About Us

We are Jack and Jan.
We are world travelers. Passionate photographer. Nature lover.
Freedom junkies. Walker. Explorer. Dreamer.

We love the smell of summer rain, sun and Capri ice cream, jokes, driving a convertible, snowy landscapes, silence, the endless expanse of nature and stars in the black night sky. We hike, read, laugh, play, take pictures and sometimes just sit there and look at the world.

We love road trips and adventures, rough landscapes and unspoilt nature. Discoveries away from the tourist strongholds and motifs away from the mainstream make traveling interesting and special for us.

We travel to distant countries and major European cities, the Arctic ice and the tropical rainforest. We sleep in luxury hotels and in the desert, eat at the food stall, in the star restaurant or, even better, around the campfire under a thousand stars. It is the people, the landscapes and the daily new experiences that fascinate us and the feeling of being at home in a country 10,000 km away.




For us, traveling is relaxation and inspiration, it is adventure and passion. It makes our life what it is: the absolute hottest thing that could have happened to us!

We like reportage, not model catalog shootings, authenticity, stories and emotions.

We don’t just exist, we live. Our life, the way we want it and find it just right.
If we don’t take pictures of weddings, our camera is usually there anyway. In our pictures we capture the landscapes and people, the scenes and moments as we see them, as we feel them.




 We want to show you these moments on lights of the world . We live our dream and want to let you share our wanderlust and our experiences, but mainly we want one thing:

We want you to see more of the world than the route between home and office and the two weeks of vacation in the summer. Because there is so much more and you can discover so much more. Because life is out there!

We want to give you authentic inspiration and tips to discover new things and live the best version of your life. So that your list of things that you “want to do someday” is not a list. Do you want to dive with sharks, go to Alaska, jump out of a plane, see the Northern Lights? Make these things your memories!

At Lights of the World  we show you stories and photos from nearby and distant places, but we also show you how you experience these stories yourself and how you take these photos. We provide you with all the knowledge we have about travel and photography, all the great tips and important experiences that we have had. So that you can discover the world today – and still look at your memories in 30 or 50 years from now on phenomenal pictures.

The greatest sight there is is the world – check it out!

Have fun on our blog!


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