[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Camcorders For Live Streaming

With a camcorder in hand, you could save incredible moments to remember, as well as perform various types of projects and even work with them. The current camcorder market is quite wide and offers options with different capabilities and functions. A good option could be ORDRO AC3.

These best camcorders for live streaming could be considered professional because of its capacity. It has a lens capable of recording in 4K quality and an infrared system for night vision. Another striking alternative could be the Sony HDR-CX240E model. It is a much more compact, discreet option and mainly for domestic use. It has a CMOS sensor on its lens, as well as an image stabilizer.

The Best Camcorders For Live Streaming-Reviews In 2020

In the following list you can find some good options in this category of camcorders of all types, as well as their respective analysis so that you know everything they have to offer you and so you can know which is the best camcorders for live streaming to acquire:

Rank#1: ORDRO AC3

AC3 is a model of the ORDRO brand whose main advantage is to have a large capacity lens with which it reaches the category of 4K camcorder. You can record at a resolution of 3840 x 2160p at a maximum of 24 frames per second on a 16: 9 scale, to get high-quality videos with ease.

Among its functions, it is highlighted that the AC3 model is also a camcorder with night vision, thanks to the presence of an infrared lighting system that works in conjunction with its lens, allowing you to record regardless of the ambient light level.

Another detail that makes some users indicate that it is the best camcorders for live streaming is its professional utility thanks to its capacity and design. The equipment has a microphone on the lens to better capture the sound, as well as a handle to hold the camcorder with security and stability when recording.

AC3 could be the best camcorders for live streaming of the moment and now you can know its most important advantages and disadvantages:


  • Sensor: The camera lens has an integrated 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor with which you can capture amazing images of very good quality.
  • Operation: It has a 3.1 ”IPS touch screen in high definition with touch sensors so you can handle the camera’s functions, as well as have a real-time vision of the lens.
  • Connectivity: For use with mobile phones thanks to the integrated WiFi, if you download the LzxViewer application, you can take or record remotely and share the content on various platforms.
  • Zoom: A striking aspect of its lens is that it has an image magnification system of a maximum of 30x to be able to focus objects accurately at a distance.


  • Size: Due to its capacity, this camcorder has dimensions and weight greater than other models available in the market.

Rank#2: Sony HDR-CX240E

HDR-CX240E could be a good Sony camcorder alternative if you are interested in investing in a compact size model that you can handle comfortably away from home to record family vacations, a special event or whatever you want.

The Sony team has dimensions of 12.8 x 5.4 x 5.9 centimeters and its weight is just 191 grams, being light and small in size to fit in any bag and, because of this, you can hold it with a Single hand without problems.

On the other hand, the lens of the equipment can capture video in high definition with a resolution of 1080p, preventing you from sacrificing image quality. In addition, you will also have available a clear image zoom 54x capacity with digital image stabilizer, to ensure sharpness in any scene, even in low light environments thanks to the type of sensor: a CMOS Exmor R.

It could be said that Sony may be the best camcorders for the live streaming brand today and its products have a lot to offer, learn more about this product and its relevant aspects:


  • Noise: You will enjoy the video with the least amount of noise possible thanks to the BIONZ image processor software integrated into the same camcorder.
  • Stabilizer: To stabilize the image of the lens and thus obtain a much sharper capture, use the SteadyShot system to facilitate the use of the equipment in general.
  • Screen: You have a 2.7 ”LCD screen to be able to see in real-time what the camera lens captures, as well as access the equipment configuration menu.
  • Modes: As for the recording modes, you can choose between Night landscape, Sunset, Snow, Portrait, Fireworks, Beach and many others.


  • Flash: An accessory that you might need to comfortably use this camcorder is a flash since one is not included in the computer.

Rank#3: Panasonic HC-V180

The HC-V180 is a Panasonic camcorder whose main feature is being small, but powerful. This equipment has a 28 mm wide-angle lens with which it will be easier to cover a larger capture space.

Also, being among those that could be the best camcorders for live streaming of 2020, the HC-V180 also has a 90x smart zoom and a 50x optical zoom to focus long-distance scenes without losing sharpness.

Regarding its design, it is a HandyCam type model and has dimensions of 5.3 x 11.6 x 5.9 centimeters, while its weight is just 213 grams, allowing you to handle it with one hand at the time of recording, In addition to being very easy to transport by not occupying space in the bag or suitcase. It is black, made of robust materials of good quality and pleasant to the touch finishes.

When in doubt of which camcorder to buy, this Panasonic option might be able to meet your expectations:


  • Design: The HC-V180 camcorder is ergonomic to use, as well as compact to allow convenient storage or transport by the user.
  • Sensor: The lens has a MOS BSI 1 / 5.8 optical sensor with special design to reduce the level of noise that the image capture may present at the time of recording.
  • Stabilizer: This equipment offers you a system with which the image will be stabilized automatically to avoid or minimize trembling or shaking in the recording.
  • Resolution: Another striking detail is that with this camera you have the possibility to record in 4K quality so that your videos always have a high level of image quality.


  • Screen: Although it has a screen as a viewfinder, it does not have anti-glare, so it is difficult to use it in sunlight.

Rank#3: Panasonic HC-X1000

HC-X1000 could be the answer to some if you ask which camcorder to buy because this equipment offers a professional performance without having an excessive size. In fact, this camcorder has measures of 16 x 31.5 x 17 centimeters and its weight is 1.55 kilograms. This quality allows the user to handle the equipment with greater freedom and agility to make all kinds of shots.

This leads us to mention another of its advantages: the lens. This model has a unit capable of recording video in 4K quality, offering a resolution of 3840 x 2160p being able to choose between 60 or 50 frames per second, depending on the type of video you are making.

On the other hand, the purchase of the camcorder includes a shoulder strap along with a microphone stand, which will make it easier for you to load it and add accessories for recording.

If you are looking for a professional camcorder, we recommend you consider the Panasonic HC-X1000 model.


  • Technology: The camcorder has Crystal Engine Pro 4K, an engine responsible for processing images and eliminating noise that may be captured.
  • Focus: It has three manual rings for adjusting the lens focus, allowing a high degree of control to be obtained when using the equipment.
  • Formats: The camera system lets you choose between different 4K recording formats: AVCHD, MOV, and MP4 in case you want to modify the weight of the final file.
  • Storage: Another advantage of this model is that it has a dual SD card system, allowing the installation of two memory units of 256 GB each.


Microphone: To be a professional team, this camcorder does not include a microphone and must be purchased separately, incurring an extra expense.

Rank#4: CrossTour CT8500

The CrossTour brand has for you a sports camcorder with which you can archive your adventures and train abroad. This model has a modern design and compact dimensions, so you can place it on various supports designed for elements such as, for example, helmets, handlebars, car dashboards, etc.

Its measurements are 6.1 x 4.5 x 2.4 centimeters with an approximate weight of 454 grams, being one of the lightest models among those mentioned. This detail will also be beneficial when installing the camera on the mentioned supports.

In addition, it is striking that it is also one of the cheapest products in this list since it has a 16 Megapixel lens with which you can record videos in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and also take pictures to enjoy a very good image quality in all your shots.

If you are interested in the cheapest ones, you can’t stop considering the pros and cons of this CrossTour option:


Lens: CrossTour offers you a 4K sports camera so you can record all your nature adventures to create fun and exciting videos.

Resistance: You will not have to worry about water when using this camcorder outdoors if you keep it in its housing since with it you can submerge it to a depth of 40 meters without risks.

Battery: It works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes two that, combined, have 1050 mAh capacity for 180 minutes of autonomy.

Accessories: There are several options in included accessories that you can install in this camcorder, so you can give it the use you want, as well as locate it in all kinds of places.


Format: The only video format offered by this camcorder for your recordings is MOV, which may force you to work with digital converters if you want another format.

Rank#5: Canon Legria HF R806

The HF R806 model of the Legria line is from the Canon brand. This equipment has a different design since its housing is white, but it maintains a compact style as it is HandyCam type. It has a 3 ”folding touch screen so you can use it as a viewfinder and manage the functions of the equipment directly and easily.

Also, this Canon camcorder has dimensions of 5.3 x 11.6 x 5.8 centimeters and a weight of 236 grams. It is a device that you can easily handle with just one hand and also focus your lens with its lens equipped with an advanced 57x zoom and a 32x optical lens.

All this adds to the fact that some buyers consider it as, possibly, the best camcorders for live streaming with value for money in 2020, given that the objective offers a minimum focal length of 2.8 millimeters and a maximum of 89.6 millimeters.

The performance of this model could lead it to be the best value-for-money camcorder and now you can know it in detail:


Design: This is a small and lightweight model with a striking and elegant white appearance, good finishes and easy access to its buttons.

Zoom: The sensor zoom system has a high power to focus on objects that are long distances without losing image sharpness.

Sensor: It has a Full HD CMOS sensor so you can record in high definition and edit them to your liking with the software of your choice after transferring the videos.

Effects: The camera system offers the slow and fast motion recording function to add the desired effect to your videos.


Settings: For some users, not being able to adjust the recording speed more accurately is a considerable disadvantage.

Rank#6: Sony Handycam FDR-AX53

The Sony HandyCam FDR-AX53 camcorder could be a good purchase option because it presents the quality of the brand’s products, as well as its high performance.

The FDR-AX53 model has a lens with which you can record video in 4K quality, so you can enjoy high resolution in all your content. To achieve this, the camcorder uses a 26.8 mm Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens and 20x optical zoom for long distance focusing.

It also has the Optical Steady Shot technology that is responsible for offering an intelligent image autofocus system to activate on its own, saving you time and effort.

On the other hand, this Sony 4K camcorder has dimensions of 8.1 x 16.1 x 7.3 centimeters and has a weight of 635 grams, being manageable, convenient to load and transport, as well as easy to store.

If you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the models that interest you, it will be easier to know which one to buy and here are those of the Sony team:


Resolution: This Sony camcorder can record videos with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels in full color, so you don’t miss a single detail.

Operation: Its operation is ergonomic and comfortable since the camera has a design designed to be used with only one hand.

Microphone: It has integrated a microphone with a high sensitivity and noise reduction system to capture the voices, effects and other sounds with greater realism.

Zoom: The lens of the camcorder puts at your disposal a 20x optical zoom very useful for different types of focus.


Ring: Compared to other models of HandyCam camcorders, this Sony option also has a manual focus ring, but works at a slower speed.

Rank#7: JVC Everio

Everio is the name of a JVC camcorder model that you can take almost anywhere you want to not miss a single memorable moment to record. The equipment has a compact, ergonomic and attractive design with a size of 6 x 12.2 x 5.9 centimeters and a weight of 290 grams, being a striking alternative if you do not know which camcorder to buy.

However, the presence of a Quad Proof housing is striking, which gives it resistance qualities to dust, water, cold and falls so that you can use it outdoors without worrying about damage or damage to the video quality in the future.

As for its capacity, it stands out that it has 8 GB of internal memory to store your videos, wireless connectivity via WiFi to connect with other devices and also via USB cable for transferring files to other computers.

Everio could be a good option in camcorders and, therefore, we present more details about it below:


  • Screen: It has a full color 3 ”LCD screen that will help you use the camcorder with more agility and comfort.
  • Memory: In addition to its 8 GB of internal memory, the device also has an input for Micro SD drives in case you want more storage.
  • Zoom: The lens works with a sensor that provides the device with a 40x optical zoom system and a 200x digital zoom.
  • Certificate: It has an IP5X certificate to guarantee the resistance mentioned above and you can use your camcorder with complete confidence in different environments.


  • Resolution: A detail that you should consider if you have been interested in acquiring this JVC brand camcorder is that taking into account the options capable of recording in 4K, it can only offer 1080p as a maximum resolution.

Buying Guide OF a camcorder

If you are looking for a guide to buy the best camcorders for live streaming, here you can find relevant information that will help you choose which camcorder to buy if, among so many models, it is difficult for you to choose one.

Shopping guide

Camcorder type

The type of camcorder is the first aspect that we advise you to consider before choosing which one to buy based on how much it costs since this should be based on the use you plan to give the equipment.

As you know, a good and economical camcorder is usually designed for home use, so if you want to make complex recording projects, you may have to consider professional models that usually cost much more, but offer greater capacity and functions, so as well as video quality.

In addition to the domestic and professional models, you should know that you can also choose sports camcorders, with which you will be able to record your adventures outdoors, thanks to the fact that most have a high resistance compared to others, as well as the ability to support Splashes, bumps, and falls.

Product design

Product design is the next characteristic that is usually evaluated in a camcorder comparison. Many buyers consider this because, for the most part, they seek to acquire models of domestic use to record special occasions or to entertain themselves.

In these cases, we advise you to consider the size and weight of the camcorder in case you want to take it with you on a trip or record away from home without discomfort. It also evaluates the materials and manufacturing finishes of the equipment, mainly if you want to use it outdoors. This will help you avoid misusing the camcorder and accidentally damaging it.

On the other hand, considering the exterior design of the model of your interest would not hurt, since taking into account ergonomics and access to the buttons that control it will help you choose one that is easy to manipulate and master to obtain better results.

Battery life

The next characteristic in terms of importance is the autonomy of the battery, especially for those who wish to purchase a camcorder for outdoor use.

This aspect should be analyzed considering the capacity of the battery included with the camera, as well as the possibility of installing an extra unit, so you should not worry about not having access to a plug. If you can easily change the battery, having some spare in your bag will save you from running out of power.

Available functions

When studying the different offers on camcorders offered by the current market, you cannot ignore the functions that a certain model can perform before choosing which one to invest in.

In these cases, it depends on the system and the components with which the camcorder works. You can find models with high capacity lenses to obtain high definition video or also options with night vision, in case you want to record at night or in low light environments.

In addition, if you want to take better advantage of the capacity of your camera, we advise you to check if you can add accessories to it such as microphones, lighting systems, tripods, among others. If this is possible, you can increase the practicality of the camera and have more freedom when you want to record it.

Connectivity and storage

Finally, the final advice is to carefully review the connectivity and storage of the camcorder you want to buy.

First, connectivity gives way to be able to link the camcorder with various devices, either to transfer what is captured by the lens and edit them or upload the videos to a platform. Check if the model of your interest offers cable or wireless connectivity and, whatever it is, verify that your computer has the ability to work with the camcorder’s connectivity system to avoid compatibility problems.

Also, if the camcorder has a developed application, the one with integrated Bluetooth will allow you to connect it with your mobile phone to give you access to parameter settings and video editing. This function is quite useful for domestic models, so it is very important to make a successful purchase.

As for storage, you should know that, for the most part, camcorders do not offer much storage capacity. In fact, it is common that they do not have any, so they work with external drives such as memory cards. If so, you should check how much capacity the camcorder can support to prevent you from running out of space when recording.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a camcorder?

The first step is to charge the battery of the equipment to be able to enjoy all its autonomy. Then, place the battery in the camera compartment and turn it on. The lens captured by the lens should be displayed on the monitor and this is where you can change the recording parameters according to your needs, be it the capture mode, the exposure, brightness, contrast, among others.

When you have configured the camcorder, you can already press the Record button so that the lens begins to store what is captured in the memory unit that you have installed on your device. Keep in mind that video quality will affect your weight, so you should be aware of the length of the video. When you have finished recording, you just have to press the same button again and it will stop the capture.

Q2: How to use a camcorder as a webcam?

In order to use a camcorder as a webcam, you will need, first of all, to remove your battery, since it must work based on the power provided by the USB port of the computer. In these cases, it is advisable to use USB 3.0 ports since they are capable of emitting a greater amount of power.

After you have connected the camera via USB cable to your computer, you must download the corresponding drivers so that your device can recognize it, at the same time that, if the system allows it, activate the camera in web mode.

When you have installed the necessary software, you should already be able to view your camcorder in the list of available devices on your computer to use it in the application or platform you prefer.

Q3: How to charge a camcorder without a charger?

In the event that the original charger of your camcorder has been damaged, you can choose to purchase a replacement of the same brand, since this is the most recommended to avoid problems of overheating or overvoltage in the batteries.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also buy a universal charger that offers the correct voltage for your battery. Place the unit in the charger and connect it to the power outlet. If you have indicators, they should light to indicate that the load is in process. When finished, remove the battery from the universal charger and test it on your camcorder to verify that it offers the same autonomy and works properly.

Q4: How to transfer camcorder tapes to DVD?

If you want to convert your videotapes to digital formats and then convert them to DVD format, you must have the USB cable of your camcorder on hand to connect it directly to the computer. If your model does not have this type of port, you must purchase an adapter to carry out the link.

Now, as recommended by many users, the next step is to use a video capture device with which you can record in digital format what is stored on the camcorder’s tape. At the end of the process, you can use the software of your choice to change the file format to store it on your computer or burn it directly to a DVD disc.

Q5: Who invented the camcorder?

The first steps in the creation of the camcorder were taken by Russian-born engineer Vladimir Kozmich Zvorykin in the year 1923, when he created a system to capture images a bit rudimentary.

This first prototype was improved by John Logie Baird, a Scottish engineer who, using Zvorykin’s equipment, was able to improve the system and thus be able to transmit a “movie” with images of 3.8 x 5 centimeters and with a definition of 30 lines.

In conclusion, it could be said that the invention of the camcorder was a joint effort by these two innovative engineers who, combining knowledge and skill, were able to create a revolutionary audiovisual device.

Q6: How to remove a tape from a camcorder?

To remove a tape from the camcorder, a button dedicated to it is usually available. You should place it somewhere in the camera, possibly along with the control panel or near the same compartment. Press it and this should lift the lid and, in turn, the camcorder tape so you can remove it with your hands and place a new one.

Q7: How to connect a camcorder to the PC?

To connect the camcorder, we first advise you to check if your computer has a FireWire port since they are specially designed for this. If not, you can make use of a common USB port. Turn on the camcorder and wait for the computer to recognize the remote device and you’re done.

Q8: What is the focal length in a camcorder?

The focal length is defined as the distance between the diaphragm and the focus, which is where the light rays captured by the lens are concentrated. In camcorders you can choose models with fixed or variable distance depending on your needs.

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