What Is The Best Camera For 12 Year Olds Of 2020?

Children love to take pictures. Since childhood, they want their parents’ cameras. In our time we had to settle, at most, with a toy camera, which we enjoyed. Nowadays children grow up in a technological environment, with electronic devices and it is normal for them to be interested in cell phones, tablets, and cameras.

When we talk about the best camera for 12-year-olds, we are not referring to a simple toy or pot. It is a real camera that takes pictures, designed especially for the little ones. In the market you can find many models and brands within the group “cameras for children” but be careful, it may be true toys and your child will be frustrated when he sees that his camera does not take real photos. The idea is to give him a real camera, which develops his intelligence and creativity and also keeps him busy in a productive way.

In a comparison of cameras for children, the first thing you should take into account is that it is an easy-to-use model with a children’s design. Have a good grip and adapt to your child’s small hands. It is also recommended that it be light, but at the same time resistant to falls or bumps.

It would not hurt if you are looking for a submersible model, which will not be damaged if it accidentally falls into the pool. As for the benefits, there are models that allow not only to take photos but to record videos with acceptable quality. It is also important that you verify the age range recommended by the manufacturer for the use of the camera.

We have selected the Video TECHnology Ltd brand, better known as VTech. It is a factory founded in Hong Kong in 1976. They manufacture and market consumer electronic products, among which are: educational toys for children, V.Smile and V.Flash video consoles, cordless phones and accessories, simple computers and more. In 2010, his income was 813.9 million dollars and his workforce for 2009 was 27,000 people.

VTech 193704

Main Advantage:

The main advantage of this camera for children Vtech is its functional design. It is a camera conceived thinking of the smallest of the house. This particular model is ideal for girls because of its purple and pink colors. With it, you can take real photos and record fun videos.

Main Disadvantage:

It has no disadvantages in its functions. However, users miss the fact that the charger cable is not included. However, it can be easily recharged with your cell phone charger. Your score on the network is good and is valued for the simplicity of its functionality and its special design for girls.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Older children can also enjoy cameras ideal for them, like this model. The camera allows you to capture images and record videos with an easy-to-use interface, with a USB port for sharing and downloading files.

Main Features Explained:

Child design

The manufacturer VTech always innovating for the little ones, surprises us once again by introducing the camera for boys 193704. It is a female model, ideal for girls from 5 to 12 years.

Your daughter will have a great time taking photos while developing her creativity and ingenuity. It comes in pink and purple colors. Its small screen measures 3.58 cm diagonally and the total weight of the camera is only 299 grams, it measures 6 x 6.8 x 2 cm. Designed especially for the little hands of a girl.


This fun children’s camera is much more than a toy. It has technology similar to its congeners for adults. It is equipped with a micro USB port (with cable included) to download the photographs to a computer and create virtual Albanians with the work done by your daughter. It has integrated flash and the option to record videos. Now your little girl can record everything she wants with her new camera while being entertained healthily.

Its internal memory is 128 MB, however, you can add an SD or micro SD card, to expand its storage capacity. It works with a polymer lithium battery (included). The resolution of its screen is 640 x 480 pixels, not bad for a camera for children.

Simple applications

As it is a children’s camera, VTech has thought about creating easy and simple applications that children can use without major problems. It has the retouching of photos and recreational games that help develop mental agility. Buying a camera for your daughter will keep her entertained and healthily encourage her favorite hobby.

Easy to use

The VTech 193704 children’s camera is very easy to use model. The controls are simple to operate, large buttons so that girls can press them without difficulty. Its operation is basic and its interface is intuitive. Designed for girls from 5 to 12 years old.

Selfies available to girls

This modern camera for girls includes a stick for selfies. Now your daughter can take the funniest selfies with her friends. The stick has a head that holds the camera firmly with a small screw. Its color combines perfectly with those of the camera.

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