What Is The Best Cheap Camcorder Of 2020?

One of the advantages of the current electronics market is that the most economical options often do not have much to envy to the top-level models. This is what happens with cheap camcorders, which, although they may not reach the maximum quality offered by high-level models, if they provide what a primary user may need that does not want to spend too much because he does not need it.

It is what shows us, for example, the prominent model of our comparison of the best cheap camcorders, which we analyze below. And if it doesn’t convince you, we also give you the clues about what to consider to squeeze your investment to the fullest.

As with traditional camcorders, image quality is one of the most critical aspects of the product. The higher the resolution capacity of the camera and also the quality of the recording we can make, the better. The same goes for the zoom, which the larger it is and preferably of an optical to digital type, the better the image quality we can obtain.

We continue talking about quality and, in this case, the recording screen. This screen should offer the right size and adequate image quality so that we can see exactly what we are recording or photographing. If we also bet on a camera model that we can turn to see from where we are, much better.

Finally, we look for the best in the image and video optimization options offered by the product. Here we have to evaluate the presence of elements such as the digital stabilizer, the recording options depending on the environment, adapting the light and other aspects to exteriors, interiors, etc. And don’t forget to see if the product has LED fill light to record better in dark environments.


Rank#1: Memteq ZT53

An interesting proposal with 16 megapixels of resolution and ability to record images in HD 720P format with different adjustment options.

Main features explained

Image quality

This product mounts an optics with a nominal resolution capacity capable of reaching up to 16 megapixels. A high level despite its adjusted price, which helps you not have to give up having high-quality images in case of photos, as well as being able to record videos in HD format with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720, equivalent to the HD format 720P

While it is true that it does not reach the Full HD format if it is true that it gives more than enough for simple recordings and to have a good image quality.

This image quality is complemented by a digital zoom system of up to 16 magnifications with which you can improve and enlarge the farthest images properly during recording.

LCD screen

So you do not have to worry about leaving your eyes looking for the images in the viewfinder, it has a panoramic format of type 16: 9 with adequate resolution and measures equivalent to a screen of 2.7 inches diagonal.

A screen of considerable measures that allow you to be able to see the photo or video you are recording, as well as to navigate and move in a much simpler way through the product configuration menus.

The screen also has the advantage of being able to rotate in a 360-degree format, so you can use it to record directly and see you on the screen or take selfies without worries about whether it will work out well or not. Once the screen is not necessary, it folds and closes directly on the camera body.

Image optimization

As we have already said, this camera has a new optics even though it is a cheap model. But the best thing is that the product includes more options with which to improve and optimize this quality.

Among these options is the automatic stabilizer system that reduces vibrations and allows you to obtain more stable and pleasant images. It also has different formats that will enable optimizing the image taking in complex light conditions, including a fill LED that allows improving the operation in vague terms.

And so you do not worry about anything, the model also has individual formats to record on the beach, panoramic sizes, interiors and more, adjusting the parameters to the environment in which you are.


  • This model stands out among cheap camcorders for its high resolution, which can reach up to 16 megapixels and can also take pictures in high definition format.


  • According to users’ comments, the product requires a considerable amount of light to be able to operate and record accurately.

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