What Is The Best Compact Camera With Electronic Viewfinder Of 2020?

Compact cameras can perform various functions, depending on the hands that have it. For example, if a photo professional has it, it is because you need a pocket camera to take pictures around the city, you are for a walk and it is much more comfortable to use the best compact camera with electronic viewfinder than your usual work equipment.

In the hands of a person who is not a photographer and does not know how to handle a camera, it is also to have a pocket camera and be able to easily take some family or tourism photographs, without many skills or interest in deciphering functions and effects.

Although these compact cameras are presented as pocket equipment for non-professional use, they are really loaded with an array of functions to simulate, as much as possible, a professional camera. Thus the photographer can have, at the reach of his hand and pocket, a visual creation tool.

Given the ease of taking photos with a cell phone, it is insurmountable to have a compact camera. Aspects that the phone’s camera cannot cover, such as brightness, optics, sensor size, zoom, make the compact camera win many points. That is why thinking about the ease of loading in your pocket there are compact cameras with the electronic viewfinder.

Another point in favor of the compact is the option to make audiovisual records, short videos of situations that are important at the moment and upload them immediately to a social network. Of course, this can also be done by a smartphone, but what would be discussed in this case is the image quality and the visual possibilities of the camera.

For this reason, we want to delve deeper into the subject and with this comparison present a compact camera, see its successes and failures, understand its main functions and the potential of this product.

Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 MIII

Main Advantage:

The main advantage of this camera is that it can capture images with incredible sharpness, thanks to its high precision and the peculiarity of fitting into a pocket.

Main Disadvantage:

According to its users, among professionals and non-photo professionals, this camera has excess options, the menus and settings are really excessive and unnecessary for the quality of some products, such as videos and some effects for photographs. 

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is a camera of approximately 20.1 MP, so it takes photographs with good resolution, so it is a good purchase option if you are looking for a compact and quality product.

Main Features Explained

ZEISS lens

The full specifications of the lens are ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T * 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 lens. This summary description means that the lens has a 24mm wide-angle, which can perfectly encompass natural and architectural landscapes.

The 70mm wide-angle, you can capture portraits, close-ups, details with creative background blur. With this game in the images, you can achieve captures never before imagined, of your loved ones and special landscapes.

ZEISS lenses, with more than 150 years of experience in precision optics, achieve in intense recordings, sharpness, and contrast, without brightness or reflections due to an advanced multilayer effect.

Integrated electronic viewfinder

The integrated electronic viewfinder is the one that will allow you to make more elaborate compositions, frames that you would not have seen before. Light plays an important role in this capture process. You will understand the importance of composition and framing in your photographs, with the use of the electronic viewfinder.

It may reveal artistic moments, really creative images. You will enjoy the environment using this camera. An eye sensor will instantly change the viewfinder to the LCD screen, for instant capture without complications.


The focus of this camera will help you in taking pictures where the subjects or objects are in motion, usually, other cameras fail to focus these moments and you end up deleting all the photos because they were moved.

You can enjoy while doing these shots because you will be able to capture a large part of the actions as if you were really stopping time, capturing every detail of the gestures of people and moments that normally escape from the eye, by quickly passing before us.

Lock the autofocus and start capturing unforgettable moments.

Tilt LCD screen

With the 3.0 ″ high-resolution screen with 180-degree tilt capability, you can frame pitting angles or low angles. You can also make fun of group photos from an angle where everyone can appear in the photo.

This screen will also open a world of possibilities to capture, be creative and enjoy the use of an audiovisual tool.

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