[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Compact Cameras With Viewfinder

The cameras with viewfinder have always been a product of great quality, but also of great size. Fortunately, modern compact cameras with viewfinder have managed to reduce the size but keeping intact the quality and ability to take pictures of these products. However, it is worth checking that quality and resolution before buying of the best compact cameras with the viewfinder , so as not to take surprises.

As high-quality models, we find the Panasonic DMC-TZ70EG-S camera, equipped with a resolution of 12.1 megapixels, but incorporates up to 30 magnifications to obtain quality images without the distance matters. All this in a traditional design format and equipped with the exclusive Leica lenses. Also interesting is the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90 camera, which has a global resolution of 18 megapixels, a high-quality viewfinder, all Sony technology, and WiFi connectivity that make this camera something really practical, with one of the smallest formats on the market.

Comparison chart of the Best Compact Cameras With Viewfinder

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70EG

  • It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery and its resolution is 12.1 MP. Also, it allows you to record videos in HD and its electronic LVF viewfinder makes it easy for you to take pictures focusing only on the really important thing.
  • Being a compact camera, you can not add accessories to it, but you should not worry since it meets all expectations of images and videos of users.
  • Knowing that you enjoy photography, this camera is perfect thanks to its excellent quality, managing to have images with details, unforgettable memories and everything stored in its internal memory.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90

  • This compact camera has an OLED high contrast retractable electronic viewfinder, accompanied by a powerful resolution of 18 MP, fantastic 30X zoom; It also has a 3-inch screen that you can tilt up to 180 degrees.
  • According to some users, it may be poor quality to take pictures and videos in places where there is little light or night, but it is something that does not affect too much.
  • A fantastic acquisition to take quick pictures since you forget about blurring thanks to its intelligent 5-axis image stabilization system and frame analysis.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100M4

  • It has an ultra-fast shutter with an anti-distortion system for moving lenses and also a high resolution 2.6 MP XGA OLED viewfinder, with HD and Full HD image quality, high-speed recording in 4K high resolution.
  • The battery life may be a bit short when using it to record videos, so it is recommended to purchase others to enjoy the camera longer.
  • A fast pocket camera and ideal for capturing moving images, it has a remarkable resolution of 20.1 MP, much appreciated by its customers.

What is the best compact camera with the viewfinder on the market?

In a world dominated by large-scale SLR cameras, compact cameras with viewfinders are taking a special place because of the image quality they offer, as well as their lighter and tighter size that allows them to be taken anywhere. If you want to make the leap to this technology, we present our guide to buying the best compact camera with the viewfinder on the market, with which you will know that you must take into account to have a good image for less cost.


What is the best compact camera with the viewfinder of 2020?

The viewfinder on a camera is really important, not only does it allow you to have a view of the photograph you are going to take, but it also allows you to access the configuration menu of your camera as well as review the photographs you have taken to determine if they have been well. Now, if you want to buy the best compact camera with viewfinder, we recommend you see our proposals:

Recommended Products

Panasonic DMC-TZ70EG-S

Main Advantage:

In addition to being able to take pictures of your best moments, this camera will allow you to record them in the video in an HD resolution.

Main Disadvantage:

Being a compact camera you can not add accessories such as lenses and others, although its more than satisfactory results will not miss these accessories.

Verdict: 9.6 / 10

If you like photography and save your best moments in high resolution images, this is your compact camera. This Panasonic DMC-TZ70EG-S camera offers you all the quality of the brand in all its splendor offering you not only high-quality images but also a zoom that will allow you to photograph detail images with great precision and with natural and real colors.

Main Features Explained

Dimensions and power

With compact dimensions of only 11.1 x 3.4 x 6.5 cm and a light weight of 218 g, this compact camera becomes a very comfortable and lightweight option to carry what makes it ideal for your trips without lose that quality you need to keep your best experiences in photography.

And so that you always have it available, it has a lithium-ion battery (3.6 V, 1250 mAh, 4.5 Wh) with which you can use your camera for hours without missing any important moment. It is charged by the camera itself with the transformer that is included in it.

Image and video resolution

The best thing about compact cameras with the viewfinder is that you can keep your best memories in a more than acceptable resolution without the camera taking up hardly any space or hand.

This Panasonic model offers you a real resolution of 12.1 mpx without interpolation to obtain images with great precision and with a much higher quality in terms of details. In addition and for you to photograph landscapes and distant objects, its 30 x optical zoom with LEICA lens will allow you to get clear and crisp images of your favorite landscapes in full detail.

In addition, its manual control ring indicates the focus area and depth of field, so you can focus on the composition. And when you want to keep your memories on video, with this compact camera with a viewfinder you can record in HD (1920 x 1080p) getting crisp and perfect images in high definition. In addition, if you record in RAW format, the image data retains the original color and information about the light captured by the sensor with only minimal processing.

Storage and Viewer

And like any good compact camera with a viewfinder that boasts it has an LVF electronic viewfinder with an eye sensor that allows you to check the image and take the best photographs focusing only on the really important.

This viewer has the Live View Finder system, a perfect tool for framing the image when the LED screen makes it difficult to use the light conditions, the eye sensor automatically detects your viewing preferences and changes the image display to the LVF.

Its high resolution of 1166k points with a color reproduction of approximately 100% provides a stable framing and maximum visibility under any light condition, so you can take stunning photos with ease.

As for storage, it includes internal storage with integrated memory although it is compatible with the following memory formats: SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and SDXC Memory Card.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90

 The compact cameras with a viewfinder are one of the latest developments in the market, with which we can have a high-quality product to take pictures, viewing them with the utmost detail in order to obtain the best results. Obviously, for this, it is also necessary to bet on quality products and high resolution, as we found in the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90 camera.

An excellent quality product that has a resolution of up to 18 megapixels, with an exclusive 3-inch diagonal viewfinder with O-Led quality, which optimizes the result of the screen display of your images.

A viewfinder that also has a wide angle of rotation which helps to take any image, including the famous selfies, which also helps its simple use system that allows you to take images easily and without complications. A product of excellent quality both for the characteristics of this type of cameras and for the optics they mount and which is manufactured by one of the leading developers in the market.



The camera has 18 megapixels of resolution that help you get pictures of excellent quality and definition.


The 3-inch viewfinder with O Led technology improves the on-screen display, being also mobile to place it as you wish.


The product has up to 30 zoom levels with which to improve the taking of images even in lenses that are far from where we are.

Optical quality:

The optics are developed by Zeiss, one of the leading manufacturers in the market, which guarantees optimum performance and photographed.


The camera has Wifi connectivity with which it is possible to share and send directly the images taken wherever you need it.



The pop-up flash system that incorporates the camera presents certain complications when it is possible to use it properly.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4

 Being able to enjoy quality images and photographs in a simple way without having to load large equipment is today a simple task thanks to the modern models of compact cameras with viewfinder. Equipment that does not detract in terms of image quality and optics in compact and lightweight formats that you can take with you wherever you need it.

It is just what we can find in models such as the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4 camera, which has an image resolution of up to 20 megapixels, in an optical lens manufactured by Zeiss, which guarantees the excellent quality of all its optics for getting the maximum results.

A compact product that incorporates the modern Bionz X sensor that optimizes the maximum image taking and the quality of them, without envying other types of cameras, or in what refers to the final quality of that image as to the ability to take every last detail you need, so that your images reach a new level of quality.



The camera is capable of reaching 20 megapixels of effective resolution which allows you to take excellent quality images in any circumstance.

Super slow camera:

The camera system is capable of increasing up to 40 times the image taking, being able to take videos at 1000 frames per second in a super slow motion format.

Bionz sensor:

The brand’s own Bionz sensor helps you make the result of the images obtained by the camera the best possible with efficient and quality processing.

Shutter Level:

The shutter is capable of operating at levels of up to 1: 32,000 which helps you improve image exposure and also reduce distortions of images taken.


Focal distance:

both shorter and longer distances may cause slight distortions, especially if the subject is too close or too far from the camera lens. 

Fujifilm X30

 From this to compact camera we would like to highlight its large viewfinder, in fact, it has the largest and highest resolution viewfinder of this type of cameras. With this 3 ”tiltable LCD screen you will have a realistic view of the photographs before and after taking it.

In addition, the fact that the screen is tiltable makes it possible for you to view it without problems even in sunny situations or when taking pictures in unusual positions. Nor will you have to wait to see the picture in the viewfinder, because only 0.005 seconds after shooting you will already have the image in the viewfinder for viewing.

The battery has been improved, just to run out of battery in the middle of the party, the walk or the session, with a single charge you can make up to 470 shots.

It is a great investment to obtain photographs of proven quality, surely you will not want to stop focusing again and again the photography will become a vice.

When buying some equipment we are almost always guided by the brands of the products, so we tell you that this is according to customers the best brand of compact cameras with viewfinder. Below we will describe a bit its positive characteristics.



It has a 3 ”LCD screen in which you will get a realistic view of the photographs before and after they are taken.


It turns out to be a very fast camera which shows you the picture on your screen just 0.005 seconds after it was taken.

Battery life:

The battery of this product has been improved since it allows you an approximate of up to 470 shots per recharge of the battery.


It is a camera that allows you to capture difficult photographs since the screen is reclining and you can take photos regardless of the position of the sun and thus view the screen from different angles.


It should be noted that this camera has one of the largest and highest resolution viewers of this type of cameras.


Panasonic DMC-FZ72EG

 As a photography lover, you know how important a camera’s zoom capacity is, being that way, we must tell you that this is the most zoomed compact camera in the world. Its 60X optical zoom can be extended to 120X if the smart zoom option is used.

Using the right accessories you can photograph distances that until now may have seemed unattainable.

With this camera, you can not only get amazing photographs of distant objects but also in those cases where speed plays an important role. Add to all this the fact that this camera has an ultra wide-angle lens of 20 mm, which will be very useful for taking photos at social events, landscapes, etc.

But if in addition to taking quality photos you like to be creative, you can use its 15 built-in filters that will allow you to apply effects to your photographs without using any external program.

If you have not decided on which camera to buy next we want to describe the pros and cons of the best compact camera with viewfinder for 300 euros, trying to guide you in your purchase so you do not spend too much.



It should be noted that it is the compact camera with a greater zoom, it is 60x reaching one of up to 120x if the smart option is used.


It has a 20mm Ultra Wide Angle lens, which allows you to take pictures of landscaping and social events without any difficulty.


If you are an innovative person; This equipment offers you 15 built-in filters that allow you to apply effects to photographs without the need for any external program.


This camera was designed with the purpose of taking photographs when objects are in motion.



Apparently for some users, it may be a bit difficult to adapt to the camera at first, but after some photographs, you can use it in an excellent way.

How to use a compact camera with a viewfinder

Nowadays, taking a good picture is simpler than I could have imagined twenty years ago. In large part this is due to the fact that visors have been incorporated, with which you can previously know a very faithful estimate of what the lens is capturing. Here are some tips on using compact cameras with viewfinders that may be useful.

Check the condition of the batteries

Currently one of the concerns that accompany the use of the cameras is the battery level. For this reason, we recommend that whenever you are going to use the camera, make sure that you preferably have a full charge. If batteries are used, then you should have a spare on hand.

Make sure you have proper storage memory

The more photos you take, the more memory space you will need to store them. You probably already have a memory inserted in the camera, however, this add-on is usually very light and inexpensive, and a good option is to have a spare one to place it if necessary. To change or remove it just check that the camera is turned off, this can prevent memory damage.

Briefly analyze the light conditions

Although cameras now make automatic adjustments to determine some sensitivity settings for light and stabilization, they generally offer some manual modes that allow you to change these automatic settings so you can better capture the details you really want in each shot. For this, it is worth taking some time to analyze them.

Connect the camera to download the photos

If your camera has connectivity via WIFI, then you can configure this option to establish communication with your smartphone or other devices.

In this way, you can quickly make use of the photos you have taken and share them. For this it is necessary to follow the following steps; If your manufacturer provides an application for this purpose you will need to download it previously to your tablet or phone. Once you have it you will have to activate the camera’s WIFI functionality so that it starts looking for a device to establish communication and transfer files.

On the side of the smartphone or tablet, you should also look for the camera. You can do this from the configuration or some camera applications already have this function. It only remains to establish communication looking for the camera name to pair both devices.

Depending on the possibilities that the program gives you, you can use different practical functions such as operating the camera from your smartphone or simply transferring the photos to upload them to your favorite social network.

Basic care

Whenever you use your camera it is advisable to keep in mind that a very important part is the lens, since it is the piece that allows the camera to “see” and therefore capture images, it is essential that it be kept clean and free of scratches that may interfere with the quality of your photos.

To help keep it in proper condition for longer, avoid leaving the lens exposed if it is not being used and if necessary clean it with a special cloth that does not leave debris or damage the glass.

The most popular brands

The evolution of the cameras has offered very pleasant news both in size and functionality. One of the ideal products of this fusion is the compact cameras with viewfinder, which have a tight size but with a high quality viewfinder with which to properly see the photos you are going to take. In order for your photos to have the best image, we present three frontline brands with which to always make a successful purchase and an excellent investment.

As a company focused on the world of image and sound, cameras, as well as video cameras, have been part of the catalog of this Japanese giant practically since the appearance of this product in the market. Cameras that have always had the concern of the brand in order to have a system capable of capturing the high image quality that Sony standards in the image are capable of developing.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the brand’s cameras are among consumers’ favorites. The first models saw the light under the Cyber Shoot brand in 1996. To optimize the quality the company bought the digital camera division of Konica Minolta, also having the Joint Venture with Ericsson for mobile cameras.

A result that has given its products the best in the market, as corresponds to the manufacturer. That is why their cameras are a guarantee of quality, in a compact format with the viewfinder or any other that you wish to purchase.

After almost 20 years of experience, the founder of Panasonic decided to make the leap into the world of entrepreneurship with his own electric accessories company. Its first products would be electric irons and lamps for bicycles, later evolving towards higher-level products such as radios and batteries.

At the time of the 50s, the company would take another step towards the world of appliances with the manufacture of washing machines and televisions. Although from afar, we approach the world of the image. Something that would continue advancing with the passage of time until today, with greater presence in this market. But the strongest change comes in 2006 when the Panasonic brand is finally taken and the company is strongly committed to image and sound.

For this, it is committed to products such as televisions, video cameras, and photo cameras, in which the products are governed by their high-quality standard that give their viewfinder cameras what you need to obtain images of excellence. Something that is still valid today as you can see in its product catalog.

Founded for the first time in 1936 and subsequently re-founded in 2006, the company has been focused since its inception on everything that has to do with photography. In its early years the company specialized in the manufacture of photographic film for both domestic and professional levels. After the war, the company diversified its operations towards the medical sector, mainly to the diagnosis by X-rays, as well as to document management.

An expansion that would lead to a union with Xerox back in the 60s to launch top-level machines for this management. In parallel, the company has also made the leap back in its market, especially with the progressive disappearance of traditional photography, in order to offer modern, digital and high-tech digital cameras. At this point, the merger with Xerox and its extensive knowledge of the sector have been the basis for making the company a benchmark.

Something that has led to its compact cameras with the viewfinder to have an adjusted size and wide image quality, so that you can take full advantage of all its functionality.

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Canon Powershot G16

 Our second can didata for the best compact camera of 2020 is Canon Powershot G16. Aunqu and be a professional or semi-professional photographer, sometimes have a compact camera has advantages over a reflex is more cumbersome. In addition, a compact camera like this will allow you to obtain great quality photographs.

We would like to point out that thanks to its luminous objective f / 1.8-2.8 you will be able to capture sharp images even in low light conditions as well as at higher shutter speeds.

Making the basic adjustments is extremely simple since they are made through a front dial. Taking your RAW photos and then using your knowledge when composing and editing will make photography art for you.

In addition, you can record HD videos, with a quality of 60 frames per second. Your photos and videos can be shared instantly thanks to its WiFi function with which you will connect to the printer, smartphone, computers and other devices.

Shopping guide

Picture quality

As in all types of photo cameras, a comparison of compact cameras with viewfinder should start talking about image quality. This quality is measured in megapixels, so that the more they are, the higher the resolution and the quality of images you can take with this type of cameras.

But these images are not only in relation to the resolution but also have to be raised regarding the quality of the lens and the image capture system that the product offers us, so that, if you bet on first level manufacturers and of recognized quality, you can go much further from the megapixels in terms of quality. Because it’s not always about megapixels, especially in cheaper cameras.

Viewfinder system

In order to maintain control over what you are going to photograph, the compact cameras with viewfinder offer you a screen where you can keep both the camera’s behavior under control and see exactly what you are going to photograph. To obtain a suitable image, it is necessary that this viewfinder is of good quality and that the level of the lens that is mounted has the necessary capacity to perceive every detail of that image.

If the viewfinder also has adequate measures, it will be much easier for you to take full advantage of the image-taking capabilities of the product, as well as to unleash your creativity.


When we talk about compact cameras, it is obvious that the measures are of remarkable importance. The compact cameras with a viewfinder are equipped with small systems, which offer smaller dimensions than SLR cameras or large cameras but offering the image quality of the latter. In order for the camera you are analyzing to be really compact, you need to check the exact measurements of the product and if they are within what is acceptable to you.

Obviously, there is a relationship between how much the chosen camera costs and its size, so that the more expensive the camera is, the more compact its size is usually. However, you don’t have to spend too much to find a tight-sized camera that you can take where you need without having to carry a lot of weight.

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