[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Compact Camera On The Market

Although today we have the best compact camera on the market on the mobile and many other computers, who wants to take photos knows that if it is not with a real camera the result is not the same.

So that your photos have the best image, we present a comparison of compact cameras with three high quality products, which will guarantee the success of your purchase, as well as the elements that should guide it.

Comparison chart of The best compact camera on the market

Sony DSC-HX60

  • It is one of the cameras with the highest image resolution within its segment, being able to reach 20.4 megapixels. This allows you to take high quality photos or record videos in Full HD format.
  • It is necessary to be careful with the cover that covers the battery and the card, since some user says that it is relatively simple for it to open accidentally.
  • A camera with all the quality and technology that we usually find in Sony products.

Canon IXUS 170 – Compact 20 MP Camera (2.7 “Screen, 12x Optical Zoom), Black

  • This camera allows you to always be connected thanks to WiFi and NFC technologies. This facilitates the storage of your photos in the cloud, as well as being able to share them wherever you want in a simple way.
  • The autonomy of the battery allows you to take around 200 photos, enough for most, but perhaps not so much for users who want to use it more intensively.
  • A traditional cut model with high image quality and a very compact design.

Nikon Coolpix L31 – Compact 16.1 Mp camera (2.7 “screen, 5x optical zoom, Full HD video recording), red

  • The camera offers an image taking system with 16 megapixels of capacity in its sensor and a lightweight design, designed for users who do not want to complicate when taking photos.
  • Some product finishes could be somewhat better, such as the outer shell that tends to scratch with some ease or the cover of the battery and card area, which should be treated carefully so that it does not get damaged.
  • A compact camera and simple operation with which it is easy to make almost any type of photos.

What are the best compact cameras in the 2020 market?

We start talking about image resolution. This resolution is measured in megapixels and the higher it is, the more image quality we can get with that camera.

Although it is true that we speak of compact cameras , current technology allows us to have products with up to 24 megapixels of resolution. The simplest models start from 14 or 15 megapixels, although the ideal is to opt for a camera of about 20 megapixels, for better results.

As important as the resolution is the zoom, which allows you to center the image on the most important details. This zoom can be optical or interpolated. The optical zoom always offers better quality, being frequent to find models of up to 5 magnifications. As for the software this is combined with the optical one, being able to reach up to 30 magnifications. In these cases it is key that the higher the zoom we have the more resolution we use to avoid losing image quality.

We conclude by talking about connectivity and storage. Currently there are few cameras that can be connected via NFC or WiFi , offering the possibility of sending the photos directly to the cloud through our mobile or any connection, saving time in the management of your images.

Regarding card storage, it is important that this storage allows you to live up to the images taken. The more resolution the image has, the more file space it occupies, so it is essential that storage, usually on SD cards or the like, has the capacity to store an adequate number of images.

Recommended Products

Sony DSC-HX60

 The Sony DSC-HX60 camera, the highest model in our comparison, has a compact design but has nothing to envy to traditional models. It has a resolution of 20.4 megapixels, which are supported on a Sony G-lens, which has a capacity of up to 30 zoom magnifications.

The quality of this lens not only guarantees a wide resolution but a high image quality in any photo. The camera has a 3-inch screen to view your images, as well as configure all its functions.

As for its connectivity, this model can be used with WiFi and NFC connections, sharing and saving images easily.

And for those who miss being able to configure and prepare each image personally, this camera has a system of manual controls that allow you to customize each shot to your liking.

Canon IXUS 170

 Continuing with the first level manufacturers, the Canon IXUS 170 model has not only a compact construction but also a first level optics. This set allows you to have a quality level of up to 20 megapixels with an optical zoom capability of up to 12 magnifications.

This zoom is incremented with four more levels of zoom interpolated by software. And to further improve the quality, the internal engine of this camera automatically improves and balances your images to offer you better results.

All this controlled with its 2.7-inch screen, which allows you to view the images taken and configure the equipment easily. As for storage, its SD card port allows you to change cards easily, offering ample storage space for any image or video.


 If you are a newcomer to this compact technology, the Nikon COOLPIX L31 model is perfect. It is the most economical camera of all those analyzed, although it does not differ much in characteristics of its older sisters.

Specifically, it has a resolution of 16 megapixels, accompanied by five levels of optical zoom, with which to obtain high quality images easily.

Being a basic camera does not include connectivity options but an SD port where to mount your cards and store your images. This camera has options for photo and video, easily configurable and viewing thanks to its 2.7-inch camera.

To avoid having to worry about batteries, this camera works using traditional AA batteries, which give it a long service life and allow you to have it at any time, without worrying about recharges.

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