7 Best Canon Camera For Beginner – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Capturing special moments is simple if you have the best Canon cameras for beginners. 

At present, this brand has a significant market, with a comprehensive catalog of equipment that has different attributes, quality being a constant. However, two models are usually recognized among the favorites. 

First, there is the Canon EOS 1300D SLR, which captures images with a resolution of 18 megapixels, a 3-inch screen, and a classic black aesthetic.

 Next, there is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, which is a more straightforward digital camera that incorporates a 3.2-inch LCD screen.

10 Best Canon Cameras For Beginner - Reviews of 2020

There are those who use the cameras to take pictures with professional quality; many others have them as an additional element to capture special moments. 

In any case, it is necessary to have a quality team and high-end attributes, the Canon brand being one of the most recognized, but at the same time, it has many alternatives. 

Therefore, below we will review the particularities of the models that are considered the best in the market.

Rank#1: Canon EOS 1300D

With a lightweight of only 481 grams, this is one of the models that tend to be recognized frequently as the best Canon cameras for the beginner on the market, for having high-end attributes such as an optical sensor with a resolution of 18.7 megapixels.

This is a Canon SLR camera that is equipped with a Digic 4+ processor for images with more color and contrast, as well as a three-inch LCD technology screen, to view the content captured at a resolution of 920,000 pixels.

In addition to photographs, 1080P videos can be recorded in high definition. Within the attributes of the Canon EOS 1300D camera, it has serial shooting, with three images per second, with a maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds and an ISO sensitivity range of 100-6,400. You can connect with your mobile to share the images, either by WiFi or by NFC.

The EOS 1300D model is considered by many to be the best Canon cameras for a beginner of the moment. Here more details about their properties.


Video: In addition to the photos, you can also record videos with a resolution of 1080p, in high definition. 

Design: It has a classic design in black, being a lightweight camera of only 481 grams and reflex type.

Connectivity: Captured content can be sent to the mobile via WiFi or linked by NFC.

Processor: It has been equipped with Digic 4+ processor to capture images with more fabulous color and contrast, in 18 MP resolution.


Trigger: Some users have expressed that the trigger is sometimes not appropriately activated.

Rank#2: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Commonly included in the lists of the best Canon cameras for beginner s of 2020, the Canon 5D Mark IV camera is a model that has high-end attributes for photography lovers. This Canon camera has a classic design in black and weighs 800 grams.

It is digital in style, and, in addition to capturing images, it can also record in 4K, ultra HD. Therefore it is considered as a versatile and practical model in any situation, being able to obtain images with professional performance in relation to color and contrast.

It is equipped with optical sensors that improve clarity and precision while having an advanced focusing system. It has been fitted with a 3.2-inch LCD screen and includes a powerful battery, the level of which can be seen on the screen. It includes WiFi to share the content and is compatible with Windows in different versions.

For many buyers, this model may represent the best brand of Canon cameras. Here the pros and cons of the Mark IV model.


Screen: Includes a 3.2-inch LCD technology screen where images can be viewed.

Design: Its design is modern, digital style, being available in black and with a tripod stand.

Weight: It is relatively light, weighing approximately 800 grams.

Compatibility: Includes WiFi connectivity to transfer content and is compatible with Windows.


Battery: Some users have indicated that the battery provides reduced autonomy for a few hours.

Rank#3: Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

If you are looking for the best price-quality Canon camera, you cannot ignore the attributes of the PowerShot SX620 HS, which is listed as one of the cheapest on the market. Unlike other models, this one is complete but aimed at amateurs. So the Canon compact camera has a small size and lightweight for the pocket, retaining the high capacity to take the images.

It has a resolution of 20.2 MP, 25X optical zoom, and the possibility of recording videos in Full HD. Besides, it has a simple operating system, and the content can be shared via WiFi or NFC. The captured images can be observed through the 3-inch touch screen that includes.

For better picture quality in sharpness, color, and contrast, the camera is equipped with a Digic 4+ processor and includes wireless remote shooting and image stabilization.

A convenient model combines an attractive price with functional properties. The Canon PowerShot SX620 HS camera is one of the cheapest alternatives. Here are more details about her.


Videos: In addition to the photographs, you can record high-resolution videos for HD content.

Resolution: Capture the photos with a maximum resolution of 20.2 Megapixels.

Connectivity: Images can be shared via WiFi or NFC to store, create backup copies, and more.

Processor: It has a Digic 4+ processor that improves the quality of images with greater color, sharpness, and contrast.


Instructions: Some users have commented that camera instructions are poor.

Rank#4: Canon EOS 6D MK II

Those who wonder what the best Canon cameras for a beginner you can get can take a look at this model that stands out for having a high resolution of 26.2 megapixels, with a built-in sensor that provides greater detail, with low noise.

This model has similar attributes concerning the quality, providing professional captures since it is a reflex. It is equipped with a connection to WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS that allows you to tag the position. Its design is classic and resistant in black, being suitable for adverse conditions.

For many, it is considered a professional Canon camera because it has a 3-inch touch screen, 4K video recording, precision focus, and fast captures at 6.5 frames per second. On the other hand, it has a screen with a variable angle, so you can better visualize images from different angles.

If you don’t know which Canon camera to buy, it would be wise for you to know the attributes of this model.



Screen: The camera is equipped with a screen that is three inches in size and is touch technology.

Pixels: It has a resolution of 26.2 megapixels and sensors that improve the details in the capture.

Advanced: Includes WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, so it is possible to place the location.

Videos: In addition to high-resolution photographs, the model can record videos in 4K, with fast capture.


Manual: Some users have commented that the instruction manual is not very explanatory, and there are many doubts.

Rank#5: Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

For those who want a high-end model, they can consider the Bridge Canon camera as one of their alternatives. It is a device that is equipped with a 65X zoom and offers the possibility of accessing professional photo editing methods in Raw format.

In addition, it records videos in 4K resolution and has a high-quality built-in microphone. It has a resolution of 20.3 megapixels for photographs. On the other hand, it includes a screen of LCD technology, of variable angle, and a size of 7.5 cm. Captured photos can be shared with other devices via Bluetooth and WiFi.

It has Digic 8 processor that improves image quality, face detection, autofocus, flash, and other properties. On the other hand, the model has a modern and lightweight design, with a high power battery and includes the wall charger.

Hasty decisions lead to bad purchases, so it is necessary to analyze the options. Read the positive and negative aspects of this option.


Screen: Includes a 7.5 cm LCD technology screen, this variable being angles.

Videos: In addition to capturing photographs, you can record videos in high definition with good sound.

Design: Its design is rugged and modern SLR, in black, and has a relatively lightweight.

Processor: It has a Digic 8 processor that improves the color quality and contrast of the images.


Stabilizer: Some users have commented that the model does not have a good image stabilizer.

Rank#6: Canon EOS 4000D

The Canon EOS 4000D camera is one of the best alternatives that this brand has presented to the market because it has a modern design in black and includes an EF-S 18-55mm III lens. Also, this Canon digital camera has been manufactured with an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, an APS-C sensor and a Digic 4+ processor, which improve the quality of images captured in color, contrast, lighting, and stability.

It is also equipped with an optical viewfinder equipped with nine-point autofocus, as well as intelligent scene mode and, to improve the photographs, it has filters. Sharing the photos from one place to another, whether on your mobile, computer, or tablet, will not be a problem since it has WiFi and Bluetooth.

At the same time, the camera is equipped with GPS, battery level indicator, video recorder, different scene modes, and a touch screen to control some functions.

Canon EOS 4000D is a functional and versatile SLR model that you should know thoroughly. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It is a reflex camera of modern style, light properties, and available in black color.

Properties: It not only captures photos, but it also records videos, but it also has WiFi, GPS, touch screen, and Bluetooth.

Sensors: It is equipped with several sensors and a Digic 4+ processor that improve the photos, with a resolution of 18 MP.

Modes: Includes special modes for capturing content, with higher quality in photographs.


Weight: It is made of plastic, being light, but at the same time, it can be weak against unexpected falls.

Rank#7: Canon EOS M50

Getting the best Canon cameras for a beginner is not a simple task. However, this model stands out for having a classic, elegant, and low weight design, with a sturdy structure, but at the same time compact and easy to hold.

Also known as Canon evil camera, the device has been equipped with several sensors to improve the quality of photographs, as well as a Digic 8 processor, a resolution of 24.1 megapixels, and an EF-M 15-45mm IS MM lens. In addition to photos, it is also capable of recording videos in 4K quality and has a high level of focus, with precision.

To share the content, the EOS M50 model has been equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, being able to view and edit the photos from other devices and then share them. It has a 3-inch touch screen and is equipped with a high power battery. Includes lens, cover, charger, and power cable.

It is knowing the positive and negative aspects before buying is a way to ensure quality. Here the highlights of the Canon EOS M50.


Design. It has a compact design and lightweight properties, with a robust appearance, available in black.

Connectivity: To share the photos, you only have to access the WiFi or Bluetooth to pass them to other devices.

Image: The captured images are of professional quality thanks to several sensors, Digic 8 processor and its resolution 24.1 MP.

Screen: It is equipped with a three-inch touch screen and variable angle.


Stabilization: Some users have commented that image stabilization is not the best.

Canon camera accessories

Canon camera tripod



 Made of aluminum alloy, this Canon camera tripod is one of the best to achieve the stabilization of the images in SLR camera, because it has a 360-degree ball head that allows a quick adjustment of the shooting angle.

Its structure is integrated by a base of four sections, which support a load of 8 kilos and can be joined to form central support. In addition, it is an easy to use model, with a fast and straightforward folding.

One of the best attributes of this tripod is that it is light since its weight does not exceed 2 kilos.

Canon camera lens

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens


 To improve the quality of the photographs, it is necessary to have a Canon camera lens that enhances the focus and improves the performance of the device. In that case, it is a lens for an SLR camera that has a compact and lightweight structure, only 159 grams.

In addition, it guarantees a fast approach, as it is composed of several layers of glass, which avoid the optical veil, as well as annoying lights when there are approaches in the direction of light.

It is silent, thanks to STM technology, being a suitable alternative for recording fluid videos, with a professional appearance. This objective improves lighting, even in low light spaces.

Canon camera case



To transport the devices safely, it is necessary to have a Canon camera case that protects its structure and prevents them from hitting.

This model is usually one of the most recommended for SLR models because it has been manufactured with high-quality materials and resistance, incorporating high-density neoprene, along with a soft microfiber interior to protect the screen and the rest of the structure. The camera.

It is compatible with different types of cameras, including EOS 2000D, 4000D, 1300D, 1100D, 550D, and EOS Rebel T7, T7i, T6i, T6, Kiss X9i X9, among others. Includes cloth for better cleaning.

Canon camera battery

Powerextra CO-7035ES


 For every photographer, professional or amateur, it is recommended to have more than one battery, so as not to lose a single shot due to lack of autonomy.

In the case of this Canon camera battery, it is an alternative rechargeable lithium-ion that is compatible for different models of the brand such as EOS 80D, 6D, 7D, 70D, 60D, 5D Mark III and II, BG-E14, BG- E11, E9, E6, E7, among others.

It has a capacity of 2600 mAh and a voltage of 7 volts. In addition, it has been built with high-quality standards, with cells for fast loads and with low consumption.

Buying Guide Of The Best Canon Camera For Beginner

The cameras are devices that help capture unrepeatable moments, with a high degree of quality in each capture because they are specific for this purpose. There are many models available in the market, so it is necessary to know some properties that will make the purchase efficient.

Therefore, we have developed a guide to buying the best Canon cameras for beginners, with the features that you should know and analyze.

Shopping guide


A Canon camera should be good and economical, but, in addition to these two properties, it is important that you have a suitable screen to view the content that was captured. The Canon brand has different models, and, of them, each one has a type of screen. So you can get from designs with LED technology display, to other LCDs. Some of them are tactile properties, being possible to select some functions through soft touches. These models tend to be easy to operate because they are intuitive.

Concerning the screen, it is important to consider another factor: size. Since the cameras are relatively compact devices, the integrated screens are also compact. Hence they can be obtained from 2.5-inch models to larger ones that reach 3.5 inches. Besides, this area must have a movable angle for a better appreciation of the content. 

Resolution and sensors

If you want to know how much a Canon camera costs, one way to have an estimate of its value is to know aspects such as resolution, sensors, and the processor. These elements are usually indicative of the price and also of the quality of the images that will be captured. For example, in the market, you can get some models that have a resolution of 18 megapixels, as well as others that reach 24 megapixels. Similarly, other cameras have been equipped with optical sensors that improve the clarity and accuracy of the photographs.

Another aspect that improves photographs on Canon cameras is the processor, knowing that most models are equipped with Digic 4 or 8 + processors. In both cases, these processors, together with the sensors, are responsible for improving the light input, contrast, and colors for higher photographic results, even in low-light scenarios.


While it is true that the essentials of cameras are photographs, it is also that they must be versatile and have other functions. One of these is video recording. In this segment, Canon has presented exciting alternatives that, in addition to capturing photographs with simple shots, can also record high-quality videos, reaching high-definition resolutions and even in 4K.

In this sense, it is essential that, if you want to record videos, you are looking for an alternative that has this property, but also has a high level of image stability for better results, while having a microphone to Capture sounds accurately and clearly.


When making a comparison of Canon cameras, we find that the brand has a comprehensive catalog concerning functions and design. The vast majority of models are available in black and have a classic as well as elegant aesthetic. The changes between the options reside in the materials of the structure, the weight, and the type. In this way, they can be achieved from SLR cameras to other digital, mirror, and compact alternatives.

In general, photographers always recommend that people opt for light models of no more than a kilo, but resistant to adverse conditions, as well as easy to hold and handle. As for the design, it is important that it is compact, but with simple access buttons, which are difficult to press, as this will limit the capture of good times. 


Almost as important as capturing photographs is to be able to share them, make copies and store them, not only on the device card but on the computer, mobile phones, tablets, among other devices. Therefore, it is almost essential that the alternatives have connectivity through WiFi or Bluetooth.

The vast majority of models allow downloading of images via data cable. However, newer models must incorporate WiFi. Similarly, some alternatives are equipped with NFC and can be linked to the mobile quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to use a Canon camera?

Insert the battery, as indicated in the manual. Next, the camera should be turned on to verify that the battery has been properly installed. Press the on / off button and then select “automatic mode” first. In case of being a Canon SLR, you can see through a viewfinder and shoot according to the frame to capture what you want. Whenever you can, transfer the content you have captured to the computer, as this will ensure that the card always has room for new photographs.

Q2: How to know how many shots my Canon camera has?

Each shutter has a life cycle guaranteed by the manufacturer so that in all cameras, the shots are counted. In the case of Canon cameras, it varies according to the model. In general, this data is usually specified in the mid-range and high-end alternatives. According to the model, the shots typically go from 150 and 200 thousand cycles in the professional options. These numbers are a reference code that ensures that the camera will operate without any problem. However, this does not mean that when the figure is reached, the model must be discarded, as it is sometimes possible to change the shutter in technical service. With applications like Camera Shutter Count, it is possible to know this data.

Q3: Can I use a Canon camera as a webcam?

If possible, it is only necessary to make some adjustments. The camera must be connected to the computer via USB cable and verify that the link has been made, so the camera software should be opened. Next, you must install special software that can be Sparkocam, which will work as a virtual webcam and accept the SLR camera, after some program settings.

Q4: How to put the strap to the Canon camera?

First, you must remove the pin and open the strap. Next, it is necessary to stretch the strap and bring the pin through the open strap, inserting it through the camera flaps. Then, the tip that was inserted into the flap must be passed back to the first pin and must be introduced through the second. Afterward, it must pass through the remaining side, and the process will be completed, as well as the subject camera.

Q5: How to connect the Canon camera to a PC?

The first thing to do is put an SD card in the camera and takes some pictures. Then, with the help of the data cable, the device must be connected to the computer. Turn on the camera and, if it is a new model, the software will be detected automatically, identifying the JPG files. To import the images, the option “import Pictures” must be selected. If the computer has a card reader, it will not be necessary to connect the camera, just enter the memory and search for the images.

Q7: How to transfer photos from Canon camera to PC over WiFi?

It is necessary to be connected to the same WiFi access point for the devices to communicate and make use of the camera software to manage the connection process and to transfer to the computer. First, select the download site and configure the filter settings concerning the category, product family, product model, and document type, selecting drivers and software. Then, choose the operating system of the computer, download the camera software, enter the model and a serial number of the device, and follow the steps to complete. After installation, check the WiFi connection, start the program, and configure the connection. In the camera, go to wireless settings, enter WiFi, and select the computer option, select the network, enter the password and start the download process.

Q6: How to take good pictures with a Canon digital camera?

There is no specific way to take good pictures. In general, the art of photography is subjective, and the quality will depend a lot on the photographer rather than the camera. Some recommend that to get the most out of it, the preset modes or scenes that the camera includes are used. Also, it is important to consider factors such as lighting. Finally, some advise having a basic knowledge of photography to select the improvements manually.

Q8: Which camera is better, Canon or Nikon?

Both brands have a long history and have presented models that deserve investment in the market. The dilemma has been present almost since the beginning of both companies. At times, Nikon has introduced models that stand out, but are then displaced by some of Canon and vice versa so that it will depend on tastes.

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