6,400 ISO, you will get well-lit images almost every time.
Its dimensions are 5.43 x 4.92 x 3.1 cm and it weighs approximately 320 grams, making it an ideal camera to carry in your pocket. You can easily make 4K video recordings and, thanks to its WiFi connectivity, you can easily share your photos.
Knowing all the positive and negative characteristics of each model is the indicated way to be able to make the best purchase decision. Below, we summarize the most important characteristics of this product.


Video : Get to record videos with a quality of 4K that will allow you to obtain images with a great level of detail.
Screen: Thanks to its folding screen, you can take various photographic captures at almost any angle.
Lens : Your lens has a diaphragm ranging from f3.3 to f6.4 and its focal length is 24 to 720mm.
Automatic : The automatic mode of this model does not provide the best results, so it is recommended to use manual.


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Rank#20: Panasonic Lumix DC-TX90

If you are looking for an advanced compact camera, then you should consider this practical but powerful model. This compact camera incorporates an effective resolution 20.3 megapixel MOS image sensor.
It incorporates a lens with a Leica DC lens with a focal length of 24 to 720 mm with 4x digital zoom. On the other hand, thanks to its sensitivity range that goes from 80 to 6,400 ISO, you will get well-lit images almost every time.
Its dimensions are 5.43 x 4.92 x 3.1 cm and it weighs approximately 320 grams, making it an ideal camera to carry in your pocket. You can easily make 4K video recordings and, thanks to its WiFi connectivity, you can easily share your photos.
Knowing all the positive and negative characteristics of each model is the indicated way to be able to make the best purchase decision. Below, we summarize the most important characteristics of this product.


Video : Get to record videos with a quality of 4K that will allow you to obtain images with a great level of detail.
Screen: Thanks to its folding screen, you can take various photographic captures at almost any angle.
Lens : Your lens has a diaphragm ranging from f3.3 to f6.4 and its focal length is 24 to 720mm.


Automatic : The automatic mode of this model does not provide the best results, so it is recommended to use manual.

Rank#21: Sony DSC-HX60 – 20.4 Mp Compact Camera

This compact camera stands out for having an excellent relation between quality and price, since it offers great quality thanks to its Exmor R CMOS sensor with 20.4 megapixel resolution, which will allow you to obtain images with a high level of detail.
If you store this compact camera in a case, you must take care that the battery cover does not open when removing the equipment from it, since the cover latch opens easily.
If you are a little tight with your budget, but you are looking for a camera that has an optical stabilizer for recording your videos at a very affordable price, this model will delight you.

Rank#22: Canon PowerShot SX540 HS – 20.3 MP Digital Camera

If you are looking for a compact camera that gives you the most versatility thanks to its adaptive operation, we recommend this model that will allow you to use the advanced functions in a simple way. In addition, it has a 50x zoom with which you can photograph images that are very distant.
The absence of a viewfinder makes photographers accustomed to framing through viewfinders uncomfortable with this camera. Therefore, you must use the screen to compose your image.
This camera will allow you to quickly share the images with your mobile phone thanks to its WiFi connection system, so you can pass your favorite photos to your friends without any difficulty.

Rank#23: Sony DSC-RX100 – Compact Camera

This is a really compact camera that contains a high quality sensor in small dimensions. In addition, you can record your videos in high definition Full HD at 50 fps and manually control the focus thanks to its manual focus ring that incorporates the lens.
If you like to record at night, and you are looking for a camera that offers a good sensitivity range for night shots, you may want to look at another model, as this one has a range of only up to 3,200 ISO.
This camera is ideal to carry in your pocket and the quality of its image will leave you amazed. It is a resistant equipment thanks to its aluminum construction.

Shopping guide

Wide-angle capability and functionality

Although the normal thing in any comparative of compact cameras with wide-angle would be to speak of the resolution and the zoom, as in any type of conventional camera, we have preferred to start talking about this specific function as it is the wide-angle, for its importance.

When we talk about photography, having a camera or a wide-angle lens allows us to go further when taking pictures. While a conventional compact camera has a certain angle of capture to the sides, from the photographer’s position, a wide-angle allows you to take even more of those lateral elements.

Therefore, the first element that we consider important is precisely that angle at which the camera can get to work. In this case, it is rare to find models capable of reaching the level of the human eye, with an opening of 180 degrees, but it is easy to find angles above 120 degrees onwards. So, it will be a matter of seeing how big you want that wide-angle to be, without forgetting that this aspect greatly influences how much the camera costs.

Resolution and zoom

Now we do talk about the most common aspect when we refer to photography: the resolution of the lens and the zoom. On the resolution side, the parameters are the same as conventional cameras, so that the higher the resolution capacity, the better the quality of the images we make.

In the case of compact cameras with wide-angle, the usual resolution capacity is around 20 or 21 megapixels, which, together with this wide-angle capacity, makes it easier to take high-quality images. However, do not forget to also verify the quality of the lenses, which should be at a good level so you do not lose resolution or sharpness in the image for this reason. It is also worth checking that you can reduce the resolution of the images, in case for any reason you need to reduce the size of the photos you take.

Finally, regarding the zoom, in these models, we also have both the optical and digital options. The optical zoom is a physical zoom, so to speak, while the digital is interpolated by software and may lose some quality. If you are looking for a good and inexpensive camera, you should look for models of about 4x to 6x optical zoom at least, to ensure that your photos in the distance have a good quality.

Measures and autonomy

Since we are talking about compact products, we are going to dedicate this last section precisely to talk about the portability and autonomy offered by this type of camera, which make it even easier to take it with you wherever you want.

As with other types of compact cameras, in wide-angle models, both the measurements and the weight of the product make it very easy to transport and use. As a reference, the weight of these cameras follows the line of conventional models, ranging from approximately 100 to 125 grams.

Something similar occurs with the measures, which are around 10 centimeters wide, approximately 5 in height and about 2 or 3 centimeters thick. This is measures with which it is easy to carry the camera in your bag or backpack without it being very cumbersome.

Finally, on the autonomy, it is convenient to assess the amount of photos that we can take with a single load. Generally, the figure is around 200 or 250 photos, so you don’t have to go looking for a plug to continue taking pictures. Some models can even be charged via a USB port, so if you wish, just complete your purchase with an external battery to increase this autonomy.


The most popular brands

Modern digital camera technology allows us to have compact or lightweight compact cameras with a wide-angle. This is a product that reach a high quality of taking all kinds of images that we can easily take anywhere. If you are thinking of buying or renewing your camera, we present three top-level brands you can trust.

The manufacturer Sony is one of the largest in the consumer electronics market. Among its wide range of products, we have historically found the main advances in technology such as the compact disc, the Walkman or its modern televisions with high image quality marketed under the Bravia series.

These advances are a reflection of the brand’s commitment to higher technology and with the research and development of products, which still continues to generate news in the market. Obviously this high technology has also been applied by the Japanese manufacturer to their cameras, which has produced products of extreme quality with a careful design in which the lenses have the importance they deserve when it comes to offering the best results.

In this line, the products of the Cyber-Shot range stand out where we can find all kinds of compact cameras, including some with wide-angle to obtain wider and more defined images. If you are looking for a manufacturer with a tradition of history in Sony you can find a good reference.

If there has been a brand that has traditionally turned to the treatment of the image, it has been a canon. And he has done it in two different ways. On the one hand, it has focused on creating all kinds of devices such as printers and scanners, intended for printing and image processing to obtain optimal results on any material.

And of course he has also done it by creating high-quality cameras, with designs of all kinds that range from profiles to compact cameras equipped with high-tech lenses and systems responsible for preserving your best memories better. This wide range of products is where we can find some of the compact cameras with wide-angle that Canon currently markets.

Its products have a wide resolution accompanied by high-quality lenses that guarantee us to obtain the best images in any situation. And thanks to the wide range of products for Canon image treatment and the excellent connectivity of its cameras we will not have problems when it comes to improving those images and obtaining even better results.

When it has been manufacturing all kinds of high-quality optical products for over a hundred years, it is normal for your presence in the field of photography to be more than celebrated. This is what happens to the Japanese company Nikon , which began manufacturing all kinds of laboratory products related to optics and that later would make the leap to the manufacture of cameras.

However, during the Second World War, the company was also an official supplier of the Japanese army, which is provided with all kinds of instruments for remote surveillance such as binoculars such as special peepholes. This is an experience that has also served to improve the quality of their products and to place it in their current cameras.

Nikon cameras have the best lenses on the market, both for their purity and efficiency and for their high-resolution capacity, being highly appreciated by both professional and amateur photographers. These features are also found in its compact wide-angle cameras, which it maintains in those high quality standards that make them so appealing and that guarantee that your purchase is always a success.

How to use a compact camera with wide-angle

Often a conventional camera does not provide us with the wide viewing angle we need to photograph. To solve this problem, there are wide-angle cameras that efficiently capture objectives such as landscapes. To use such a camera properly, we provide you with information that may be useful.

Hold the camera properly

This aspect may seem simple, but it depends in large part to get a picture as you wish. When you hold the camera in the wrong positions it is easier for it to move when the shutter button is pressed, or for the fingers to interfere with the viewing angle of the lens.

Depending on the place where the trigger is located, you must use the hand that will press the button to firmly take the camera body laterally, leaving the index finger free to shoot. The other hand should preferably be placed under the camera body as a base, taking care that no finger is within the range of vision of the lens.

Adjust the light

One of the biggest problems to be controlled when taking a picture is light, this changing element can make a beautiful shot become a dark memory; This happens when the camera’s sensitivity is not set in this regard. Many cameras have an ISO range so that you can change the sensor settings for good shots.

If you select a low value, for example, 100, then the lighting must be intense for the photo to be clear. On the contrary, if you choose a high value, the sensor does not need so much light to give you a clear shot. If you will take photos at night, then you should choose a high range of ISO settings.

Adjust the shutter speed

Many cameras have settings for this setting, which will allow you to take clear pictures of events that happen at high speed, for example, if you want to take a photo of a drop falling, this requires that you adjust at a faster speed so that the lens captures a brief moment If you set a lower speed, then the lens will capture more moments and record them in the same image, creating different effects.

Adjust resolution

This point is directly related to the quality of images you need to obtain. Depending on the use you are going to give them, you probably need to change it to a greater or lesser resolution.

If you want to take many photographs but you have little memory space, a lower resolution setting can provide you with the possibility of not limiting yourself when photographing. On the contrary, if you later need to edit the photos or need them for commercial purposes, it will be better to use photos with a higher resolution.


Each camera provides different features and the best way to take advantage of them is to experiment and practice. If you like the world of photography, you have a great field of action and surely the camera you have chosen can offer you very interesting options to discover.

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