VHS Camcorder: An Application To Create Videos In VHS Quality

For many years, the VHS was one of the most popular formats for the reproduction of movies and all kinds of multimedia content, creating large rental franchises. However, the HSV has long been replaced by other formats, but if you want to record videos as before, the VSH Camcorder may interest you.

VHS corresponds to the acronym of Video Home System, a recording system for domestic use that was launched on the market in 1976. It has a great reception by the public and remains the most used format for video playback until the arrival of the DVD in 2002.

This format was similar to that used by the cassettes, since it also worked based on the writing on a magnetic tape, with the difference that the VHS had larger dimensions due to the size of the tape and the reels.

The VHS cassette had dimensions of 18.8 x 10 centimeters and could store approximately 120 minutes to 480 minutes of recording, depending on the length of its magnetic tape. As for the resolution, the videos could be 250 x 576p maximum, so there was no access to high resolution.

However, the launch of a video camera that could record on virgin VHS cassette tapes was the detail that marked a time for many.



These cameras had a slot to introduce a VHS cassette and record any desired content on it, making it one of the tools to create the most popular and used memories in the world.

Few remember having their parents recording their birthday party using, possibly, the best camcorder ( if you click here, you find several options to buy ) of that then, with which, in the end, you could observe some Details such as the exact date and time of the recording. These settings could be changed in most video cameras, which, over time, were renewed both in size and in available functions, allowing them to acquire models of all kinds and for all tastes.

However, the low resolution offered by the VHS at that time made that, after a while, the homemade films were degraded and it is when they begin to notice the wear on the film tape that gives a peculiar touch to the photography and that many, today, remember with some nostalgia.

VHS Camcorder

If you are one of those who feel nostalgic for movies recorded in VHS format and would like to reproduce the same quality and details to create your movies, but you do not have a VCR, there is an application that could be for you.

VHS Camcorder is an application developed by the Revision company, a team with other alternatives available in the Android and Ios applications market. It was launched on July 2, 2016, and, during the last months, it has gained fame among the users of both operating systems thanks to the new fashion taking over some sectors.

Basically, with the use of this application, you can apply to the videos you record with the camera of your mobile phone the classic look they would have if they had been captured with a VCR.

Besides being able to add the typical wear of the magnetic tape, VHS Camcorder also allows you to add data such as the current date in different formats and, at the same time, the time and titles to personalize your videos further.

On the other hand, it is also noteworthy to mention that, committed to offering realism, the developers also integrated a system capable of degrading the sound quality and even adding background noise like in old VHS movies, thus offering a fairly credible video and that you can Edit according to your taste.

The application, like the others developed by Revision, is also available for Android operating systems of different versions and iOS without problems. This will avoid compatibility problems when downloading, installing, or using it.

As for the space that the application will occupy on your device, you will be pleased to know that it is not too much, reaching just 3.1 MB, so it will not significantly affect your phone or tablet’s storage capacity.

Users who have been able to test the application have rated it with a 4.7 out of 5 in Android Market based on the opinion of almost five thousand people, so you can intuit a project of good quality and stability that you can use on your computer without fear to that it hangs or presents failures in its operation.

Finally, you should know that you can get VHS Camcorder in light or paid version. In the first option, you can enjoy the basic functions of the filter for videos, but the recording will be limited to a maximum of 15 seconds, which will give you little freedom to make your video projects.

However, by downloading the light version, you can test the application’s effect before paying if you wish. Thus, you can make sure that you acquire a product that will be useful to you and not that it will be installed on your device, taking up memory space.

On the other hand, the paid version of VHS Camcorder gives you access to all the adjustable filter parameters and unlimited recording time so you can create full movies if you wish. Also, its price is quite affordable, being able to find just 3.49 euros in the corresponding markets of each operating system.

In conclusion, it could be considered that the advantages offered by VHS Camcorder for anyone who wants to enjoy the effect of VHS tapes in the recording of their current movies, make it a useful and fun application for any smartphone.

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