[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Water Cameras

Best Water Cameras

If you are preparing for a day of fun on the beach and want to portray all the moments in the water, but do not even think about using your digital camera to enter the water, the ideal for you is to acquire a digital aquatic camera that you can use with Your family as … Read more

[2020 Reviews ] 10 Best Mirrorless Camera For Professionals

Best Mirrorless Camera

Halfway between the SLR cameras and the compact cameras, we find the EVIL cameras. This is the best mirrorless camera for professionals without a mirror but with some interesting advanced functions, compared to the simplicity of the compact ones. Something we found in models such as the Sony A6000 camera, 24-megapixel resolution, and has details … Read more

[2020 Reviews ] 4 Best Telephoto Lenses For Wildlife Photography

Best Telephoto Lenses For Wildlife Photography

One of the essential accessories for our cameras is the telephoto lens, since this allows us to achieve higher quality, precision, and sharp shots. Therefore, the best telephoto lenses for wildlife photography are essential to choose a model of excellent quality, which gives us adequate performance. Among the most important aspects to consider when selecting a telephoto … Read more

Low Key Photography – Under Exposure Guide

Low key photography is an exciting photo technique in which the dark parts of the picture predominate in the photographs. The dark mood is deliberately staged and cannot be equated with underexposure. The light source is used very carefully and specifically and emphasizes the contours of the motif. Due to the reduced lighting conditions, the … Read more

Infrared Photography – The Complete Guide

Infrared photography (or IR photography) offers every photographer the opportunity to discover the world of the invisible, regardless of their skills or budget. But why invisible? Eyes cannot see infrared light because it is just outside the spectrum visible to humans. When we take pictures with infrared cameras, we discover a completely new world that … Read more

10 Experimental Photography Techniques To Try

If you’re looking for new challenges, experimental photography is for you. Here we show you 10 photography techniques that will give you a powerful motivation boost. D ost examples can be implemented without additional equipment. All you need for experimental photography is your camera, everyday objects and Photoshop. What is experimental photography? Experimental photography refers … Read more